Pregnancy early signs

hi today I’m doing a video on the early
signs of pregnancy and what I went through what changes that I was going
through so once, the test was confirmed was when I started noticing serious changes like before that you have a doubt okay
could it be I’m puking a bit am i really pregnant or is it just a change of
climate change food was it something that I ate but once you actually know
that okay you are pregnant and then you can start noticing the changes and it’s it’s
a life changing experience and it’s something that you would actually look
forward to or something that you would notice a oh hey yeah this is
it so the first week that I was pregnant
actually it was the same day that I confirmed that I was pregnant and we
went out to dinner with a friend and I personally like continental food I
cannot handle spice and my husband likes very spicy food so we had gone to our
friends place who made braised fish so he’s made a very bland fish with just
some garlic seasoning and miss a little salt and pepper so that would be
something that I would have loved in if it was just me I would have loved that
but this time when I bit into it to them like you know there’s like no spice and
this I need some chili and that’s when I knew that okay this is what it feels
like to her husband when he cook when he it’s bland food that I make so one of
the first signs were this change of taste you food that you once found very
tasty would suddenly be very bland a food that you once found really bad will
be attracting yourself like I remember this one day that I hate eating beans is
one day that I was sitting on the couch and my mom serves herself food and then
she’s looking at me and I’m serving food and she’s staring and my husband and me
because I’m loading up on the beans like green beans
I don’t even green beans but I was loading up on green beans because your
sense of is so heightened that you would want to
eat stuff that you would normally not eat so and the beans were attracted to
me so I felt like eating beans so apart from having food cravings I would say
the tiredness you would feel very prepared that your body would be tired
and you’re actually trying to make another human being your body is going
through a lot of changes you would feel tired and you would also feel sleepy
you could feel so sleepy that even if you’re working at your office desk all
you want to do is crawl under it and take a nap it’s totally normal
there’s nothing wrong but you do feel tired and your body is going through a
lot so let yourself feel I don’t beat yourself up about that so the this
tiredness that is wanting to sleep then even if you do have the luxury of taking
a nap and going to sleep your sleep is kind of be interrupted because they’re
gonna have to pee, that’s something you’re gonna have to get used to the constant
need to pee so I remember this one day and I’m like I just want to get eight
hours of sleep straight but the problem is that in the first trimester and in
the last trimester you’re gonna feel the need to pee a lot but the second
trimester is good you can get all your sleep then and you feel tired and if
you’re one of the few unlucky ones like me who had to go through vomitting
like I would eat breakfast and before I’m even done with my plate I would have
to be in the toilet vomiting but I I would find that it
didn’t matter what I ate whether it was something that I really loved eating
whether it was something that I didn’t like anything I would bring it up so
it’s sometimes very tiring to vomit so after your moment you just wanna like
take a nap but you shouldn’t so the things you should do after your vomit is
get yourself hydrated because you’ve lost a lot of fluid so whether it’s a lot of
little you should get yourself hydrated so always keep a big bottle of water
next to you so drink up and keep yourself hydrated whether its water
whether it’s a glass of orange juice but you need to keep yourself
hydrated the second thing you have to do is make sure that if you’re taking your
pregnancy pills that you always take your pregnancy pills at a time either
after your meal maybe wait half an hour or maybe even wait an hour so that you
don’t because in my case as soon as I eat I would puke so if I eat and then if
I took my pregnancy tablets at that time then I would end up just flushing
it down so what my gynec gave me advice rather a tip that I could give you is if
you finish your breakfast at 9:00 in the morning maybe you can take your tablet
by about 11:00 so that way it’s in between breakfast and lunch at the less
chance of you wanting to puke and then we just have a little fruit at that time
okay so that would keep you keep your nutrition keep it nutritious as well as
you’re not taking food taking medicines on an empty stomach
so apart from drinking water drinking juice you can even drink the whole glass
of milk or one glass of milk warm chocolate milk goes a long way it keeps
you happy and it’ll also keep your calcium levels in check and this is
something that you’re going to need to build on like majorly while you’re
pregnant take as much of calcium as you can whether it’s calcium in the form of
vegetables calcium from Milk calcium from cheese just try and load up as much
passion as you can because once the baby’s up okay while the baby’s in he’s
when he or she is going to be draining a lot of calcium as they build their
skeletal muscle but once the baby is out and if you choose to breastfeed in your
breastfeeding you’re going to actually feel your bones
hurt it will lay low on calcium levels so I think almost all doctors all gynecs
would run a blood drop of blood routine tests the first time in the first
trimester so they’ll find out if you have any deficiencies if you need iron
if you need any vitamins so you gotta keep your calcium levels
as high as possible because whether you’re carrying or if it is postpartum you’re
really really gonna need your calcium and I cannot stress the importance of
this there are some days where postpartum your so busy with the baby and
you forget to take your calcium tablet and I would know that okay I’m not
taking my calcium tablet today because my bones would just ache so always always
always always maybe set a reminder on your phone but ensure that you take your
calcium so stay hydrated and another important thing is to eat healthy now
your the first thing to do to eat healthy it’s to get rid of the junk food
so I actually had to do a cleanup of my of the food that I stole so I had a
whole bunch of instant noodles chips donuts whole bunch of junk food because
I used to love eating junk food but when you know that you’re carrying a baby you
want to give him or her the best kind of food that you can and it’s healthy so
not only will that reduce your morning sickness and in nausea healthier food
would be better for you as well as for the baby like remove the chips and
restock it but not you could use raisins you there are a lot of healthy options
like I had I had changed my biscuits from normal chocolate chip cookies to
maybe oatmeal biscuits or I would have oats instead of having conflicts or
tacos I would use fresh almonds fresh cashew nuts I once had a question to my
guiana clike what should I eat more chance I didn’t want to have any food
that would harm my baby so what he told me is just eat everything but eat it in
moderation and you don’t want to go overboard with anything so if you as
long as you eat in moderation nothing new or nothing is gonna harm the baby if
you have food allergies then that’s a whole other story but as long as you’re
eating healthy and you’re keeping a well-balanced diet that should be fine
so once again congratulations on finding out you’re pregnant I hope these tips
helped you through your first trimester don’t worry
pregnancy is a part of life and you’re gonna go through a lot of changes as you
go through the second trimester the third trimester and I’m till you get
your little bundle of joy but take each day at a time don’t stress don’t rush
into anything don’t believe everything that everybody tells you okay if you do
this this is gonna happen oh yeah oh yeah oh you know how it goes
just stay positive listen to your doctor you don’t need to take advice from
anyone else just listen to what your doctor tells you because based on your
reports based on your blood he’s gonna tell you what you need what your body
needs so just follow your doctor’s advice if somebody else when you’re
pregnant you’re gonna have random people just come and give your advice
regardless of knowing your medical history to watch your body it’s like
what you’re responding to they will just tell you randomly have this have that
eat at this time eat so much or don’t eat there so don’t eat that or why are
you eating this if you’re pregnant you don’t have to listen to anyone just
listen to your doctor get advice from your doctor get proper medical advice
okay and just stay positive and stay happy because the most important thing
if you want a happy baby you need to stay happy while you’re
pregnant so stay happy concentrate on positive things like maybe you could
meditate spiritually you could attend masses you could go to church you could
just try and do something if you have any particular talents you could start
painting you could start reading I actually had a very hard time with
chemistry when I was in college so what I did was when I was pregnant in order
to they tell you that your child’s brain develop really fast as long as it in the
fetal stage so I would actually read chemistry theory I would read the
periodic table I would read stuff like that so that Cohen hope that my baby
would absorb it and I wouldn’t have to he wouldn’t have a hard time while he
was studying later on so try and enrich yourself in knowledge and try try arts
try knowledge listen to a lot of music like do things that stimulate your brain
so because you would know that whatever interests you might be interesting to
the baby as well if you’re reading a book if you’re listening if you’re even
if you’re listening to this audio maybe you want to turn up the volume so a baby
can hear it’s never too early for a baby to pick up a pipe so don’t think that oh
okay it’s only a week now the baby’s inside it’s not gonna know anything
babies can sense and they they’re like little sponges they can absorb anything
so whether you’re happy whether you’re sad whether you’re enlightened whether
feeling light so if you like to dance maybe but you can dance so do things
that make you happy do things that create oxytocin in your body because
that’s the positive half a hormone and the baby’s gonna feel that you’re gonna
have a happy baby if you have a happy pregnancy so those are my tips for you
on having a happy first trimester all the best god bless

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