PREGNANCY INFORMATION WEEK 20 II गर्भावस्था का 20वां हफ्ता और ढेरो खुशियाँ II

Hello & welcome back to celebrate life, celebrate pregnancy This is your friends Parinita Rohrra & I am going to talk about the 20th week of pregnancy today. Let me first begin by congratulating you again today Because you have reached half way through your pregnancy. and you may be probably feeling the movements of your baby quite often now. Last week in the 19th week the baby length was around 6 inches. While this week the baby’s length would be around 6-5 inches. Coming the the weight, last week the baby’s weight was around 240 gms. This week the baby would weight around 290gms Now the baby’s body is slowly growing bigger & the baby’s head & body are quite in proportion. Now it is important for you to spend time in peaceful environment. Because the baby’s ears are fully functioning It is interesting to note that there is no need to use the doppler now As the sound of the heart, would now be loud enough to be heard on the regular stethoscope The baby sleeps for an average a 20 hours per day The face begins sot look much more human And eyebrows & eyelashes are continuing to grow The baby’s eyes can move now although the eyelids are still shut And the mouth can open and close. Its got working taste buds the lines on the baby’s skin fingers have already firm So, we can say that the baby already has its own individual finger prints. Finger nails & toes nails are gowning & the baby has a firm hand grip, The baby moves around and may respond to loud noises from the outside world such as music. Lanugo or fine fuzzy hair still covers the body and the hair on the scalp is growing quickly. A creamy , protective coating called vernix Coat’s is skin, protecting it from the amniotic fluid. Now the baby is gulping down several ounces of amniotic fluid each day. A dark green sticky substance called meconium is being produced. Which consists of materials ingested while it is in there Like the intestinal cells Lanugo that is the fuxx line hair all over its body Mucus, amniotic fluid, bile & water. It can be said that this meconium is a earliest stool of an infant. Now if were to look at the baby, the baby would look wrinkled Though the body is putting on weight, it doesn’t have that much fat And it would only fill out just before the last week before the pregnancy. Being half way through your pregnancy The baby’s movement may feel like something of a flattering or a bubbling Or slightly shifting movement something like indigestion And as weeks go by It may be possible for you to guess which bumps is a hand or a foot So enjoy yourself, figuring out the moves of your baby. And also take good care of yourself. That was all about the 20th week development of the baby I will be soon back in our next video, focusing on the 21st week development of the baby Given below is our email id , do send in your queries & feedback to us Also do subscribe to our channel. Breath, chill, relax, Thanks for watching.

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