Pregnancy Fitness and Exercise: Goodbye to Abs?

I'm Rosie Pope founder of Rosie Pope maternity and mum prep I'm so excited that we have Andrea orbeck fitness transfer stars here to show us how we can keep our ABS turn even while we're pregnant I know you didn't think you could but you absolutely can hi welcome to mom prep I'm Andrea orbeck celebrity fitness trainer and pregnancy fitness experts one of the common questions I often get is can I still work out my abs while I'm pregnant the answer is yes just because you're stretching out your abs doesn't mean you need to lose your core conditioning and strength having strong abs is gonna help you push during delivery it also will prevent back pain and will help you maintain that great posture with me today I have Allison she's in her second later trimester like 23rd week Allison and I are gonna show you some of the safe and effective modifications you can do for your ab routine it's safe to lay on your back until around your 20th week but once you start to get a little fuller in the front you want to modify like Allison and I the key is to make sure that you have stability and support underneath your spine secondly you want to make sure your elbows are propped up so that your heart line is above the abdominal line it prevents the baby's weight from putting unnecessary pressure on your heart and organs so here's the setup with a nice open chest shoulders down and back contract the abdominals nice and slow while you do heel slides alternate a slow extension and slowly roll back in this is the most basic movement that you can do for abdominals so you want to keep your tailbone tucked underneath nice and slow controlled motion and breathe through everyone so the next modification a little tougher yet still safe is to do a leg extension Allison's gonna show you how you extend one leg at a time a little higher than the heel slides nice slow control motion and you'll see that her shoulders are open so if you're new to your abdominals and you don't want to get any harder than that these are the two muscle groups to do if you're wanting more of a challenge and you have strong ab conditioning like Allison you can go a little bit harder going up into tabletop position slow and controlled form alternating heel drops very good you'll notice that she's putting her heels down too fast using her abdominals to do the work good and then a little more advanced is to drop both heels on the ground slow and controlled contract your abs and lift them up nicely done good so you don't have to lose your obliques during pregnancy either the key is to stay modified with your upper body and slowly controlled by rolling use your obliques and just like Alison not too low three or four inches of a rotation and back to the center make sure that you talk to your health care provider to find out if abs are okay for you if you have diastasis recti or splitting of the ABS you're gonna want to avoid abs altogether nice work good and drop those heels perfect so you'll see that it's easy and important to maintain your core stability during pregnancy you just need to modify but always make sure that you talk to your health care provider before starting any exercise program

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