1. im so so so sorry for your loss im a mom & this hurts me so much . I love yall guys & probably these words wouldn't help but both of yall are the strongest people ! Beckett is a beautiful baby boy ❤ i don't know how it feels so i dont know the exact words to say but this is coming from my heart Rip baby boy ❤

  2. Thank you for joining us in memory of Beckett's and Honour & Everlasting Remembrance of our Loved and Longed for babies across the world and around the globe.

    Join the official International Wave of Light on Facebook.


  3. I just had a question about how you and Tyson have been keeping strong in your relationship since losing Beckett, you see so many people split apart at times like these.
    I know you hear this all the time, but I am deeply sorry for your loss. 💜

  4. So beautifully done. I truly have no words to describe how this video made me feel.
    I did a little lighting ceremony in honor of Beckett, but I wasn't sure where to upload it? I'd really love for you and Tyson to see, see how much your precious Son has touched my ❤️
    Love From The Blatt's, Buffalo NY.

  5. So beautiful! We had an enormous storm. We easily lit a candle for Becket. We had no electric so just getting the message in. Loving all the beautiful scenery.

  6. You honoured your baby boy exactly how he was suppose to be. Sending love during this difficult time

  7. I am crying right now!!! That was so beautifully done! That should be used as there campaign add! Very touching!!! Need to share this with friends/fellow YouTubers Derek and Liza who is going through a similar situation! Not sure if you know them or their journey!

  8. That was very beautiful it's nice that you have beautiful peaceful spots out near you very well dune

  9. that was a perfect way to honor him and it was a beautiful video you made <3 thank you for sharing with us. Becketts light will always shine bright

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