Pregnancy, birth and baby

hi everyone my name is treated be Nicol and welcome back to my channel Wow it has been a long time since my last video um I'm pretty sure my last video was like the 36 week pregnancy update and yeah I'm not pregnant anymore obviously now why did I stop making videos when I was pregnant because I was miserable to be quite honest like seriously the last four months of my pregnancy like I felt huge to be honest like I gained 50 pounds with my child Lee that's a lot to just I don't know where and that is insane and probably should not have happened and on top of that I had sciatica really bad so like my sciatic nerve kept pinching like every time I walked and it felt like my leg was gonna give out when I was walking or shooting pain all the time but of course never a good time anyways I don't know if anyone else experienced this but like it felt like my ab muscles were like obviously they're separating during pregnancy but it just it felt so painful it was like carrying almost every single day is what it felt like I don't know if anyone else felt that pain but it hurt a lot like any time I sat up or would move or anything it just felt tearing so that took a toll on me as well and I went on top all of that he was late and I know I was predicting that he was gonna come early but I guess that was just wishful thinking because he actually came four days late and I'm sure anyone else who has had late babies who come after their due date know that every single day after that due date is just like painful and just drags on for what feels like years now as for the whole birthing situation did that go as planned for me no not quite I went into this hoping and saying that I would not get an epidural I got the epidural but to be honest I don't regret my decision whatsoever because it took an excruciating experience and turned it into a much better one in just like seconds after that shot you know one of the things I come across a lot of the times is you know people are like oh we got the epidural I did mine all natural well you know it like either way I'm not gonna back either side like it doesn't make you any less of a woman for taking the epidural or for going all natural both birth is still really freaking hard the whole stigma behind the epidural is really just ridiculous in my opinion like women's bodies are phenomenal anyways near giving birth to a small human being like that is just not an easy task there's anything to help alleviate that pain and by all means go for it but if you want to choose otherwise and go for it there's risks to both and everything so it is what it is it doesn't make anyone any less of a mom whatsoever I don't really think anything that happens at the hospital can determine whether or not you're a fit mother or a good mother I chose to have a vaginal birth some people choose to have c-sections some people have emergency c-section rates but none of those decisions determine a good month from a bad month anyone else just feelings waiver that was messed up anyways just bottom line women are amazing human beings and their bodies can do amazing things regardless of anything that happens in the hospital cuz I know I'm gonna be honest here like my son was 90 pounds and 6 ounces he was a big boy he was old head to be honest very much so head in length which I came to really after the fact after talking to my fiance's grandmother big babies run in their side of the family so had I known that I would have known beforehand what I was coming up against but I just kind of went into this all blind which I still survived it's fine and he's amazing now the thing I wasn't really prepared for was the aching and pains after giving birth I mean like don't get me wrong I was prepared for a little bit but like weeks and weeks afterwards pain now I'm gonna be completely honest here like this might be too much information for most people but this is my video diary pretty much this channel so I'm just gonna put it all out there during my son's birth I was actually cut in order to help him come out and I actually tore past the cuts and had third-degree tearing and they had to sew me all up and that is just an excruciating experience altogether let alone the healing factor afterwards like if you get cut or torn or anything that lengthens your healing time and just painful like I'm talking like any movements when you're sitting down on the couch or anything like you just shift to the side a little bit and it feels like your stitches are ripping apart and it's just yeah uncomfortable wasn't prepared for that and bruising I don't know why this never crossed my mind that you would bruise while giving birth but yeah and I bruise extremely easily and so it was just a whole big bruising situation around there and it just that took forever to heal as well and for the time being while I was healing I was hobbling around the house like a 90 year old woman just trying to make my way around and new things now another struggle was breast feeding my plan is to breastfeed my son for the whole first year of his life and so far that's been going good like I've maintained that everything is great but it wasn't always great the start was such a struggle like it took a good three days before my milk came in and even then like every time he was trying to eat it was so painful and there was cracking there was bleeding their lives overall just awfulness but I powered through it you know like just keep looking at the goal at the end and it's all worth it and he's great he's healthy and he eats good now everything was worth it as for now like four months later I feel great like I feel really like I'm back to my old self almost like we're getting there besides you know a body being squishy and parts that never used to be squishy like mom belly is a thing guys you always think like oh no I'm young it'll all go back to normal it doesn't it doesn't some people are blessed and they snap back right away but yeah I'm not one of those people and most aren't so we just you know deal with that as it is and as far as the baby goes he's also you know four months old and he is doing fantastic now everyone at meat Theotis that's my baby boy he is four months old and he has seriously been an amazing baby like I cannot complain one bit he eats great he's been amazing at night like sleeping through the night he's done that pretty much since birth at the moment even like he sleeps between 9 to 11 hours depending on how hungry he is and yeah he goes better around 7:30 wakes up between 4:30 to 6:00 usually around 6:00 unless he's really hungry then he's up to 4:30 and we actually just saw the doctor the other day and he weighs 15 point 8 pounds now he is a big boy but he's following his curve very like spot-on apparently like he's very average which is good and honestly like he's just such a happy baby oh yeah really he's just such a happy baby like his personality is just so calm and happy and he just he's great he just chill zone hangs out all the time hey he'll be buds Oh hands are his favourite thing right now if you will – on them forever anyways that is a wrap for today I will see you guys soon again hopefully I'm hoping to have another video out either this week or next and if you have any ideas for future videos what you like to see for me if you want to see like newborn essentials 4 month old essentials things like that let me know in the comments below and also if you have any questions I'll try to answer them in my next video so drop any questions you might have either about like birth pregnancy having a baby any of that I am a new mom and I'm just winging it everyday but it's coming good so far anyways thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you next time have a great day everyone

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  1. Sorry you didn't feel that great. I had the side pain with my 2nd and 3rd daughter. It was very painful. Also with my second I was 6 days over due and I remember I would cry every night just to turn to my side everything hurt. I agree breastfeeding was tricky and not as natural as I thought it would come, but if you stick to it just gets easier like you said. Lol I never snaper back 😂. Oh your son is so cute 💕

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