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  2. Why on earth would you get pregnant at that age on purpose? it's so stupid because u have your whole life to get pregnant why the rush!?

  3. I can't begin to fathom this crap! I got pregnant at 17 and honestly though I love my son it was horrible. The father walked out and still causes problems to this day, I couldn't offer my son the things I desperately wanted to, I missed out on doing many of the things others my age got to, I worked 2 jobs along with college and even after 10yrs I still work hard to make sure everything is taken care of. It doesn't get easier. Maybe better but being an adult never gets easier.

  4. Glad i was not dumb like this in HS.Young girls who want to have a baby when they not or can't take care of their self. Think that a baby going make a boy/men stay or love you more. STOP RETHINK THAT SHIT. enjoy being young and carefree all the people I know who had a baby in HS. Child had to be raise by the grandmother.Not with the baby father have more then 1 baby father. Some drop out had to get a GED or have either. Don't go far in life. living off the system And struggle to make ends meet. Why not become successful and financial stable. So you can tell your kids how to do it the right and smart way.

  5. They got the idea from these girls in Ireland my friend ex boyfriend ex girlfriend made a pack with her friends they got pregnant on purpose but only one kept her kids sad isn't

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  7. Hey, does anyone know which movie this is? I just can't find it.. Is it a 'lifetime-movie'?
    A high school couple gets pregnant, marries and goes on to college, where the boy studies economy or something. They have a boy, but the mother leaves them and goes home. The father struggles in school and have to take care of the boy alone as well.

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  9. What sad is this is movie is so true!!! Every girl gets pregnant cause she thinks its the in thing when that baby is not a fab that is here for one season and out of date the next. You have that child forever

  10. When did I say wanting a child was stupid? Many people have already stated this comment to me, and I've told them want I meant by it.

  11. It is when you're 16, incapable of providing for one, and getting knocked up by any random person/ thing capable of conceiving that is just going to leave you alone to struggle. That's stupid.

  12. This movie depicts the girls as stupid and impulsive, thinking on only the present and not the consequences of having a baby at a young age. This shows that girls that young don't have the capability to think as an adult resulting in immature decisions. This is why adolescents should not produce offspring as they cannot support themselves, how could they support their child?

  13. I agree, but it's stupid to bring a human being into this world based off of a promise made to their "friend" to want to get pregnant because they want to play and dress up the baby as if it were a doll. It's obviously much more to that when raising a child. That's the stupid part.

  14. Its not stupid that they wanted to have a baby I mean maybe they should have really really thought about the outcome but it's not that stupid to want to have kids.

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  16. I'm half American half German and i don't what is so Bad about it it's cool and i'm Proud to be this way so…… Why did i watch this?

  17. Even though.. reconsidering it, your statement should actually just make her proud to be german… (if she is)

  18. And I can tell you don't know the difference between you're and your.
    So she talking about the fact that giving attention and love to someone could actually change their actions later in life makes her german? Ok, you are just a really prejudiced person, and I pity you…

  19. I read about it & it was in the news. They can't prove that the group of girls made the pact but they are pretty sure the did. Considering they were all friends and they all got pregnant at the same time.

  20. Its not necessarily that simple. He could have been cared for and that was why he started the Nazism. People obviously care enough to support his ideas so he could rise to power.

  21. No, I'm not. I didn't mean it to be sarcastic. I agree with you on that point. I hope you were able to read the other message though. I'm not saying mere neglect alone caused Hitler to be the dictator he was. What I'm saying is, if someone cared and loved him, taught him right from wrong, he just might've chosen a different path.

    I'm in the field of law and also a youth educator for human rights; I do hope more people would learn how neglect and abuse could affect a child and his future.

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