1. Omg just found myself here- I'm only 12 weeks but so many of these are true! Especially the horrid skin and wanting to eat rubbish!! X

  2. This video has made me feel so much better about myself. Just tried on 8 maternity dresses for a wedding that I’m going to and they looked horrendous on me. I had a melt down, cried and locked myself away in the bedroom with my husband too scared to come upstairs incase he’s in the firing line. 😂

  3. Thank you Emily for being so kind and real. You care for yourself but you don’t try give anyone the impression that you’re perfect and I’m positive every one of your followers really appreciates it!
    I believe I am a very blessed pregnant lady.. my expectations vs reality were actually flipped! I thought I would be very sick, wouldn’t be able to eat healthy, would look like death, I even bawled my eyes out and how my body would change.. and I’m actually doing/feeling the opposite!
    I’d wanna tell ladies thinking of getting pregnant that not everything has to be as bad as what seems like everyone else’s experience.. ☺️ your body is unique and you’ll have your own struggles and victories! Don’t sweat it ☺️

  4. Omg! This is so true. The actual real thing……… I am pregnant with my second one and I attest to it. Finally someone showed the actual things.

  5. It's all so true.. I am 38 weeks.. I thought I will eat salads and now I eat ice cream every day! And how my husband reacts is soo similar! He used to say we are having twins until we had the 20week ultrasound.

  6. I freaking love this. Every single one of the has been me (apart from sickness). Especially the dropping things part. Nowadays I just look at it on the floor until someone walks by to pick it up for me ha ha

  7. Oh i wish i was able to eat anything during my pregnancy….hyperemesis made pregnancy worst and i am scared to get pregnant again 😔

  8. My first trimester was horrible… Felt nauseated 24/7 with my face all swollen up 😭 good thing that phase is gone. I usually see women with glowing faces and thought I would too but mine is the opposite 😱

  9. I'm only in my first trimester and it probably gets better but I couldn't agree with the first one. Before the pregnancy I would have been the reality but now I don't even want to touch food. Yesterday I only had a chicken burger and chips.. I couldn't even finish that.

  10. I have literally just discovered your channel about a week ago , and I have not stopped watching them all!. You are so good and easy to relate too.

    Love from Milton Keynes

  11. Oh man! I had such a bad morning sickness, I actually lost a lot of weight, was advised to bed rest and was in and out of hospital all the f&$king time

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