Pregnancy Announcement! Taking The Test, Telling Dad + Ultrasound Footage!

We’re having another baby! Yay another baby yay! It’s so exciting another little bundle of joy just like this little Layla monster here Yeah, you’ve gotten super attached and clingy just now Yay! babies Hooray! So, yeah, we got these are uh, Some pictures of some gray spots. A little blob, which wherethere’s a baby and stuff And uh yeah, there’s gonna be another little one. So i’m currently eight weeks pregnant and due on Christmas Day? Or on New Year’s Eve? I can’t remember. It’s one of those ones, it’s that period of time. Yeah. So we’re not quite to the ten weeks and we haven’t done the blood test to make sure everything’s ok for the baby, yet but the doctor is He says, that he thinks everything’s gonna be a-okay so Feeling pretty confident about this one. Yeah so we’re gonna go ahead and announce it now. And you know, hopefully everything works out just fine. That’s the big secret. That’s, why i’ve been really quiet on my social media and even on Patreon and stuff lately, so i’m sorry About that but uh now that i’ve told you, I can, talk about it with you guys. Yeah! Om nom nom. Do you want a little brother or a little sister? Yeah, brother or sister? All right this is the brother hand and this is the sister hand. Which one? Which one Layla, pick one. She touched the sister hand! Yay! Yeah! Mary said she wants to have a bunch of girls anyway. So, I would be very happy if we ended up with a little a little gaggle of girls. And then if we have just a whole bunch of girls, i’ll always be the best at video games because Sure, sure. That’s just how it works out. But if we had a little boy that would be pretty cool too. Yeah I mean you know I’m pretty excited to have either a little boy or a little girl. I’ll be okay with either. So this baby For those of you who keep up with us, this is Baby R. Baby Ar. Baby Arrrr. This was baby L. Baby L. The next baby should be Arrrr. Maybe come out with a patch and a hook and Yarrrr. Pirate baby. There’s quite a few names that I really like so We’ll just have to wait and see. I’m not settled on just- oh good headbutt- I’m not settled on one just yet Yeah, we don’t know what it is yet either, we don’t know if it is a boy or a girl. *Raspberry* *Layla laughing* Maybe we should wait and not find out this time, and it can be a surprise! Nah. When they arrive. I don’t like surprises. I wanna know. I want to know what this baby is. *Imitatting Layla* Yehhhhh You’re so talkative right now! I think it’s almost nap time. So here is the video of me taking the test and finding out for the first time Oh, yeah yeah, yeah that was an exciting time enjoy that clip. I was, uh, I was confused G’day, everyone, my name is Mary. It is 9:30 p.m. on April the 25th 2018, almost said 2015 2018 and I did a pregnancy test earlier this evening. A very very cheap, cheapy cheapy Amazon pregnancy test and uh Well I’ll just show you! This dark line is the test control line and then this super faint line is a positive result, that’s it detecting HCG So I’m going to chug a bunch of water and then do a First response early response test, which is a basically, just a more expensive fancier pregnancy test, which will hopefully give me a clearer yes or no answer But uh, I might be pregnant again! Woo! If I am, I will be ecstatically happy But if i’m not, then that’s okay, because We’re not in any super duper rush or anything like, that but That’s, that’s a positive! It’s very faint but that is a positive. This is my third glass of water. I’m about to message my old sister, who is the only person, aside from Ken, who I would tell this early on if it actually is a positive. She lives back home in Australia and it is currently 12:37 p.m. So I should get a reply from her soon. Until then, we can just chill out and *Text Alert* Instant reply: “Oh my goodness wow yay!!! Such unexpected amazing news!” And looking over my calendar on Clue which is an app that I use to track my cycles and highly recommend regardless of whether or not you’re actively trying to conceive, I really recommend you have some kind of like understanding of your own Menstrual cycle and when you might be ovulating and when you might be about to start your period because it has such a Huge effect on your mood and your mental health and your body image, so Anyway i’m getting off topic But, if I am pregnant, then i’ll only be four weeks, which means I would have conceived about two weeks ago And I will be due on December 31st, 2018 Isn’t that Christmas Day? Is Christmas Day December 31st or is Christmas, Day, like, December 25th? I can never remember When Christmas is. I feel like that’s something that people should remember Okay, let’s try and do another test. All right that’s a control line, that just showed up. Okay it’s been a couple minutes and that is positive. It’s faint but it’s there. So uh, yeah. I’m pregnant! That is very exciting! Very exciting! Okay, there’s nothing else I can do tonight. Ken is out working right now he’s live-streaming *Security Alarm Rings* Oh! He might be coming inside right now What a coincidence that was our security alarm. We’ll wait a couple seconds and see if he comes inside *Whispering* He’s inside the house. Hey Ken! What? Come in here! Look what’s on the messy counter *Confused Ken* What? Near the glasses right there. Oh! I was thinking, theres a bunch of mess on the messy counter. What does that mean? It says it right there, dude read! Uh, not pregnant. No, if theres a line It’s very faint. Oh! Ok. So maybe pregnant? I don’t know. Maybe. Yeah? Yeah! How many of these you’ve peed on? Just the one and next to it too, so just two. Oh, ok. Yay! Have you showed the camera this? Yeah, it’s very faint. I was like ok, not pregnant. Well that’s exciting! It’s very faint but there’s a chance! Yeah, hopefully it works out. Yeah, I hope so. You peed all over these things before I touched them? It’s got a cap on it! Gross! Awesome! Come give me kisses! Ok… Huzzah, there it is. We’re back! We’ve lost a baby, it’s gone to take a nap. so yeah Mary started leaving little pee strips all over the house, yup after that point Like look, i’m pregnant! And I was like I got you, okay, but this is gross please, stop But it’s fun to do them like, every day Because it gets darker and darker and darker the line is the amount of hgc in your body increases, and so to me it’s like Look how cool! I’m getting even more pregnant! A bunch of pee! Yeah! But yup, so we went through that and uh We got through the super scary stage, which for me is like the first six weeks and Now at eight weeks I feel pretty good and pretty confident although we’re only, we’ll be at the like Over the the real milestone of chance of miscarriage when we get to 12 weeks. That’s when it’s considered to be like Extra safe, not gonna lose it, everything’s good although even then Stuff still happens, so we’ll just have to see. So i have some Some cool info for eight weeks, Baby R is now About the same size as a denise pygmy seahorse which we will insert a picture of right here. Can you see that anyway? What is that? These teeny tiny seahorses are so good at camouflage it’s hard to imagine how they were ever discovered. So right now that baby looks like a alien pretty much. This is a big-headed alien, and then maybe we’ll swat it in and you can look at this big yellow, baby 50% head yeah yeah Says, he’s moving around Like a little dancer even though you can’t feel it shes just dancing around in there Or he. Your baby bulge might start to protrude at this time. Yeah, i’ve already got a bump. You’ll start to see fewer mood swings soon. I haven’t had any mood swings! I haven’t! Right now she’s got a tail that should be disappearing, and she’s got webbed fingers and toes Pic-Oh gross! Our strawberry size bundle of joy is moving around like crazy. How about that. How’s mom? There’s like, eight paragraphs here of how mom is. I know exactly how mom is Mom’s fine.Yeah. We’ve all been good I have not gotten Intense morning sickness like I did with the previous pregnancy, when I was pregnant with Layla. So, that’s kind of a good thing because i’m not throwing up five times a day like I was with her, but it’s also kind of a scary thing because the morning sickness really confirms for me that the baby is like super strong and healthy and because it’s all hormones, that’s what it is but um Yeah, it’s not having it is no like guarantee that something’s wrong or anything like that So yeah I should just play the people in the comments right now, be like “I ain’t have morning sickness and my twelve kids growing up fine mrawh” It’s just really random chance how the pregnancy affects your body, and even with the same person different pregnancies will be slightly different Yeah, the doctor keeps telling us like, we had a, Layla’s like, the Sweet little nice baby, and the next baby might be terrible and hectic and a trash can I’m sure they’re all, gonna be super lovely but, we’ll see. We’ll see if they’re not, they’re gonna have to get jobs Would also like to thank you guys on the Patreon for supporting us when Layla was born You guys were super supportive and have been for the whole year since and Mary is still posting pictures and family stuff on there. Yeah, I I mean, I have been a bit slack lately, which I apologize for, but hopefully This will help you understand why. I’ve been really really fatigued, like just super tired so, shes lazy I get up really early in the morning cuz When Layla gets up and then we do all the things we have to Do with all the pets and stuff and by then I need a nap And that’s usually when I would be taking photos for Patreon And stuff but now that i’ve actually told you guys about it, i’ll be able to take photos related to my body, and the pregnancy and stuff. She should be taking like pictures of her bellybutton look, look at this lump ooo Bellybuttons are really cool during pregnancy yeah, whatever So, yeah, thank you guys on the Patreon, if you guys want to check out the patreon there’s a link below And if you guys want to support us that way, you sure can Or just watching the video is okay too. Thank you for your support. You guys are awesome as always What else? You’ve been really sick. I’ve been sick Yeah, Mary made me sick. Mary started doing, what did you start doing Mary? Crossfit. And know what, she brought back the freaking illness, the black, plague. I’ve been sick for like, three weeks and hasn’t gone away it’s ridiculous. I don’t understand. I think even Layla’s got like a runny nose too. Yeah she does poor thing My nose was runny for forever but then I got over all the other symptoms real quick, where as it stuck around for you Yeah Crap, sucks, well thank you guys Very much for watching the video and we hope that your as excited as we are about ze baby. We’re actually running out of room In the house, we might have to move soonish so That will be fun, yeah be real fun setting up an all new office and get the internet and everything, great. Thank you guys very much, thank you for your support, and we will see you guys next time till then Bye!

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