we know okay what kind of ever ready oh my god if you actually got it honey that's crazy and it looks like it's exaggerated hey my babies welcome back to my channel so I have the whole crew here I have the egg medic so Cruz Edie Blanca but I know a lot of you guys know her as he bet and as you guys can see we're gonna be doing a pregnancy craving mukbang yes is I hate pronounce it yeah I thought I scream ugh bang bang okay I don't know I don't know how you really pronounce that but we have all of our creepies here so the funny thing is that we're both having girls what our cravings are a little bit like different yeah there's slightly different mine are more sleet spicy while hers are just straight-up like sweet yeah and I think most of these are like a lot of sweet stuff yeah cuz I really don't grieve like a lot of different things there's obviously this I went in there like I want this I want I know we fought by she was like I'm right here you guys can't even see this part but like this is all me right here yeah yeah what else pregnant with a boy that's why I kept telling you you're gonna have a boy that's it and you're like I don't know like I know I so confused when she told me I'm having a boy yeah but yes so anyways who were just gonna dive right in because I'm already like how I won't go yes so we'll set up our feet and then get strum some of these are actually also my hubby's cravings because he's been having the same kind of craving this week yeah so here's our that one should eat this and these those uh buddy bonus is that way they're all yes yeah is that all and the boys cheese we have orange juice we'll pull it out right yeah but own ice cream we brought oh yeah we have ice cream – yeah just lay it on the freezer and yeah Lisa screams everything that I crave so everything is heats whatever we're also gonna be doing a Q&A with you guys we did s you guys on our Instagram so we told you guys to sending her juicy questions and oh my god you guys are everyone on squelchy knows Bobby you're scrolling through already I was like okay you guys are really going in but yeah so anyways without further ado we're just gonna go ahead and get started hi did you guys know that you wanted to have a baby undid us planet we basically go to 13 years and we've already traveled we're financially stable it was just kind of like okay we we had our alone time our honeymoon phase already like everything so we were just like now we're ready for the next step like which is family MMH and yeah and I mean we obviously wanted to plan a bit you know right with everything you just can't to happen but it was fun because of the fact I like I mostly know they said you don't know yeah they're never so many years then we were like okay yeah we wondered now what it's like to be here you have a family like that to Sally monodevelop Oceana want ahmo's come okay you're really tired ours was totally like not planned yeah I wasn't planning I think we were already thinking like okay next year we're gonna travel more and what was it it was the gear I got my shop right right halfway and I think I got my shop like in June or something and then like later that year I were pregnant so of course right after the shop and and all that we were like okay we're gonna travel all the mixer and this and that and then boom we have a baby so it's not like we weren't traveling already so we had our fun but yeah we had our good times of drunken moments and partying and you yeah going to fun places and stuff but as far as the drinking that was already kind of over though yeah like yeah we're done you know but probably there was more of like one ago which now we're planning on doing how do you guys deal with the crazy pregnancy hormones I think it as long as you're aware that they're pregnant you're like okay like they're gonna have the moment you just leave it alone you can't do anything about it good so bipolar that one she'll be like mad and then well you know they're pregnant so you just have to be okay with it I mean I'm ready Pete I get over really fast though that's the thing like I'm not if I'm adamant you did not she used to be very unpatient with that though like you take forever to be mad now I felt you get over it quick mmm maybe because you know there's more things you could be yeah not only that I am I'm mad for like hours yeah I just get mad in the moment and then they're over yeah that's kind of how I'm no but then it's like why do you like there's no point in being mad at something that's so like you know why did you put the toilet seat down yeah were you scared or are you scared for labor I know Blanca I already went through it once but are you cuz I am so I'm guessing she's pregnant herself so how do you feel about going into labor have you thought about that I have thought about it and I feel like because even before I got pregnant I was already watching so many like birth videos and like just in general like okay you miss even like chickens I wouldn't watch like chickens give me camera right yeah everything you know now that like fear just went away like I think about it now and I'm like I'm actually excited about it I'm like I'm like okay I wonder how mine's gonna be now not I've seen so many like experiences from so many other women yeah um chickens so now I'm kind of just like okay I'm really really curious to know how my breath is gonna be mm-hmm I don't know I don't know see the wines in the end meal and also because I feel like I have a high pain tolerance oh yeah I feel like I'll be okay seriously good same one out I'm gonna be like Emily I didn't laugh actually that I've already gone through labour one thing that I will suggest is that you can go in there with like expectations okay mm-hmm anything change like I went in thinking like it was gonna be fast and it's gonna be quick I was gonna go in there I was gonna kill it and I was just cuz I had a I have a really high tolerance for pain – and it was like the complete yes it you know so and there is nothing – I mean it's scary but it's nothing to be scared your body you're a woman your bodies naturally who knows what it's a postage and I feel like so many women right now like have asked me like oh what's your first planet and I'm like there is no plan because every birth plan that I've heard from every woman yeah never never goes like a sequin little kid plinian I mean I didn't have a birth plan but I can promise you how I gave birth I mean I didn't give birth you know normal yeah I didn't have a c-section but as being there for 36 hours with definitely IRA when they like a midnight and then I call my parents I was like quick I was like she's like my like 8:00 a.m. I'm guessing before that I know we're there that whole night it's whoever says that when your water breaks liars not happen for me my water broke and I was like oh my god maybe probably to come in like an hour like I got I need to go to a hospital usually the nurses always also say that like once you're gonna break they're like oh no God was banging you got are doing in nope 36 hours later damn and I was still in labor that's crazy yeah I'm gonna go into the juicy ones did you see what so how often are you guys intimate when pregnant I'm in the first trimester in Kiryas trimester the first ones like what like two months first three months yeah she's in her first trimester so she wants to know like what to expect I guess later yeah like they're gonna be active it's nice like I don't even remember what it felt like okay I think the first trimester is a little active yeah like I feel like maybe I guess the girls probably feel like it's a different time yeah because everything is changing its old obviously like this pregnancy with max was a little different with this pregnancy with my daughter it was like complete opposite remember the first three months I was just like oh my god like I'm just trying to do it like all the time and it was like all the time all the time I was about time no with this one okay and then no with max we were actually pretty like yeah the whole time this time around as soon as I hit what like five months I couldn't it wasn't even so much that I wasn't in the mood I just didn't I don't really like him yeah it's weird she like it's a lot different this time what you stitch me like just like stop you know like I'm very like that and it's like I'm so glad you're so patient with me though cuz I probably don't like my party I mean it's part of it you know like it's not really a big deal yeah and he's so understanding too like he always tells me like this long as you're comfortable and you're okay like I think as long as you communicate that's the only one thing I'll say because like let's say the guy's crying and the girls like no get away like you don't wanna you don't want your husband and be like push the way you do I think you could say you know what it's hum feeling so then it's understanding and we've any class conversations because he's very good at communicating with me so he's always like what are you feeling like or have you not been feeling it have you just not been okay are you like feeling a certain way so like all past conversations I'm just like honestly it's just I myself and mind you guys this is my second pregnancy so like I asked them naturally as a woman like I'm already insecure as it is about everything that's going on in my body I feel like that's already like and it's very hard enough for us to like even get in the mood yeah so they can magic now I'm not feeling yourself for the guy I feel like you don't want to make the guy feel like oh dang maybe it's me you know yeah so I mean and we do that's what we do have what about you guys like little bunnies are gonna say well for me I feel like I feel my most sexy yeah really I don't know you felt like yeah my first pregnancy yeah my first pregnancy was so different and I felt really good about myself yeah my stomach wasn't in the way like I had a really cute bump like yeah I thought right now hasn't gotten in the way like oh yeah yeah like man like my first I'm telling you my first pregnancy we were good like we were like enjoying life everything was good I felt really good I was in my little you know my chuny's looking cute this time like you're like different I'm like uh-uh I can't wait to puff this little girl out so I could go and you know work out and fix himself if you're not feeling it's okay how many kids you guys want to have I I'll be happy with you but whatever going needs me yeah look at our family he wants a big family he says like six six no big families are beautiful I come from a big family and when we do get together it's beautiful but for me personally where we're going to write good god I'm like God willing if everything's good and we have a healthy little girl and everything's good that's gonna be like our Suzuki toes the meters and he goes come she goes yeah he says like you he envisions like Christmas and then like having all of our kids with their spouses and then like a kids like it's beautiful but then most people will tell you that like four is good you know yeah and it has to be like two or four yeah like I can't be thinking I I cannot have my little child no middle child syndrome yeah it's a real yeah you have to have four why we just tastes the same what is the weirdest thing you cried about during these pregnancies crying huh like you just randomly cry for no reason buddy I think it was the day that you ate my chocolate chip cookie right I did I that day that I told you that I cried and you didn't listen to me where'd you cry at well I'm not gonna cry in front of you and let you know like I cried I told you after I think I was like the dummy you know what that was funny because she really was like Kelly no Monica she was mad and I was like why are you keep telling me that your mind like it like the cookie yes because I was saving there and I was so sad that I was like you know like when you go somewhere and then like I said the last time a guy me cuz I'm gonna eat me that cookie you know yeah and it was like those little muffins from Panera and I he like I don't know I was just so mad that I got home and I was like how many times have I told you not to touch a pregnant woman so like how many times and then I pick at it again and it was really small like might as well as you do yes I did I look good like that is what you're just like are you kidding me what was the weirdest thing I cried I almost left yester what is that a baby shower they Diana get over New Year oh oh I think you told me about that Yeah right I just started crying and I was like who am i great okay like I was like I already know but so we were in the car driving to Diana's surprise baby shower and we were just talking in general about like babies like and he kept saying like oh I wish like you know I'm a future if we do end up having another child like hopefully it's a boy and I don't know why I got sad because I was like thinking like okay well once he has like a boy cuz he's like like I know how much he wants a boy I felt like he's gonna forget about me and my baby girl and so I just started crying and he turns around he's like why are you crying I'm like I just feel like you're gonna forget about me he was like why the would you think that I don't like I don't mind you I'm like right great and I didn't like she went together and I just like was he's like you're really crying over this that's what I I don't know why I cried no I was she was telling me I was like oh my god you were really she's like I just thought you was gonna forget about us yeah but you've been pretty much like you're hoping oh yeah very very emotional yeah I was emotional like the first like two months and there was even a video that I blog where people say well crying so what is the most difficult part about exposing your life out there people are mean as fun I feel like this is something good because I know that you've been introduced to the mom haters and the moms yes and everything that literally I do have messages that I sent her all the time like girl just way to give birth anyway wait till yes it gets worse when you have kids yeah it's a sense you know you could post like anything and they'll be like oh you shouldn't leave your kid that far alone when it's eating because he'll fall off you know just anything like this well you could be recording your baby eating on his little thing in the matter I've had people join me like you're a horrible mother you only care about yourself call CPS on you like what kind of a mom are you like like that and I'm like I actually think I'm not very good mom I'm a city boy I was telling her that um for the longest time I've been on YouTube and have a you know exposed certain part of my life on everything you know and now that I'm pregnant I obviously was over the moon and I just want to share everything on my with my online family and I was telling her I'm like I feel like this is the most hate I've ever gotten in my entire youtube life here like the mom shamed me I told you I like guys it's real like it's sad but it's real and it's so overwhelming cuz I feel like people don't realize how hard it is in mind you guys imagine being dealing with that already and then dealing with that while you're pregnant and you're already emotional and you're already feeling like crap and you already feel a certain type of way and like I feel like people think that we don't have feelings and just because we're on the internet we're supposed to ignore everything but like I've always mentioned before people can tell me I'm ugly my eyebrows don't match I can't blend an eyeshadow all they want but as soon as you start talking about like me as a mom or my kid or like my life that's when it's like personal and like it hurts you know I really does bother you but wait till you give birth though and your baby's actually here because especially could you have so much help at home yeah if they like lots more churches and videos let's go nothing tonight you that yeah they were actually they're gonna be Mathis um me we were talking about that a lot of girls keep telling me that oh right now you're being you know cheeky Ally whatever and mind you I've always been together like no because I've always been known the family and everything and now that I'm pregnant it's like okay even more now because everybody just really yeah so they were just telling me that like once the baby's here they're gonna forget about me and this and that and I was like okay get bored of each other like right now that I'm being like you know taken care of but I was like woman's didn't think that they're my family's in a like forget about yeah and yeah I don't know it's just kind of like those things and I'm like I feel like if once they notice that they did it like they're like no hate me for that yeah because I get a lot of hate over my mom helping me a lot thank ya over my mom helping me a lot yeah and they say that like I went to go have another baby because I don't take care of my own already because my mom takes care of him when mind you I take care of my baby yeah but you because you live with your mom I'm pretty sure you're gonna be getting a long as you're mentally prepared for that as long as you at the end of the day know that you're not doing anything yeah and the best you can be that's all that matters what is the thing that annoys you the most about your hubby since being pregnant everything he's breathing in on my why honestly not even that I think it's just right now with this pregnancy it wasn't just with him it was like even like my friends and everybody would be around me I didn't want to be around people and like I told him when as soon as I found out that I was pregnant that was the first thing I told me how babe like I didn't want to cook with a buddy right now I don't want to talk to no one I just want to like be by myself enjoy my life and during my pregnancy and drive my son like I just wanted to focus on that yeah and that's it so like with him whenever like talking to me and like I want to be alone it's just like leave me alone you know so I have been very like secluded just to myself in this pregnancy so different so I'm think it's necessarily him bothering me I feel like it's everybody they just don't like to be around people but it's been better now it's I'm approaching like at the end of my pregnancy I feel like I'm starting to kind of like get back to like my normal self yeah yeah maybe like a thing interest because it's a live really before like yeah it's I can't wait like weeks saturate but like you don't understand how much your body you're meant like mentally physically emotionally like you're going through so many changes I was imagining my pregnancy needs of me like not a whole lot completely different but some certain things different mm-hmm from what they are I feel like with him the first three months that annoyed me the most about him was that he just couldn't understand me like like I would try to like explain to him what I was feeling and like sometimes like he would sometimes you did think that I would exaggerate on certain things like when I would be pissed but I'm like yeah because in the beginning to like I remember it was like a first like three weeks and she's like oh my god this Harrison they said I'm like sure that was so like new to us that I was like what do you mean your back hurts like it's only been three weeks you're done like you're just exaggerating you know but they know she really was feeling pain and everything so of course like she'll have me do stuff for a good one I feel like he didn't know that like you knew that I was pregnant but he kept saying I keep forgetting like you're pregnant I could be pregnant and I might do like my body is going through stuff like I'm tired I'm emotional like I just don't feel good like I'm throwing up and to him it was just kind of like okay second round you know yeah but then we had him back to back so it's like it's so different I know it's different because max is door focused even though she's pregnant now yeah was like tired of happy max all day now on top of that being pregnant and like when max I was pregnant with him I would if I needed a nap oh just now if I needed to do something I'll just do it now it's like I can't do that oh yeah cuz I have to take care of my first baby you know so then he would get home from work and I'm like I'm like here like I would literally be like max here like did your turn cuz I was so tired I just wanted to go to sleep and I just wanted to like get some type of rest you know but yeah it's funny because now that we're having a girl I told her that like well you could take I could take care of the little baby you'll take care of max with max is so much more work you know so I'm like I just told him I want him to really try and just work with Max I was one waking up every two hours I was the one doing everything you know that I mean side him with this second one like can you we do that no can you do that so like maybe she could be like a daddy's girl and she could be more attached to you because imagine both of them are just like with me what am I gonna do you know like max is so attached to me so attached to me that that's sure I can't even like I go to the bathroom and he's like already screaming because he wanted to have them you know yeah so like I can on the bill that's all I'm like you need to make sure that this second baby like loves you because I I need help how many months apart are you both girls by the way love you guys you guys are glowing are you as excited for the playdates oh yes I know a lot of the girls who are pregnant that like we've been kind of hanging out with as far as like influences wise they're all having girls most of them upset so that should be fun yeah yeah I'm excited I'm 31 weeks okay so we're living weeks apart so that's like she gives birth around November yeah I give birth in August yeah so three months after yeah yeah that's crazy we're almost there huh I know I'm telling you the second time it's just been cruising by though yeah I so fast that's why I told I guess I mean I wonder do they need to hurry up what's the best thing about having a partner supporting partners having some partners supporting in a pregnancy come on your partners having partners support legacy support our pregnancy I got as a feel that they're supportive of our turn Missy what's the best thing about having a party I think she wants a partnership I in a pregnancy yeah I mean I don't want it to come off like me being like rude about it but I feel like they better be supportive like they were being supportive when they were making the baby so yes I would be I would expect them to be supported you know what I mean like I just II don't know like I've been to me I feel like it's it's something that I hate that man get praised for being good dads or being praised for being good husbands it's like that should be something that they they just because they need to be doing it yeah like women don't get praised for being good moms and being you know mm-hmm like they it just it's expected yes I why can't those expectations be the same for men yeah you know that's a break did you subject from you know giddy like our man like no yeah it's awesome thing that should be praised like I'm glad that I do have an amazing man but that should be something that every man should feel yeah and be happy about supportive like I don't feel like they're men for being good does it's mostly the women so it's we're doing that it's toward each other yeah I don't this just man why are we always oh damn even the damn Apple okay I mean okay Newcastle I'm in whoa look whether my listeners I'm more happy I'm in hombre yeah yeah I don't think I've ever seen dad shaming like death no the other dad dad yeah April like they're over there like yeah yeah you know the mom moves like you can't do this because you're a horrible mother but then even yeah even moms like there's some that I'll say like like you know what you should go out oh he says like don't like you deserve it you know like they also say that like for example like oh you've been good like you should go out like you know it's okay yeah girls will say no yeah yeah you will never hear yes yeah and that's what I'm saying like even now the reason that I went off to that subject as soon as it said that about the support because I did answer their question I love that I have a supportive husband like that's amazing to me but I don't think that he should be praised for that because he should that that's his job as my husband he married me love me yeah and be here for my family responsible yeah and it's like on social media you know I'm the one that gets all the bad mom shaming that I'm a bad mom that I'm not doing this and I'm not spending time with my baby but they never say anything about the dad not seeing their kid for 10 hours a day you know what I mean and it's like that's the thing that it's like it's always girls bashing other girls oh yeah that's the psyche thing about it I'm out of breath I just went girl that took so much energy on me [Laughter] yeah yeah a pesto example so a coupon master you are the hemi trabajo man make it economy around a significant economists estimate resident name I know it's funny how you know if this is like their job to you know like people really don't understand like why you guys are on YouTube and even like right now setting up this set of was like 30 minutes like just they like you know I know get ready and you know exactly yeah you know and like I've always said if it was so easy anybody would be able to do it so it's like instead of criticizing then why don't you do it instead of thinking that it's so easy for us to do what we're doing you know yeah yeah that was the last question in a frenzy adding bias babe that you have for Valentin I think he's gonna be a new daddy no Emily besides run now advice I don't know just I can't really say I feel like when the baby comes like you're automatically like know what to do yeah yeah like you know you take more initiative it's crazy like I remember I change max for his diaper like right away and then like whenever it was kind of a general when it was time to feed uh yeah so I don't know you're just like a switch turns on because she was concerned about that for a while like I wonder how he's gonna be but no I mean just be patient and be proactive you know okay be patient you're gonna be at the they always say like you know people are like I'm not ready for babies like I'm like I'm never ready I think yeah pack the diaper bag before they tell you cuz you're always like did you get his bag I'm like no I'm like really see that with the question that they had earlier with if I'm scared for birth and all this stuff I don't think that is that's like the least thing that scares me the thing that scares me is that not knowing if I will know what to do once the baby's here you will trust me that's the that's always been like don't worry sometimes I forget that I'm a mom too but no no you'll know trust me Weston is you see that baby and she's no worries you're gonna know exactly how to calm her like remember babe when they didn't want to let me give her milk I mean him milk max yeah because they wanted me to breastfeed and Max hadn't eaten for like 16 hours and I was like he's not latching on like I went into mom mode at that moment I was like you guys are gonna bring out some formula for me right now I don't care if I have to struggle to give her my breast give him my breast milk later you guys need to bring me some milk right now because I'm not gonna start my baby like usually I found and I was still trying to make me like not give him regular milk yeah like I'm telling you you're gonna go into mommy mode and you're gonna be so protective and you're gonna know exactly what you do and nobody's gonna know how to do it but you hey that's great good sometimes she'll be like oh he's hungry already or he's tired and I'm like he always tells me like how did you know that max was ready for not part of your like how did you know I'm like baby you just know like I just know that it's time and this is what he needs that wraps up our move on Q&A hopefully you guys enjoyed it and if you guys did don't French to give us a thumbs up also let us know if you guys would like to see more videos from it so yeah anyways don't forget to go over to blanca of its channel they're gonna be having a video on their channel and it's gonna be a very fun and interesting one so make sure to go over to her channel have a link down below in the description box i'll leave their social media also down below but yeah thank you guys so much for watching and for listening to us rent away any but I'll see you guys in the next video bye that's how you love me just like Anne gets it for you well that way oh sorry excuse me xxxxX you're living your best life


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