27 Replies to “Pregnancy Jill tries to chase Santra/Santra turn to hurt Jill back,”

  1. Great work With the video. And it is Nice to Know the names. Please keep that going. It help a lot, and it makes it more intressting.

  2. I wish Achap would put one of his round house on psycho Santra,,you would think dumb dumb would get the message that they don't want him and move on,he's the one Macus,Achap and Felix should be fighting not Skippy,,they keep letting him hang around,hopefully Skippy will put a stop to Santra and make him go

  3. Are they scared of Santra all of them and he still there do him like he did baby Danielle bite the mess out of him till Dead😎💯

  4. Again cameraman .if can make call for help to kill Santra (one) you save innocent monkey life.(2) all your. Views will be so proud . I'm sure your business will be moor worldwide for sure .please.(thank you God for all amen)

  5. Has Maria just been dropping Maddix off w the juveniles? I haven’t seen them together all day. I know she’s all heart eyes for Skippy but dang.

  6. And sorry for an off topic question but how did Marcus lose his Alpha Male King of Troop position? I guess the new leader challenged him and he got his stse whipped or just did what the little tub of lard Sweetpiss does and run away?

  7. T hey have to run Santra down . Continue stop giving him chance tobcatch his breathe. Beat him down. Its been 10 days since santra killed Daniela. Get him out of the troop. Donkey too.

  8. Amari had no problem fighting big males when pregnant -including pregnant with Jill. About time to see big male backup.

  9. So proud of brutes jr Jill little guy he was help and trying to protect mom Jill a strong 💪 female just like mom

  10. Паразит такой, за отца прячется. Из-за него такие проблемы у отца.

  11. Why is jill chasing santra. You are pregnant. Dolly put you up to this. Dolly does not have your best interest at heart. Relax and have a healthy baby girl.

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