PREGNANCY INFORMATION WEEK 24 II गर्भावस्था का 24वां हफ्ता और ढेरो खुशियाँ II

Hello & Welcome back to Celebrate life, celebrate pregnancy This is your friend Parinita Rohrra & i am going to talk about the 24th week of pregnancy today Let’s begin with the weight of the baby Last week baby’s weight was almost 500 gm, while this week the baby’s weight would be around 560 gm Coming to the height of the baby. Last week baby’s height was around 11.8 inches while this week it would be around 12.2 inches. We also saw that he baby skin is gradually becoming the more opaque now.It is also firming small capillaries. Because of this the baby is getting a nice & new pink glow. The brains continues to develop & so do the taste buds & lungs. The lungs begins to develop branches & cells that produce surfactant. A chemical agent that will be needed to inflate the litter air sacs once the baby is outside the womb. Now just in case the baby is born pre-maturely at his age. the lack of surfactant will cause trouble in breathing for the baby. Now have you starting gaining more weight all of a sudden. This is because the baby’s bones are getting harder & stronger , also baby is filling out with more fat The baby may also start kicking all of a sudden. This is because it may be the stemmed by the loud noise by the outside. This was all i had to tell you about 26th week development of the baby during pregnancy. See you soon again with the development of the baby at week 25 Given below is our email id , do send in your queries & feedback to us. Also do subscribe to our channel. Breath , Chill, Relax Celebrate life, celebrate pregnancy. Thanks for watching….

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