PREGNANCY INFORMATION WEEK 14 II गर्भावस्था का 14वां हफ्ता और ढेरो खुशियाँ II

Hello & welcome back to celebrate life, celebrate pregnancy This is your friends Parinita Rohrra & I am going to talk about the development of the at week 14. Since the 13th week you have entered the third trimester And now the baby is in the fetal period. And the organs & tissues that took shape in the first trimester develop further in the second trimester so till the last week that is in the 13th week , the baby was around 3 inches long & now in this week that is in the 14 week The baby is around 4 inches long. Last week it weight around 23 grms & this week it weight around 43-44 gms. So its weight is almost double in a week . Proportion wise its head is still large in proportion to the rest of the body that is 1:3 Where in 1 part is the head while the 2 part is the body just like in week 13, even in week 14 the baby’s brain is growing & functioning. While the heart is beating twice or thrice fast as yours. And you need not worry about that as this is completely normal. Its eyes re continuing to move away from the sides of the head & are drawing closer to 1 another and the ears are continue to shift into their correct positions. By moving to the sides of the head. The fine hair that make up the eyebrows are coming together as we saw last week. While the neck is growing longer & the baby’s chin lifts from its chest. The baby is also continues to form the vocal cords & teeth As we already know that the baby’s fingers & the toes have separated & also we learnt last week that although the baby is so tiny it already has some finger prints During in ultrasound examination, you will be able to see that the baby is opening & clenching its fits and also spreading its fingers Its may be sucking its thumb & wiggling its toes. Also making facial expression like gowning or squinting. We also saw last week that the placenta is align the transfer for blood through the bloodstream from mom to baby/ The baby is drawing all its nutrients vitamins. minerals, fats, proteins & oxygen directly from the placenta. So, as you can see the baby is fully developed ans its growing larger & the systems are continuing to expand. the baby’s adbomends too continue to grow Allowing the intestine to continue to move into their proper place That is from the umbilical cord to their more permanent place this is tummy or the abdomen. The pancreas are producing insulin which helps in regulating sugar level After childbirth through out life The baby has a functional intestinal system The ovaries & testes are fully developed inside the body And the genitals are forming outside the body The bones continues to harden just like the last week And something new that’s happening this week is that its getting fuzz like hair All over his body, that will help to keep his body warm The baby’s kidney’s are making urine Around now the baby’s begin to swallow little bits of amniotic fluid which pass into the stomach. The kidney start to work & the swallow fluid passed back into the amniotic fluid as urine. Along with this the liver of the baby’s begins to produce bile While the spleen begun to produce red blood cells So the kidney, liver, spleen & pancreas all are at their job So, hopefully as is well with the baby inside & you so far. We will continue to see the development in our next video celebrating life, celebrating pregnancy week 15 Given below is our email id , do send in your queries & feedback to us Also do subscribe to our channel. Breath, chill, relax, Thanks for watching….

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