Pregnancy Helpline 2016

pregnancy helpline is a nonprofit organization that has been serving the Madison area for over 30 years we have four main programs that we run our first is a helpline where families can call in and get resources support and referrals for other places in the Madison community we have another program the sharing Center were located in the Catholic Multicultural Center off of Park Street and we're open every Saturday morning at the sharing Center families can get free diapers formula baby clothing and maternity care for them and their families at our safe sleep program we deliver free brand-new pack and place to families homes we provide a safe and clean environment for their babies to sleep and in our baby care package program we deliver a brand-new box of baby things to women the hospitals we're able to give them a fresh start and a congratulations as they start their new family and hopefully provide just a few of the basics for them to go home with one of the most important components of pregnancy helpline is our 24-hour helpline the 24-hour helpline exists to help mothers who are in need the phone volunteers are trained lay counselors who answer the phone and provide the mother the services that she may need the services may be professional referrals resources or just someone to listen to or someone to talk to the lay counselors help this mom to better herself and to get the things that she needs to help her start her life with her new baby and to help her to be the best mother that she can be for her little one by giving contact with people I never would be otherwise it gives me a feel of how people have to live when they don't have the resources they need for a living so Olivia yes – yep oh yeah no las mujeres e familias de nuestra comunidad llaman OC necesitas apoyo mientras estas mi rosada si tienes alguna mortification while locate the molester to pro-q pay this is Tess's parinamavada semen parousia – vista baby what is a man Osterman the poem was interesting as one meaning of acero cuatro años de puta Musa pure C necesitas ayuda ya sabes yeah Manos pero si nos quieres ayudar a adhara nuestra comunidad por favor tambien communicate across otros necesitamos mujeres disposes other su tiempo para apoyar gracias the sharing Center offers free baby items which includes clothing equipment toys books formula and diapers to women and families in Dane County we are open from 9:00 a.m. to noon on Saturdays and and when families come in they receive a brown paper bag that they can fill with the baby items that they need and they're able to come lengthen them I have a new baby and it's kind of like a baby borrow your boutique when any they come here I get new supplies and drop off supplies that my baby's outgrown my baby is outgrown a swing crib mattress some clothes and because I've been helped by other moms donating I'd love donating things that she's outgrown so other babies can use those items pregnancy helpline diaper bank works to collect and distribute diapers as well as increase awareness about diaper need with forty-four percent of young children in Wisconsin living in low-income families diaper nee can be a serious issue diapers are expensive they can not be about with food stamps nor are they covered by a wick but at the sharing center clients can come to get 30 free diapers each month and last year we gave out 40,000 doing that we purchased some of the diapers and many are donated through diaper tribes and personally it's amazing to witness the support of the community the individuals supporting these diaper drives is what enables us to keep supplying local babies and families with the diapers they need I just think the sharing Center is such an amazing resource in Dane County and I think families are so fortunate to have it here and I would encourage more people to come out and you know a walk and be able to walk away with a bag full of baby items and free diapers and formula just come be a part of the community share donate take what you need give that gets awesome this is one way that we can help them keep their baby safe we can help them from being stressed out right not providing for their baby we believe that we can make a difference in that baby's life and in the life of the family we know through our coordinated efforts with the Dane County safe sleep initiative that that there are even deaths that are happening because babies aren't having a safe place to sleep last year we launched the sleep safe sleep well campaign to improve the safe sleep environments for children in Dane County and pregnancy helpline was a valuable partner in that process they provide free cribs free pack and place for families in need we refer families to the pregnancy helpline and this is going towards the goal of providing a safe sleep environment for every infant in Dane County well the thing I think that makes it the most rewarding is when you see how little these people have I've shown up at homes where they have a cart able to eat their meals no Sulphurs no chairs no tables no television set you go into their bedroom and they have no beds no dressers just a bed roll on the floor and clothes Stetten stacks and you get done and they feel that you basically brought them what they would consider to be their prized possession or their family and they'll offer you the last thing last drink they have in their refrigerator of course I'll turn it down but it's it's just very rewarding knowing that these are people who have exhausted any hope of having a crib or a playpen for their newborn child it really gives them a good fresh start in a safe sleep environment for their child so we see pregnancy helpline as a wonderful value to the community the families we see and refer to pregnancy helpline are very grateful for the services they receive here I am the pregnancy helpline big care package coordinator I put together this beautiful gift boxes that we give to new moms to celebrate the birth of their newborn babies and they're quite nice everything that we put in them is brand new we make them up seasonally so that hopefully the baby will have the right of right kind of clothes for the right season here in Wisconsin and we make them up separately for boys and separately for girls so they're they're quite unique quite fun to put together and it's it's really a wonderful gift for moms I want to take a moment to thank the volunteers donors and supporters that make the work of the pregnancy how plain possible thank you you

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