45 Replies to “Pregnancy Music ll Relaxing Music for Pregnancy ll Music for unborn baby brain development”

  1. I have a little angel inside my wife's tummy. His (I assume) 7 weeks old. Hope this music brings ease and betterment for both my wife and my son..

  2. Started playing music – 28 weeks pregnant 🤰🏽 and immediately she started kicking 🥰😊 guess she is definitely enjoying. Thanks 🙏🏽 🦋🌸

  3. Just buy or download a bunch of lullaby's and joyous little sing along's to make your baby feel happy and relaxed. Life will be stressful soon enough. I heard classical music makes the baby smart but I would rather have an emotionally stable child.

  4. Very nice sharing. The sounds of nature and classical music played in the womb also offer the comfort of the baby.

    I advise.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8oqz09vvx to

  5. Just make sure you put your phone on your tummy for an hour a day, the radiation can't be bad for the baby

  6. 17 weeks here. . my second baby kicking when i play this music. 😍😇 this songs is good for brain development for the babies . 💕

  7. I was so stressed about being my first pregnancy and with this music
    So calm and relaxed makes me smile so nice and calming

  8. If your baby kicks suddenly to any high voice it doesn’t mean he/she liked it. It means that voice scares her/him nothing else

  9. hi may i know whats the title of the music in the minutes of 1:51 and 5:00. Many Thanks i badly needed im pregnant i really want that song. Please do help me. Many Thanks

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