18 Replies to “Pregnancy Jill cries run round call anyone for help after Achep trying to hurt her without reason,”

  1. She deserves what she gets she helped made Dana and Daniels life miserable as hell before she died so no pity here

  2. If by "no reason" you mean the food you were feeding them – sure. Achep doesn't care if she's preggo – he's taking the food.

    Stop feeding them.

  3. Jill looks so tired I hope that her baby isn't destro yed like Danilla. That was a sad existence. How can she avoid it?

  4. What is achap doing trying to impregnate Jill with a piece of corn in his mouth. I don't see a champion. I gues he forgot the monkey scan. What a jerj?

  5. See? This is why I am reluctant when a baby boy is born…they end up by behaving like Achap Marcus, Santra, Felix, etc Skippy is still a philanderer but…I doubt he will be different fom the others. So, the less boys the better..

  6. I'm sharing a link to a video of Jill the day before she had Brutus Jr makes me wonder if she is even pregnant , and if she is she is not very far along . She was in labor so long last time it was around 18 or 19 hours and you tell could she was struggling to have him I wonder if something else happened and maybe she can't have any more just a thought . Anyway check out the video she looked like a big old balloon float in a parade sitting with her hands on her hips and a salty look on her face , it's so cute !!!!

  7. It’s too bad Amari wasn’t there & in good health she’d whip this troop into place & it wouldn’t be so out of control . She was one that could put these males in their place & the rest in check especially the evil family Dolly & DeeDee.

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