– But you look gorgeous, like
– Ah no, – Like I’ve been so moody, I don’t feel like myself, I don’t look like myself. I’m not… I’ve just been so down, you guys. I know it’s… (chill r&b music) Good morning, Hunties and Huncles. Hi, Zecko! – Hey. – So in case you’re wondering, yeah, Zecko is my son now. He’s been living here. – I can be your brother, I don’t want to be your son. – No you’re my son,
– Nah. You are my son.
– Come on. You don’t want to be my son? I thought that you said that
you wanted me to adopt you. – Fine. – Okay, so you’re my son. So there we go. Four kids, you guys. I’m pregnant. I have Samia and Zayn and I have Zecko. So I don’t need to have
another baby after this one. Yes, remember my dream was
to always have four kids. – You wanna go to the gun range yet? – Why do you always want
to go to gun range bro? – It’s fun. Your mam’ ain’t going
to no gun range wit’you. Yeah, there you go Nabilla, y’all now Nabilla right? If you have been a following of mine for at least three years, y’all know Nabilla. She’s my makeup artist,
she’s from Toronto. And she’s moving to Atlanta, right? (laughs) I’m trying to get everyone
to move to Atlanta because I need friends. And Nabilla’s here. My savior, my face slayer. I’m like, “Nabilla you have to fly in from Toronto to Atlanta and save me for a week.” So she’s here with me for a week. Yes! You know, honestly pregnancy, of course is a blessing. But, you guys it’s been a challenge for me because I’ve just been feeling low. I’ve been gaining all this weight. I can’t control my eating. You know like– – But you look gorgeous like– – I’ve been so moody. I don’t feel like myself, I don’t look like myself. I’m not, I’ve just been so down, you guys. I know it’s my emotions, I know it’s my hormones, I know I’m going to get past this. But, I’ve just been
feeling very like, sad. Oh my god, I wanna cry. – [Nabilla] Don’t cry! Don’t you dare. – Like, I feel so fat. Like, not me. I can’t, oh my god and
then somebody was like, “Oh I know Latoya’s having a girl because (laughs) girls
take your beauty away.” (laughs hysterically) Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo. I’m like, honestly, you’re so right because that’s what girls do. That’s what’s happening to me. – She looks beautiful. Everyone tell her. – You guys, I was slaying, okay? – You’re still slaying. – My entire life, this year
was supposed to be my year of like, this was supposed
to be my come up year. And then all of a sudden, bam! The lord said you better calm your ass down you ain’t going no where. So yeah, I’ve been in my feelings. And hopefully I get out of it. – You’re gonna slay this pregnancy. That’s what’s gonna happen. You’re gonna continue to look beautiful. – I’ll gonna smile like this, like, “Hey everybody (laughs) Big Bertha Latoya Bertha forever.” Like that’s my new name. Don’t… Who gave you permission to laugh? Mind your business. Okay? – That’s what… Latoya. Did you say Latoya Big Bertha? (laughs) – And even Aaron, Aaron my brother in law, he’s like yeah Latoya, you are gaining weight. (laughs) I laugh at it, it’s funny because I am like. But like, holy shit. Like, this much weight? – You’re gonna look so good
during this whole pregnancy. You’re gonna continue to slay. – This is the last kid, honestly. I have to live the rest
of my life in shape. Why does pregnancy do this to me? Look at my chin. Look, look at my. Okay, so let’s highlight some of the Tarte products we’ve used. Yeah as you’re highlighting me. (gasps) Seriously though, like
we have to shout them out because there’s so accommodating. They treat their influencers like gold. Like, you know that they really love and genuinely like, care
about the influencers that they work with. Like, look at how many… First of all, look at
how many products I have. Okay? And that’s not even it, I gifted so many products
to my family already. And it’s crazy like, we have concealers, we have foundation we have makeup brushes, lip stuff. Oh my god, make up palettes. We have lashes, more make up palettes. We have primers. We have like, skin care stuff. It’s amazing. So, yeah. Let’s highlight some of the
products that we’ve used on my face because seriously Tarte is lit. – [Nabilla] We used this today. – Yeah, so we used their new palette that just came out. I’ve leave a link in the
description box below. Of my code that you can use, you can get 20% off of all Tarte products. This is the High Tides
and Good Vibes palette. So good. And this is one of my
favorite palettes here. It’s called Tarteist Pro. Look at the colors inside. I love how there’s neutral colors, you have your shimmer,
your mattes, so pretty. – [Nabilla] We used some
of the matte shades today. – Yeah we used the matte shades. What else have we used? – [Nabilla] We used bold, chick, innocent and what does that say? Whimsy.
– Whimsy. So cute, I love it. And then we also used
the Shape Tape concealer. So we used that, what color did we use? Sand deep sand.
– [Nabilla] We used that to correct a little bit but
not really to highlight. We used the other one for highlight, and the one, the shade lower than that. – Wait, what did we use this one for? – [Nabilla] To correct,
like just to conceal basically your under eyes
not really to highlight. – Okay, so we used this
to conceal my under eyes. And what other Tarte products did we use? – [Nabilla] Their lashes. – Oh yeah, we used the lashes. Oh my gosh, I love these ones. What are these ones called? Hold on, let’s see. These are vegan lashes
and they’re cruelty free. Double Duty Beauty. But what? – [Nabilla] Right here. – But which? Okay, these are S-P-0-7-7 (laughs) – [Nabilla] Oh I don’t know what that is. – 5-4 (laughs) I don’t know if that’s the
actual name of the lashes. But these lashes are amazing. Oh my god, their gel
pads for under eye bags and sacks and puffiness, so good. Love it. So Tarte products are amazing if you’re looking for a new make up brand and you’re like, “I don’t know anything.” Go to Sephora and go to Tarte, okay? Seriously Tarte cosmetics is lit. Hunties and Huncles! The kids are home. My moms here, I been complaining to my mom all day about
my morning sickness. I know, I just feel like, out of it. I don’t feel like myself you guys. I just don’t wanna do anything. – Latoya you need to
really feel more motivated and confident with who
you are in your skin whether your fat, skinny, looking like a pu-uln-ony pu-ana or whatever the kids they be. It’s trinity born. But we ain’t looking like
we all skin and bone. But we like we bone, right? You know what I’m saying, gaining a little weight while your pregnant. Being pregnant is not a handicap. You know you need to love yourself, beautiful, bountiful,
nice juiciness and ting. Miss Debra in the house, okay everybody. Muwah. Hunties and Huncles. (sings) – My mom just loves the camera so much. Oh my god, what am I gonna do without my mom. You leaving us soon? – Look, I leave the camera right back because this is where I live. Have you guys seen the house? It’s absolutely beautiful. I really cannot believe that this beautiful, young lady, my first born (speaks and jumbles words) She here, she looking beautiful, bountiful and that belly looks so precious. I’ll be preying for my
grandchild and everything. And I do love the camera
because you know what, you know, we only have
one life to live, right? So, let’s maximize every moment. Every second of your life. Maximize it. – [Latoya] Okay – I know many of y’all
have business ideas, companies inside of you, ministry, books to write, songs to sing and what are you doing this year with it? We have to get the ball rolling. I know you guys are looking for your main Instagram (mumbles) but don’t worry, I’m
getting myself together, getting myself situated
because when I give content, I wanna give real stuff. You know what I’m saying? Just uprooting things. Praise God. You know, god bless you. – [Latoya] Zayn. Come and get your grandson. What are you doing Zayn? He’s always up to something. – No, get off. – Too much, anyways we just relaxing here. And we’ll keep you updated on what we do for the rest of the day. – See you later. (chill r+b music) – What’s going on Hunties and Huncles. I’m in Toronto. I was with Latoya in New York, she went back to Alanta. I’m in Toronto, I got a bunch of things to do. And one of the main things
I gotta do out here is actually been thinking
about one of my old friends. I haven’t been able to get ahold of him and I’ve been trying to message everybody and everyone has no
idea where this guy is. So, I know he works at a community center and I’m gonna pop by today. Hopefully he’ll be there. Only the true Hunties will know one of my friends from my childhood. His name is Jason. I did show him in a couple of vlogs but definitely from a few years ago. But like I said, I haven’t even been able to get ahold of him. I can’t find him on social media. Everyone that I message and ask about him, they have no idea where he is. So, I’m really hoping I can, you know, locate him. I know he just had a kid. And I don’t know what’s goin’ on in his personal life. But, I definitely want to get in touch with him and reconnect ’cause it’s been a couple of years. Well it’s been about a year I feel like. No, actually summer time. But, yeah. We were kinda tight. We used to talk at least every other week. But I haven’t spoken to him in months and I can’t find him on social media. So, I’m hoping I find him
today here at his job. Anyways, I hope you guys
are having a great day. I’m gonna be vlogging
while in Toronto sometimes. Alright y’all, I found my guy. I found Waldo. Comment below if you remember this face. – Are you slapping me bro? – Oh, I slapped you? My fault. It’s been so long. So like, why have you been MIA man. – Man, sometimes you’ve
gotta distance yourself… – Distance yourself from me? – No, sometimes you just really
need to focus on yourself and remove yourself from
certain situations, you know? And really analyze what
you yourself are doing and getting involved in
reflection and you know, some people you keep in
your circle, in your group, you know, could be hazardous. So sometimes– – Oh, I feel like your targeting me bro. – I’m not targeting you, but, real talk. You’re one of the real ones. You know, so I wouldn’t
distance myself from you. You’re the one that moved all the way out to fricking ATO, you know. But we still keep it
touch, it’s all love man. It will forever always be love. It will always be love. Always.
– Well I’m glad I found you after going through a mission and asking everybody where you are. Finally, I found you. But yeah, got some news, third baby on board. (laughs) – Get out of here. – Yeah man, third baby on board. – Do you know if it’s a boy or a girl yet? – No, I think it’s a girl. That’s my prediction I don’t know what they think. – Bro, honestly I’m super happy for you. Not a lot of people you know, stick together with their
mother of their children. You know, certain things
happen in relationships which could really be unsuccessful but to see you successfully have not one, not two, but you went for the three peak. – Three peak.
– You went for the three peak, right now. Like, MJ. You know what I mean? So, I’m really proud of you. I’m super happy. That’s success. Forget all the material stuff, forget all the flashiness and all that. Success is staying with your family and building with your fam. You know, not a lot of people can say, “Hey, I have my daddy around.” Or, “I have both parents around.” Having both parents together
in that special bond, that’s success. To me, at least. To me, that’s success. – Oh, thank you. Thank you for sharing that man. You know, we try. It’s hard, we do our best. We take it one day at a time. We count our blessings and we trek forward. Good to see you brother. – For those of you guys that know me, you know I have a gift for Samia. You know, Samia, a yellow
packet of Skittles. If you don’t get these
yellow packets of Skittles. Daddy ate it. – What is going on Hunties and Huncles. I just pulled up to the
Latoya’s grandparents house. ‘Bout to check up on them. Probably vlog with them. It’s been a while since December. That we were here. So, I know Latoya’s gonna to be excited to see them in our vlog. So, I’ll catch you guys in the crib. You guys have a message for Latoya? – What I’m gonna tell you, Fat girl. (laughing) Fat girl you’re gonna
have to go to the gym now. After this ordeal. What I would tell you, just– – [Adam] Number three, wow. – I just miss you guys. I wish everyday I get up
and come out you guys. – Yeah, everyday, everyday, everyday. – And the kids.
– Mhmm. – Now another third one to think about. – [Adam] You guys have any names? Name suggestions? – We don’t know if it’s boy or a girl yet? – [Adam] What do you
guys think it’s gonna be? – I think you’ll get another girl. – [Adam] I think so too. I keep saying that. I think it’s another girl. – Another girl. Janice is a… – You know Samia’s middle name is Janice. – Yeah, yeah.
– Yeah. Yes. – Lovely to see the kids. – Lovely to see you guys. – [Adam] We’ll be back soon. – I’ve missed them so much. Oh my god. – [Adam] After the cold. It’s too cold right now. – When you guys comin’? – Let them come and spend all summer. – [Adam] Soon. – There’s only two of us to all people. You don’t know how long we here again. We want to see the kids. – [Adam] We’re coming. – The house to be so quiet. Oh god. A long to hear noise. (laughs) – [Adam] We’ll bring them soon. – Yeah that will be good. Especially Mr.Biterman. – [Adam] Biterman (laughs) – [Adam] That’s his name, perfect. Biterman, wow. – I see him the other week at the end and he cryin’. He crying if he want a fight. – [Adam] Zayn is too much. The other day, he pulled a girls hair. And they put the hair in the bag and they showed us. – Oh god. – That is Nigel’s grandson. – But he’s going to have to stop that because they’re– – [Adam] He needs to stop. They’re gonna kick him out. – Yeah. He’s been a bad kid. A bully. – [Adam] Can’t afford that. – Not like Nigel. He had hair with Nigel. – No, boy, oh boy, oh boy. – [Adam] Sometime he’s good though. Most of the time he’s good. It’s just, he gets excited and forgets. – Yeah, that’s good, that’s good. – [Adam] Alright, we’ll see you guys soon. – Yeah.
– Nice to see you Adam. – [Adam] Nice to see you too. (chill beats) – [Adam] Jillion. – What’s going on? – What did I do? – Whoa. How do you mean? Where’s the kids? What, No, no, no. Where’s the rest of them? – [Adam] Back where it’s warmer. – The warmth has nothing to do with it. When them kids come here it’s hot. It is hot. – [Adam] It’s a hot mess. – And that’s alright we like the hot mess. Look how dead this house is. Look at it, it’s dead. Right? Look at grandma. We said that the hose is dead. – [Adam] Back again.
(laughs) There’s gonna be one attached
to the middle of his leg. He’s got Samia on the
left, Zayn of the right. And the next other one. Grandma asked if Latoya don’t sleep. – If she doesn’t sleep or if
she’s not gonna sleep anymore. – [Jillian] No, you’re having a third one. Do you guys ever sleep? – We sleep. (laughs) – We sleep, but man– – [Jillian] You sleep alright. – Alright, I gotta get out of here. – [Jillian] Alright then. – [Adam] Nice to see you. – Yeah, nice to see you. – [Adam] Good to see you, again. – What? – [Adam] Yeah, I’m going to
meet up with some friends. I’ll be back tomorrow. No, no, no, no, no. I leave Friday, I’m here
for a few more days. – Okay, alright. – [Adam] I’ll be back again. – Alright, yeah, I’m– – [Adam] I be going to
the gym here, lifetime. – I’ve been doing the
gym too, in the kitchen. – [Adam] Okay. – I’ve been working out. – [Adam] Nice. – You gotta tell me what
to do for the arms though. – [Adam] – Yeah, well I’m doing that but I need She’s Tougher. But she’s pregnant. So she’s gonna do She’s
Tougher after that. (laughs) (chill beats) – Good evening, or should I say good
night Huntys and Huncles. So, oh there it is, there is is. Hi Neo, – Hey – Hi Zecko. – Hello. – I feel left out, there’s
Neo, Nico, and then Latoyo. And you know, okay, okay. I’m a part of it now. – You get Tiota. – Don’t even. I hate all y’all haters calling me Tiota. – Thinking about that, I don’t remember where Adam said it but he said it– – Been calling me Tiota, it’s all good. This Tiota bout to eat, she ’bout to get real full. Anyways, we’re heading
to South City Kitchen with a few friends. Sparkle and Lakia are already there. I invited Keesha Kaylee,
hopefully she makes it out. She just had two babies, twins. So, I wouldn’t even be
surprised if she doesn’t come. You know what I’m saying, because she probably have them babies on her breasts right now. But anyways, we are walking in. The girls are waiting. I’m 20 minutes late. (diners chattering) Hey! – How are you? – [Latoya] I’m good, how are you? – It only took– – [Latoya] It only took what. – You late, you late. – I know, I’m sorry. You know what I’m saying, I was going up city. Hey girl! How the hell you skinny already? – I don’t even know, ’cause I gain only belly. – Oh my god, I hate you. This pregnancy I’m
gaining like, everywhere. – But she look gorgeous. Hey twinny. – Hey baby.
– She need her hair so we can be twins. – I love her! These girls are like, “Latoya are you drinking?” Sparkle, stop it man. Don’t worry. – Wait, wait, wait, Adam, don’t kill me. I didn’t– – Seven months, in seven months we’ll be drinking together. – Eyy. – Keesha, yeah. In seven months? No, we getting lit. – I don’t think I know how to act, I don’t know how to act– – Me neither. I don’t know how to act. – I don’t like Keesha. – So we’re Ben? – Yeah.
– I guess we’re Ben. She’s Ben ’cause she is breastfeeding. – I breast fed for like, a week. And then I started pumping and I was like (squeaky toy squeaks) all. – Why? – It’s just so, it’s so stressful. – Oh my god, I love breast feeding. It’s like, oh my god. That bond that you have with your child. I used to honestly, I used to sleep– – You bond holding a– – I used to sleep with Zayn on my side and he would just fall asleep
with my boob in his mouth. It was so cute. I love breastfeeding. Although, I only breastfed
with Zayn for four months. I might breastfeed my new baby. – Mine? – In like, three years. – So you’re having more. – Probably not. – Yes you are. You’re gonna have more. Sparkles you want more kids? Yes, after I’m married. Keesha you don’t even wanna talk about it. – I told him we gonna try first thing once the rock is on my finger. I would be crying. – Right, why isn’t a rock
on Keesha’s finger, okay? That’s what– – That’s what I said, if we get twins that’s like, maybe we
should wait for this rock because I wouldn’t lie– (diners drown out Keesha) – Hold on, I need to know. How the hell did you have twins? You have twins in your family. – Well, he’s a twin. – Oh, he’s a twin. Oh my god. I was preying to God for twins. But he was like, “Nah Latoya you can’t have
twins. You’ll go crazy.” – I was like, “She’s having twins.” – [Latoya] I know. – 100%. – I know and people in
the comments are like, “Latoya your belly is so
big for only eleven weeks, I think they’re twins.” No, no, no, no. I’ve been crying because
I’ve been super depressed about my weight, my hormones. – [Woman] Ignore her. – I gained four pounds. – You guys be lying. – I got down to 84 pounds. – I would love to be 84 pounds. – Please, I was in there
looking like a stick leaf. I was like, “What the hell is going on?” Like, I cannot eat– – When you lose weight, you lose weight when you get pregnant. – I only got to 112 – [Latoya] Oh, wait,
while you were pregnant? – I was 112. – [Latoya] Oh my gosh. – So now he just telling me it was okay, and I was like, eating everything. – [Woman] What are you now? – I’m like 95. – [Latoya] You are so small, I love it. But the thing about it is. You don’t look that small. – Yeah, I’m lucky. Right now, I don’t know. Like, on camera. – No, you don’t look that small. Okay, so, first of all I didn’t want twins. So, can I inject now, an egg and a sperm now? Or is it too late? – [Sparkle] No it’s too late. (laughs) – Next time we’ll just
take out two of your eggs and take his sperm and
put them back in you, – But I just want it to happen naturally. – I don’t care like, ’cause I– – God is so good. – I was never expecting twins, like even knowing he was a twin I still didn’t think. An I was like me, twins. I gotta carry twins. – And then when you found
out you were having twins, what was that experience like? – I knew prior to finding out. Because the first time I
found out I was pregnant I missed my period. And then I just took a pregnancy test. Like, I never really miss my period. But the second time, went and implanted, I didn’t
bleed anymore the next day. So, I took the pregnancy test and I was like three days
prior to getting my period and the line was very strong. And then I had to check my
ACG because I miscarried. So your ACG level pretty much just says the pregnancy is progressing. And mine was progressing– – [Latoya] Yours was real high. – And next thing you know, it just, it skyrocketed. And I was like, the only
reason it skyrocketed is if we’re having twins
or I’ve a molar pregnancy. I said– – You missed a what? – Molar pregnancy. – [Latoya] What’s a molar pregnancy? – It’s kinda like a tumor growing inside, or growing in the place where the baby is. (diners drown out Latoya’s) And I was like, “I feel like this is twins.” And he was like, “Please don’t say that. “Please do not say that.” And I was like, “I think it’s twins.” and I was like, “But why would it be twins?” And then we found it was
twins a few days later. – That is so bomb. – I was like, “Wow, that’s so crazy.” – Okay, so Keesha, she has twins because her man, husband, fiance, boyfriend
whatever the hell girl. – My man my husband, just
waiting on the ring right now. – Right, you’re gonna get the ring. Buddha, 2019. Okay? Her man is getting a twin. So I got fried chicken,
potatoes, collard greens. Lakia got the same thing. Zecko what did you get over there? – Disappointment. – [Latoya] Disappointment? You’re crazy. – I don’t wanna eat. – [Latoya] You got the same thing, yes. Sparkle got some undercooked salmon. – [Sparkle] Yeah, I’m seriously right. – Latoya] No, that’s okay. Raw’s nice. I love raw salmon. – [Lakia] ] I don’t. – [Latoya] It’s good. And what did you get, some
rotisserie chicken breast? – [Keesha] I don’t think
this is what I ordered, ’cause I could have swear– – [Latoya] You ordered this. There’s potatoes right there. – [Keesha] Oh, I don’t
need undercooked chicken. – [Latoya] You better eat it. – [Lakita] ‘Cause I been
telling you to get this. – [Latoya] Yeah, you want some? You want half? – [Keesha] No, you’re with child. – [Latoya] Yeah I am with child. You better leave my food alone. All the comments are gonna say, “What Keesha?” That’s right, you took my food. She took half of my damn food. Because she don’t want baked chicken. She Bougie, she want that fries. You need to gain weight, right? – Yes, yes. This is the way to go. – [Latoya] This is my food now. It’s all good. She lucky she cute. – You want some of my crab cake? – I don’t want that, I can’t eat crab. I can’t eat fish. Okay guys, so I wanna play a quick game. – Okay, I’m down. – Okay, so I want you
to confess one thing. It’s a confessional. Just one thing. – Don’t start with me. – [Latoya] Why can’t I
start with you Lakia? – I gotta think of the one thing. Start over there. – [Keesha] Confess one
thing, that’s all it is? – No, no, no, no. Don’t start with me. – What is a confess? What are we confessing? – [Latoya] Anything. – [Sparkle] Start with Keesha. – Just have to pretend to anything? Just anything? – Oh, maybe somebody at the table. (diners chatting in background) – [Keesha] Confess one thing. – [Sparkle] You start. – [Latia] What are you talking about? – [Latoya] Why do I have to start? – You start. – What, I made up the game. Like, listen I’m trying
to entertain everybody. Go Keesha. I don’t think I can confess
about anybody at this table. Nobody done anything to me. I met a lot of YouTubers one night, (diners talking over Keesha) – But I’m obviously meeting. – [Latia] Can you name them? (laughs) – You said confess one
thing, it means one thing. – So, wait, say it one more time. – I don’t really associate
myself with people. I feel nervous to
associate with people now. – So then why did you come
out when I invited you? – Why did I come out when you invited me? – Because now I know how
to use expressions now. – Right – I feel like before
I was so quick to just think that everybody
like, had good intentions. So that, now I look like I’m being fake when I’m around certain people
’cause behind the camera I start realizing who people were. So when the camera turned on, now I’m back and we’re, or
things aren’t as they seem to be. Because I’m just not too
impressed with behind the scenes. So, I started to really use
expression when a lot of people were not really one to… You know people were just like– – You know what, you’re a
little bit reserved in a sense. But you do open up so you
are cool to hang around. You know what I’m saying? It’s not like she’s just, “Whaa” You know, she’s chill. So yeah. – But you are who you… Like.
– I am who I am. Keep going. – But trust me, if you weren’t. I would, I would– – And I am who I am? – Yeah you’re just a psycho, yo. (laughs) – What? I don’t have a confession
because, you know. I just don’t have a confession. – [Latoya] Why don’t
you have a confession? – Let me confess something. What can I confess? Come back, come back to me. – [Latoya] Oh my gosh, Sparkle? – Oh wait, I wanna say what Keesha say. – [Latoya] Oh my god,
no you can’t say that. – Why not? – [Latoya] You cannot say that. – It’s so true. It’s so true, okay. One name in that, but Keesha’s the name, nah I’m kidding. (laughs) I ain’t naming no names. I don’t have one yet, Sparkle. – Sparkle Riri is single and if you are– – [Latia] Everyone knows that. (laughs) (diners chattering) – Ain’t shit going on
in my life right now, I got no man. – Oh my god, you have the
most going on in your life. We’re working on a few projects. – Oh, okay. So, we’re working on a few projects. – [Latoya] But hold up. But that’s not a confession,
that’s not a confession? – That’s not a confession? I didn’t know if that was debut. – [Latoya] No, we’re waiting. We’re waiting.
– We’ve got some secrets going on, whatever. I don’t know what to say. I am bored AF right now. I have no juice in my life, literally. – You ain’t got no man,
you ain’t go no problems. – Oh, let me have a confession. (laughs) – I love her. – Let me get a confession out. – [Latoya] She’s so funny. – Okay. Ooh, I have a confession. I’m getting my boobs done. – Eyy! My confession is– – [Latia] Gonna be boring. – It is gonna be boring
but my confidence has been really low because I’m
gaining a lot of weight. – [Sparkle] No, no. – No, no, no, no No, and the comments
usually don’t affect me, they haven’t affected me in three years. I left the haters, I left
the comments like in my past. – [Sparkle] Well why
are you reading Latoya? – In my past. You know what I’m saying? – [Sparkle] Then why are you reading them? – The weight thing, the weight thing. The weight thing, the weight thing. It affects me. You know what I’m saying? Like, people, girl. Because I delete them. – [Sparkle] What do they say? – They’ll say things like, “Latoya you’re so round, that’s
why your face is changing.” – [Sparkle] You look chinky honey. – I’m chinky, or like– – [Keesha] Your freak ass is pregnant. – I’m freaking pregnant. – People said I starve
myself and starve my kids. Like, as soon as I released them and I was like, “Oh my god you guys I’m
about to go to a trainer “and I’m about to gain all this weight.” and they’re like, “Yeah
but you starvin’ your kids. “And they came out. “And it’s your fault they’re premature.” Y’all when I say I have five friends or five people I knew
who are also pregnant with twins and they went into labor right at the exact same time and they were much bigger than me. Much bigger. – Yeah, like my size probably. (laughs) – No they were much bigger than you. Like, they were much bigger. Sorry, I did the best that I damn could. And it did affect me, I’m just like, “Why does the world think
I’m starving my own kids?” – Yeah, that’s so stupid. – I mean, but it’s always touchy when it comes to your child. – Yeah, that’s one thing,
don’t talk about my kids. That’s like the number one thing. If you talk about my kids, like if I see you on the street, it’s a rat for you. Like, don’t talk about my kids. Like, pregnant or not I’ll go make it. You know what I’m saying. But, comments don’t affect me. But my weight is. So when I see comments that
talk about my weight, I’m like, “Shit. They’re right.” You know what I’m saying? Because I see what you see. – Latoya, you… No, no, no, no. – And then my cousin goes you
have body dysmorphia Latoya. I’m like, “No, you don’t see my head?” How big it is? – The camera does nothing. In person when you guys meet Latoya she is actually really tiny. I’m not just making that up. She’s small, your small. – See, that’s the thing. And then I meet like, fake
ass people like these girls. (laughs) – You need to express it up because you got a long way to go. So you have to wrap this up the bud. – [Latoya] I have to wrap it up ASAP. ‘Cause I’m only two months. – [Latia] ‘Cause you
only gonna get bigger. – Okay, so I need to stop getting petty. – You’re gonna be fricking
hella up and moving. – [Latoya] That’s a good confession right? – Good confession. – [Latoya] Like what? That’s real talk. Zecko. – [Keesha] Leave her
alone in the comments. – Yeah so the next
person that calls me fat, goin’ get the hands. I’m gonna sit on your ass. How bout’ that. Lakia said I’m the only
YouTuber she likes. – Oooh. – I’m just joking, I’m just joking. I’m a YouTuber. K, love you guys. Muwah. (chill r+b music)


  1. For those who aren't pregnant and telling Latoya that it isn't that serious. Listen while being pregnant your emotions are at an all time high! Then your body just feels different and you're not use to seeing your body like that. Think about it this way Toya… Embrace the weight eat healthy, do a lot of self care and worry about "getting fit" after. They're different stages in life. Embrace the changes as much as you can I know it's hard. It only last for 9/10 months.

  2. My momma always said if I didn’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all! So y’all need to cut the negative comments out.

  3. Keesha had fraternal twins because when she ovulated she released two eggs. That has nothing to do with her man being a twin. Love her though 🤣

  4. Latoya plz do a giveaway i need some concealer primer some eyebrow stuffs some foundation like hun i need a whole package

  5. Latoya you are freaking beautiful. Fat or skinny. I love how you look even younger! And even if you gain a hundred pounds I know you'll still be beautiful! And girl! Fat people are beautiful too!!!

  6. girl! don't worry about that weight, by the time you have that baby, my coaching business will be open. I'll take you on for free 🙂

  7. Latoya you are the most beautiful pregnant woman I have ever seen seriously! You’re not fat at all girl, anyway you never use the word fat when you’re pregnant you always come back to the positive I’m pregnant not fat! I don’t know if you have heard this or not but your body will bounce back so fast after you deliver however it’s the fourth child that it seems like weight is much harder to lose. You’re doing great Latoya enjoy the stage you are in now and try very hard not to get mad at Adam for some reason when as the pregnancy progresses the woman begins to get angry with the father sometimes. You guys stay close realize yes it is all the changes the body is going through. Blessings ❤️

  8. Why do people do that? So girls are bad during pregnancy and boys are good, that's fucked up. You haven't looked better you are glowing. Children: boys and GIRLS bring out the beauty in a woman. Don't let people reinforce these negative stereotypes that start before the baby comes out of the womb.

  9. Girl you fishing for compliments. You know you cute, and pregnancy don’t look bad on you, but don’t be using this as no excuse to come for fat bodies, no you ain’t fat, you couldn’t pull it off, you’re just thin with a pregnant woman’s body and that’s just as beautiful as any body because you’re in the process of creating life so, chill.

  10. Latoya your body is amazing! Sis you’ll be back no worries. P.S. dunno if it’s a different mua but the shades are so neutral she’s made you look a little ashy, not that warm, sunkissed glow I always see on you!

  11. Toya!! You are gorgeous!! I’ve been watching you since your first started and you keep getting more and more beautiful don’t let these negative comments get to you

  12. Latoya shut da hell up . You look good my Gyal. You not even fat.. it’s skinny girls like me wishing I could gain some weight .

  13. When she said “Latoya Bertha Forever” I freaking dieddddddd😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Latoya girl you are so beautiful! 💜

  14. Latoya’s digging through the Tart products like they’re a bowl of peanuts. Be careful girl! That shit is essspensiveee!

  15. Toya ya damn lucky I'm not in ATL to spank you…you're so freaking beautiful when your pregnant and when your not pregnant…don't let these miserable people bring you down…get out of your head and enjoy this pregnancy, eat what the f*** you want, continue to slay and just know your bounce back gone be crazy…love you 😘

  16. Your one of the strongest woman I have ever seen. You had children natural. WHO EVER IS TALKIN TRASH NEEDS TO SIT THERE. Respect this woman !

  17. So I have been following Latoya since she was working at the clothing store, I work two jobs and just started my second job at Rescare I have online training and Latoya is in the video completely threw me off! Lol 😂

  18. Idk Latoya I feel that you look the same , you’re still very pretty . You’re gaining weight but that’s part of pregnancy . Just enjoy being pregnant and keep positive energy for the baby

  19. Aunty Debbie PREACH! I right dere with you! I’m working on content too but quality over quantity ALWAYS! I haven’t watched the vlogs in a while but thank God I tunes in today, I needed that message! ‘Toya congratulations babe! I’ve been watching since your LA move BEFORE Sami lol you always slay pregnancy. 2nd tri supposed to be the better moments enjoy it before the 8th month slug lol

  20. Hey Toya random but suggestion for Zayn you should put him in karati or taekwando or something similar. It will channel all his energy in a positive way that will help him in the long run. It worked for my little cousin, but he was MUCH WORSE. Zayn is a sweetheart <3 LOVE YOU!!!!

  21. It's Adam's friend "Jayson"… I just wanna say Latoya looks fine as ever, something about her being pregnant is very attractive; even when she isn't pregnant she still gots it going on. Those that are leaving comments about me I wanna let you know that Adam came out of the blue showing up to my workplace. I had NO clue he was coming I haven't spoken to him in forever. It was a BIG surprise. I was shocked and happy to see him at the same time. Then to drop the news that he's having another baby caught me off guard. I don't do drugs lmao y'all are funny. If you are wondering about my personal situation or why I seem off… You gotta wait til Adam feature's me in another segment. P.S. I HOPE SAMIA GOT THEM SKITTLES!!!

  22. i don’t think latoya is fat, she’s still the same all the time even when she wasn’t pregnant fr can y’all stop calling her fat? if i hear one person to call her fat i’m going to sit with latoya cuz i’m DOWN! 🤣😊

  23. It’s so crazy how someone can feel insecure but to the world they are beautiful. Latoya you were beautiful before pregnancy and you’re STILL just as beautiful. That comment was pure hate smh. And weight gain is normal you have a baby inside you take it easy mamas it’s your hormones. Edit: btw I’m still side eye-ing tarte 🤔 lol

  24. I want LaToya's mom to be my spirit animal, so anytime those negative energies are coming my way, she gon be right there to tell me girlll! you better pick yourself up, and keep pushing!! damn I love her!

  25. I love ur mom. I decided to go into photography, nd I would like to have my own business were I take new born picture. (Yes I re-watched this whole video) or just take pictures in general, I love it I was in photography club. I took and video and picture editing class in high school (bout 3 years ago lol) but I just love it and ur mom just reminded me to stay focus, so thank her for me. First I gotta get a camera lmao, but I'm workin on it!!!😊😊

  26. If your body will let you and you feel up to it. I think it would be dope to do shestough during your pregnancy. It can be motivating for your pregnant fan base. Check out Derrick Roses girl @alainataughtyou on Instagram. She worked out throughout both her pregnancies.

  27. Latoya I love you but baby this is #3. Embrace the bump, there’s no such thing as being fat when pregnant. Some of us never lose the weight after and get even bigger lol you gone shake back so enjoy it

  28. Latoya, you're always looking beautiful than ever!! 😍You're grandparents are the cutest, so sweet of Adam to go visit them!

  29. What plastic surgery or injections had she had done? She looks so different for some reason. Cheek fillers?

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