Pregnancy loss Journey + failed transvaginal cerclage at 20 weeks (incompetent cervix)

all right to you so that's what I know for the paperwork that we need to do with a genetic test and did you guys the blood work oh yes no but I can do the first trimester screening which is what I'm going to do baby is from here baby's head so now I'm just waiting for the view to give me a nice clothes a little bit meantime you can see the head you can see the heart the body little legs want it too little arms wanting to raise do you see them yes I think so baby hands right with mouth a little push you're ready okay you come on different days usually don't come Fridays right I like the morning better it depends if you come on it depends on what time Fridays it's busy – just like Mondays and Wednesdays but it all depends of the time that you come in here anything less than three is always a good sign definitely less than three I can only one time I'm sorry so the heartbeat ya know they've noticed us a little clot around the area let me just double check nope is resolved usually no more way at this stage very rare occasions that you'll have these are only ones that are there if they have to be oh so sometimes they linger and they take time oh you're gonna [Laughter] getting ready to do my surgery today well procedure mental esteem you know get rid of do you have to see you today nothing cerclage done pretty baby as far as the baby I just can't wait to see the baby we know it's a girl do you have any opinions do you have anything to say okay no right and then it went away it went away okay yes sorry all right so that's old America I'm sorry let me have a look measure and then I'll show you okay now did they tell you what you're having yes a girl oh is that from the blood test yeah yeah looks like it she's got her legs crossed but I see the three lines okay just make that bigger easier for us to see I see one two three so usually this three lines we that's vagina okay all right and what about the food can you tell okay oh yeah at the moment yes flow it is great but if you can how much will did you drink the day a lot about good lots and that's okay to drink a lot of water absolutely actually we always say and I give you that if you go so good a lot we usually recommend a gallon a day okay yeah because it helps with providing fluid around the baby yeah she's got her legs crossed but I see the three lies okay let me just make that bigger it's easier for us to see one two three so usually this three lines we that's vagina okay all right Oh can you tell how much before she is in there okay can you tell me that um well I bet experience like worry but I'm not sure this isn't your and more bad just by looking at it it looks fine especial lakes yeah cuz usually she have a cross oh yeah she's just moving in the minutes good fluid so okay so I'm thinking it to me it could be you ready yeah bring that kind of had that problem all right right where I was leaking my mom when I wasn't sure but yes that's quite common in pregnancy you can't touch you so this is her arm and hand by the face mm-hmm that's at the other foot baby and I had no cervical that's left that's a big gap that is yeah yeah I think it's bigger than last time okay and definitely your stitch is not holding it together holding it together are you believing nobly you'll need okay you know you know please discharge our closes it to the service what's that I'm sorry how close is it to the cervix how since I saw that right there is a gap uh-huh so that means that the whole cervix is open okay all right there's no cervix left okay that's cool okay so yeah no there's no way that they can try to rescue stitch I don't know what the good thing is you're early enough yes they need to read the book the thing is you don't have a cervix left yeah to redo the stitch to hold it in order for us to do a stitch you have to have some closed portion of the cervix if you don't have a cervix it will be pointless okay to do a stitch again because it will just yeah it will not hold out it so I don't know is keeping the baby's father hi rusty is there what did you say [Laughter] hey my baby honey she's not that strong we post partum to me post partum is mourning the loss of your child knowing that you couldn't take them home receiving if congratulations and your baby's not here a week later your instead of packing clothes or taking clothes out to wash to put in the nursery or packing her life and total storage lost your child then the devil is sure busy because he'll used people places and things to deserve you I wish I have to thank the clothes problem where color stretch because my baby wasn't latching on to my breasts to get the breast milk that he or she needs I wish I had her postpartum where I'm so tired all the time baby crying my heart be frustrated or the type of bull Farnum where I feel like my baby boss you want to do is cuddle with her daddy this is my so I thought that I would be ready to make this video but apparently I'm not I never thought that my first pregnancy video will be me talking about the grief the postpartum the depression the sadness I'm losing my baby girl I never thought that I'll be sitting here today instead of discussing week 22 which will have been what we were looking forward to or just how my experience was going to see her on the screen today I never imagined that my first video we'll be like this this is my story you

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  1. I am so sorry 😐 dear. Please look into getting a TAC (trans abdominal cerclage) .

  2. I’m in this situation right now as I type this. I’m 20 weeks 6 days my cerclage just failed and they had to remove it now I’m in the hospital trying to keep baby boy in I don’t want to loose my baby

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