Pregnancy Blood Test | Importance of Blood Test | Dr G Buvaneswari-Chennai | GBR Cord – EPI #03

I love you good morning I am Lord of the bony Shirley from G by University Center for a pension today we are going to discuss regarding blood investigation and we have been doing lot of this channel and programs and now we are seeing more and more people are questioning about the blood test should we do or not like a lot of dose they have we are coming here for treatment we don't want any playtest most of them will be telling their and definitely the brightest is also important so your first safety of your event is important naturally the treatment comes so here you generally water the blood test should be done and whether it should be done or not we discuss now and latest for the women basically your hemoglobin level should be our no because sometimes you can run in if you are bleeding without your knowledge and your anemia can hamper the treatment has substance they can't calm down second thing is when we are running you want a lot of impatience so modeling name for Satan we made a lot of procedures which may induce an infection if you're in a luminal compromised are all if you're pregnant and during that time he saw Ronnie mix when your blood level with village baby waiting village under the plate or the baby also will be compromised and preterm labor this posture is this this is a reason emo growing will bethe so many times you're on and hemoglobin lettuce outside but at least there are within six months if it is done in a proper standard lamp then it can be taken other ways better to repeat in her complete let's come to know your blood cells comp second one is the thyroid letter siren test should be done in fasting but they are already taking treatment you are on rapollo then only the can be done at any time and shakers and those can be adjusted I am taking the most common latest during infrared treatment is better like hormonal testing this hormone testing and I usually will return on day two or day three now hey the day 1 day 2 day 3 all three days and we're in depending on the timing and when you get your cycle and all whether you are coming from long distance you can come Ali one on say day three and give the sample and they do generally SSH knowledge that is luteinizing hormone and prolactin and certain playtest we are going on a second day of the class paper and every second why we are doing distance we publish and every one is different and there are forward patterns the difference and the response to the treatment also depending on this hormone process so heat is variable in every cycle that is the way we are doing way to taste of this one for every one and every cycle during the treatment process if you are having a regular cycle and you already that once that when were found to be normal then we don't need to repeat this day to hormone test and the next level of form or test is relaxing and the second level is progesterone so these testing why we are doing only in specific conditions survey to listed prolactin is very important many of the patients who are going for treatment all internship and they don't clip they're very very stressed so those patients prolactin level will be height is the production level is highs in the pregnancy rates or less so that is when you repeatedly check the prolactin level so the production level is more than twenty better to go for the empirical treatment with moved in 30 definitely you need to have a weekly change my or daily team to bring down your production River an auto-fire know what is the reason for high prolactin level if it is known as stress is very high you can go for a counseling and reduces stress level for the production level from arriving that provider should be control ministers and other than is already screening tests with it that is any viral infection rotate screening while we are doing is cleaning because when we are going and doing procedure one is that you should not be cut down with the same with the star for the top under the köppen should not be contaminated and when we are processing half of cross-contamination should not happen all this reason we always clean the test so that that infection will not be transmitted orders so that is also again once in every six months we should be repeated so there is a window period hour or sometimes you may be negative now after sickness you may become a zero positive so those cases we also repeat every sickness if it is caused by self you'll see that if the cost is less if you go on and doing a smaller less sometimes you can get the wrong reports and this will also reduce your risk a pregnancy rate thinking that everything is normal we may be programming in a different way but are they end up that is we may not get the circle so if you're going for a standard lab so we will get a exact value so that the treatment can be tailor-made at Titus properly so this is the basic tip when you go are go age is going your 30 days we stopped taking or a image level that is the special tested is called special today image is important to know your risk of of the ovary under your oath is number so that we can plant a different weather we can wait for some more month or we can go for I a treatment no ability can be decided on their own or later so so this is these are the basic testing regardless is for the May 1970 analysis created highlighted all this hog market saga you may not eat when they have a sexual dysfunction testosterone levels can be tested if they have a low Conklin almost like a professional can be tested if they have a recurrent pregnancy loss all in order already you had a pregnancy protocol but you aborted or you have mr. ish then there are set of investigations which can see done and on demand so basically and we have to do blood tests before going into any treatment so during the proper treatment you may be given anti- if they are or sometimes you may require smaller procedures also may have become a difficulty where you need to go for an aesthetic procedure so all the risk coffee in that period we would have known your medical history and your blood survey then it is easy for us to convert and take the procedure forward I think this is a basic information about the blood test and so we choose photo if you have any other Cory's and if you have I need a blood test rather than this if you're doing if you want to know please drop your feedback and so much enjoy our comment box and you can follow us in our Twitter and Facebook and you can substrate for further details and other information in my youtube channel thanks

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  1. My hcg level is 221… But still my urine test is negative…. Its that I'm really pregnant or not???? Pls anyone known well about this… Help me…

  2. Mam enakku marriage aki 3 years acchu ennutaiya last period date Feb 1st. 48 days acchu upt la positive nu varuthu but scan la theliva theriyala and heart beet m Illa nu solraga na Enna panrathu

  3. Mam my husband blood group b- my blood is o+ mam. Intha mathiri blood group iruntha conceive agarathula ethu problem varuma mam pls rply me.

  4. Hi i have done my IVF pregancy test on 28/09/2018. After BHCG test they got 159.30 ml. Can you tell me how it is value for healthy Pregancy?

  5. My ivf today 12 the day. I used pregnancy card and it reveals two line . one line very small. Am pregnant or not???

  6. Mam my girlfriend is bleeding.she had taken a contraceptive emergency pill weeks ago. And we both are worried about this. Should we do blood test??

  7. Hai mam, pls rply me.
    My LMP date is august 2 and miss my period. But now UPT negative (sep14)
    Please advise more option. Pls mam

  8. mem plz reply reply me that hcg tests inidicate how many week the fetus has been or estimated the date of last over

  9. Hellow madam my weight 49, my age 26 , marriage again 1month aguthu, thyroid & pcod problem ieuku enaku 10days aguthu periods thali pogi, stomach pain& pack pain, gas over released, vomiting sensation iruku BT pregnancy test Pana negative madam

  10. madam,it's really nice & make more videos. my sister has pregnancy of 8 months(28-30 week ).now her hb is shall we go for injection & iron,folic acid tablets OR blood transfusion.

  11. Hi.. madam i had blood test in morning at home 1 it showed me positive…. But after few mins it showed negative y??? I'm I pregnant​??? Please help

  12. mam ennaku marriage ayuthu year 4month achi period time vanthu 3 monthu aguthu so na urine test panna negative nu varu so what can i do mam plz rpy me ?

  13. hey doc.what should the accurate time to take pregnancy test while I am taking hcg injection as it effects the test kit positive although its not

  14. hi madam I get HCG blood test today and it's my 3 week beta HCG level is 6.8 it's pregnant or not plz can u reply me madam.

  15. hello mam Iam siri iam married now 8 months and since from 55 days periods not came but negative pregnancy test…. I am already consult doctor she's not good just she following urine test in kit she not told me any information…. now I am pregnant or not
    Please tell me mam

  16. hi doctor na self Beta HCG test etutha doctor athula BetaHcg : 0.35 vanthuruku ithukku enna artham doctor pls reply doctor

  17. Hi mam embryo transfer panne 2week aitu but my blood level is 2.3 is it possible but not yet period coming what can I do? Pls tell me mam

  18. hii mrs shanu my last period september 18.after a few days back pain breast pain nausea vomitting. is the symptoms of pregenency.can we check blood test can we know the best result.if u dont mimd plz rply maam.

  19. my gf period is 15 days after missing her period she did three days at four days interval but all shows negative.. so is there any chances of pregnancy.. please help me mam

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