PREGNANCY INFORMATION WEEK 21 II गर्भावस्था का 21वां हफ्ता और ढेरो खुशियाँ II

Hello & Welcome back to Celebrate life, celebrate pregnancy This is your friend Parinita Rohrra & i am going to talk about the 21st week of pregnancy today. So, let’s being with the height & wight of the baby Until last week the baby’s weight was around 289 gm. While this week the 21st week the baby would weight around 350 gms. Last week baby’s length was around 6.5 inches. This week the baby’s length would be around 8 inches. From this stage onward the baby is going to weight more than the placenta now. Until now the placenta weight more than the baby, but now its going to be a vice-verca though the placenta will keep on growing the baby to growing to much faster. Though the baby still looks wrinkle & it has to gain a lot of weight to fill out. the baby’s face is getting much more expression now as the baby’s eyelids, eyebrows are fully developed. And it can now blink as we have been watching since past few weeks Baby is now covered with fine, soft , fuzzy hair called lanugo. This lanugo keeps the baby at right temperature & it usually disappears at birth. Also the finger nails & toenails completely covered the tips of your baby’s fingers. the blood circulation is fully functional. The umbilical cord also continues to thicken & grow in length. Nerve cells are working & development continues rapidly for the five senses. The digestive system keeps maturing, as the intestines begin to contract & relax on their own. The baby is now swallowing the amniotic fluid, which is believe to be a nutritious drink that helps to fatten it up. The baby is not getting ready for the regular digestive processes, it can taste what it ingests as the taste buds have developed. The baby’s digestive system begins to create macoium A tarry substance or simply the waste that you would see on your baby’s first dirty diaper. The baby’s lungs are not yet working properly but it is practicing breathing movement its preparing for life outside the uterus. And as we already know the baby gets all its oxygen from the mother to by why the placenta & will do so until it is born. the baby has also started developing a pattern of sleeping & waking. Which may not be same as yours. So, that was all i had to tell you about the 21st week development of the baby during pregnancy. Given below is our email id, do send in your quires & feedback to us Also do subscribe to our channel. Celebrate life, celebrate pregnancy. Thanks for watching.

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