Pregnancy Glucose Test: Do I Have Gestational Diabetes? | #MOMLIFE

what do you got there that yoghurt it was breakfast yeah that's breakfast time we went to the beach yesterday and mommy got sunburned I covered them from head to toe and I was pretty covered too except I missed a couple spots got a farmer's tan I know it's just like that basically and my foot just one foot too look at that it's really like you can see it right here and stuff it was a very good job night does that mean you're all done and then he sits back so today's a big day glucose test mm-hmm it's really easy this is what I'm drinking half drink in an hour before the appointment and when I walk in I have to tell them when I check in that I'm doing my glucose test that way they don't make me sit around forever they just sent me to the back right I'm ready to go get my blood drop an hour before you can't have sugar you can't even have caffeine and I have to try to drink this in five minutes or less and it's really sweet because I did this once more what's the point of it yeah baby oh you want applesauce hey what's it called you're welcome thank you how about the packets if you have gestational diabetes which is what they're checking for with this they're trying to see how your body absorbs all the sugars so this is like high sugar concentration that's what makes it not taste good it's like the sweetest kool-aid you could ever imagine if you have high blood sugar levels then you have gestational diabetes which happens while you're pregnant it can make your baby have more sugar absorption which makes me get bigger it can cause more complications can raise your blood pressure that's on your heart all that kind of stuff so you don't want that but you are fine the last time right I was like so we'll see you can change it says it tastes better we're driving and I can't drink or eat anything until I go get tested after this for like the next hour it's not that bad so something that I was here pregnant women complain about yeah it's notorious oh that disgusting sugar water maybe cuz I like sugar you been preparing for it pregnancy like this is exciting nah it's not delicious but it doesn't taste terrible it's just it really it tastes like a melted down popsicle which it's at last it was like love with the last ring that gets a little nasty that's not torturous like it's not the worst thing that happens during your pregnancy definitely like there are definitely worse things you know what I forgot to say – they usually test you at the very end of your second trimester so it means I'm close to the end of my second trimester 26 weeks tomorrow okay maybe I do feel like I'm gonna throw up but it's honestly it's not the worst thing that happens or your pregnancy the worst thing is pregnancy the entire thing I love you you listening to the baby what's that what's up I had to drink one of these for you too or glucose tolerance test orange would you grab there you go good job you finished it yes thank you how you doing almost an hour I'm definitely feeling a little bit nauseous it's kind of like like I'm having a sugar surge it's not even kind of it's I'm having to shoot her surge and I know I'm gonna probably have a sugar crash as well so it kind of makes me feel a little bit nauseous I think this might be what the part where women feel a little sick like I almost want to throw up and then I also want to pee really bad I have to pee really bad but um to make it worse like the sugars making the baby kind of bounce around so she's like bouncing on top of my bladder so I have to pee really bad and I feel like I'm a little bit nauseous like my energy level is definitely like we're headed to the doctor now though and hopefully everything is fine you always get like a little nervous right like the reason – for me to be nervous is because then I'd have to like alter my diet and do all that kind of stuff and I don't want to do that so we'll see what happens and then it's really simple from here so we keep this part private because there's nothing it's actually like the boring stage of your pregnancy which is a good thing so no bouquets out or anything we're still listen for the heartbeat and I can ask my doctor questions note to self don't get a sunburn don't get a sunburn in general but don't get a sunburn right where they draw your blood and then like afterwards she like had to wrap it with that bandage thing the gaas thing and that didn't feel good and then they took my blood pressure on the other side and that didn't feel good either because it was like squeezing my sunburn it was pretty terrible but otherwise not bad but now I need coffee I can feel my energy just training because I'm sugar crashing now they said they'll call me tomorrow so we'll see what happens tomorrow cross your fingers no baby Duff nope yeah I know we gotta take your shirt off hands go up so I don't put his swim diaper on until we get there cuz it's like a 30-minute drive still he could always just he loves swimming though huh he loves so are you gonna put it on yourself good look you got what your nightmare – okay ready one two hey – oh woops your toes got stuck okay and then next one – and then you guys wow what a big boy you ready go swimmy we are headed to knee cautious wingless you take swim once a week now during the summer it is unbelievably hard to get swim lessons in Los Angeles it's kind of insane because it's not even cheap it's like I mean it's not like overpriced or anything like that but it's not cheap it's just a 30-minute session and the wait list is kind of crazy so he finally gets to start his lessons their private lessons I thought 30 minutes was going to be like not a long time but I realized at his first lesson that 30 minutes is a long long time for them because they start to get exhausted and he doesn't really want to always do what the instructor tells him like he just kind of wants to get in the pool and play but she's obviously giving him instruction and stuff so you'll see but it's really cute he who loves the swimming pool he loves it so much it's one of his favorite thing brawling we going this legs good job right one big recent act the lens it's really really good Wow we're get we got cookies we got to put your clothes on an MAO drop gets out of the pool do rap it's unfair mom what thank you how'd it go great he gets a reward I don't usually let him eat much in this car see just because I don't want to be worried about it but he gets a reward after her swim lesson just because I know he works kind of hard we can just tell him he's pretty exhausted by the end haha what's that Nakash I'm good how are you okay oh good thank you I'm immune to measles oh I didn't know we were checking for that that's good to know oh that's great to know actually that I'm immune to measles I didn't even know we were checking awesome thank you all right anything else all right thank you [Laughter] did you have to drink the Fanta Fanta I didn't know they were taking me for measles and you in nobody's ever nobody ever told me that I mean nobody ever told me I didn't have it either that's interesting yeah I think it's maybe because of the current climate for measles mrs. Clement the measles climate that's so interesting I didn't know they were checking me for that but I'm glad I'm normal for my glucose no just a tional diabetes you guys all that Kennedy I Benita I was really worried about it I'm not gonna lie you know they had to check me again after what Cyrus cuz way like he's such a like your tests are normal but your baby is very large and I and then they made me do the test again and they were like no you don't have it you just have a really huge favor you still do gestational diabetes no I know that but the my glucose levels aren't high I don't have gestational diabetes yeah yeah that's the ticket yeah with your sugar keep on eating the way I've been eating doughnuts the to doughnuts that I just scarf down get my people on okay and sure thoughts joining in on them okay you guys I am also expecting what are you expecting Charlotte this is a pizza Susan does not have high glucose levels Susan does not have high levels Thanks it's so good though right on man class meets here at the sassy because we're like help get that like it's so salty okay get you guys yeah like helps you and then you just want to down a bunch of water and then I feel like you actually I marry with the trees I you know I got I got different the naughtiest pickles in I do it again but I did it I remember we were on the vacation with all these people that were not parents or pregnant and I thought I was the most repulsive but I didn't know I get it pickles and mustard it was like chips and salsa okay yeah at least for anybody thinks I'm crazy for pickles and mustard like you Carly they're both in the sour tart a great family and when you're pregnant you taste things that people don't taste and know things that people don't smell they both live on a sandwich together nobody agreed you know I was never a mustard person French's mustard if you're feeling right I'll try take one mark yeah and have it open first camera speeds outro take one mark

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  1. Susan I love you so much! Don't do this type of Glucose test again, do the blood test! This way you don't have to drink all this sugar.

  2. I am having the 3 h glucose test right now…i drank that ewww drink😭😭 I feel sick🤢🤢🤢hopefully result will come out perfect for me and for the baby! Dont wanna think abt having gestational diabetes😥

  3. I just done the test too but we must do it different in Australia because you fast over night and go in the morning and take a blood test, then drink the sugar, wait an hour and take more blood and then wait ANOTHER HOUR and take one more lot of blood! By the end I was so dizzy and hungry

  4. I think we're the same amount of pregnant!! I was 26 weeks on the 24th haha well, depending on when this was filmed

  5. I'm 28 weeks pregnant, and had my glucose test a couple of weeks ago. I was so nervous I'd test positive for gestational diabetes because I've been craving sugar constantly. But the results were normal and I started dancing too lol

  6. Thanks for sharing! I had to do the glucose test twice when I was pregnant. They gave me the glucose drink at the lab, made me drink it within a few minutes (they time you) and I had to wait there. I was unfortunately diagnosed with gestational diabetes and I had to meet with a nutritionist to change my diet in a healthy way while pregnant. I had to watch my carb intake, log it in a weekly journal, prick myself with a diabetes meter, and turn those results in to my nutritionist and ob/gyn on a weekly basis. I had to take 1 test after I gave birth for it to make sure I was clear of GD. For most women it goes away after giving birth. I asked my ob/gyn if there was anything I could do to prevent having GD and she said no….it’s the way your body regulates its blood sugar levels during pregnancy. The low carb diet sucked while pregnant. She did tell me that since I had GD I had to be careful later on in life as I might be more prone to getting diabetes but that could be controlled with diet and exercise. 🙂

  7. Susan Yara I need help. So I found this aloe vera gel. I just wanna know if you recommend it. It's called "SEVEN Minerals Aloe Vera Gel" and just to make it easier it has, Certified Organic Aloe Vera (99.75%), Seaweed extract (natural thickener), Citric acid (to stabilize pH), Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), Potassium sorbate (to prevent mold). This is on the bottle and I just copied the exact words. Please comment tell me what u think. And when it should be in my skin care routine.

  8. That's great Susan! I have gestational diabetes and it's not fun being a pin cushion while being told what NOT to eat. I'm 24wks on my second gonna be full term pregnancy. I love your videos especially about being a mom (& with Sharzad). Much love to you both♥️♥️♥️

  9. they let you take the juice home?! I just did mine a couple weeks ago and I had to go to the hospital, sit an hour in the lab just to get the juice, chug that nasty orange one in 5 minutes in front of a nurse and then putter around the hospital for another hour cuz I wasn't allowed to leave.

  10. You're so lucky that you can drink it before your appointment. My office makes me drink it there, then sit for an hour, then get the blood test. Congrats on not having gestational diabetes!

  11. It's so good to see you and Sharzad laughing and having fun! And I'm so glad that your glucose levels are good! Also Nikash is adorable!

  12. Have you tried Grillos Pickles? They are hands down THE BEST pickles I have ever had and I tried ALL the pickles during my pregnancy (I’m currently 38 weeks)! Highly recommend!

  13. I failed both tests last year!! I had to take a class then do the finger poke 4x day and log my #s

    The diet did keep my weight under 200lb though! That was good

  14. I'm so happy your B.S. levels are good!! Ya had me worried at the first of the video. I had to drink that when I was a kid. IT'S NASTY!

  15. No shade but your kitchen looks like a REAL kitchen like a family actually uses the kitchen 😊 love these type of vlogs! 😘💕 also the way you are with your son… you are such a sweet sweet mom! I wanna ask who is the strict parent and the rule enforcer ? Your husband or you?

  16. That is nice! I did this test last week in France. They took my blood before this drink, then gave it to me (that was horrible, yah!), 1 h after and 2 h after. I stayed in lab for almost 3 h, because they thought every pregnant can collapse. Before this test you cannot have anything, so that was really horrible 😀 Ofc, i didnt have any diabetes

  17. I think I like the one ounce of orange syrup I had to drink when expecting better. I believe that liquid would be reappearing a minute after I drunk it.

  18. Thank u so so so much for sharing this video! I have Hashimoto and I’m 36 years old … i have a daughter and trying for another… in following your pregnancy journey regularly! ❤️

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