Pregnancy Counseling & Adoption Services – Lutheran Family Service

The work that we’re doing, especially in pregnancy
counseling, is a time of crisis, of anguish, of real
decision making for a person as to what are the next steps and how are they gonna prepare
themselves for those steps. And when we’re in that type
of a relationship it gets, you know, it gets to be a
strongly bonded relationship very quickly, because we’re working on some really deep issues,
and that kind of support in a time of crisis can
really change a person’s life into even questioning, why
would there be someone out there that wants to assist and help
me in that way and being able to be the light of Jesus
during that time for clients who will receive it is
a beautiful experience and can change their lives forever. Though we are also prepared
to provide adoption, this is not an agency that
promotes pressure of women to make an adoption decision. Especially when a parenting
decision might be very much what she’s capable of doing. She just needs a little loving
and support to get there. So what you would find at
Lutheran Family Service has nothing to do with
pressure, and everything to do with finding a friend, a
confidant, to sit down and talk to and to make some really
important decisions in your life. But we’re also walking with
adoptive families, and for some, those are families who’ve
experienced infertility that are also experiencing
a difficult time while they’re waiting. Waiting to find out whether or
not a child will be received in their home. And that’s obviously
very difficult as well. And you know, when I really
look at this very broadly and say when we’re a voice
in the public square, we’re walking with all
those unborn children who are vulnerable to abortion. We’re standing for them,
standing in the gap. We’re standing in the gap
for those who are elderly and infirm who might be at risk for physician assisted suicide, should we allow that law
to happen here in Iowa.

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