Pregnancy Plague Trailer

in a town full of virgins I got a date bull shit one high school is about to discover what it's like take me Jake if you insist to get fault based on a Lifetime movie that's based on a true story what's up with all the girls lately I don't know man something weird is going on they're all getting pregnant some of us girls are throwing a party this Saturday night you guys totally come and then come don't you get it they want us to impregnate them he talking about nests like some sort of pregnancy plague and we're next this is crazy why would they do that they're after our sperm we can't give in to these mom peace please take this purity ring it'll protect we should not be here yeah Boehner thinks we should we're the only ones left wait with a choice between life and father yeah two men I'm good get the fuck out of here okay scratchy one man must run his life that's diverse diverse Langille Dow Jones please don't fuck me

44 Replies to “Pregnancy Plague Trailer”

  1. I would rather have died than not seen this video. Thank you, and thanks to God for creating the universe so this video could be made. Really loved it.

  2. Ahh! Sorry,stuppid phone,LOL! I was trying to say I loved the movie Zombie Strippers and this would be just as hilarious!

  3. This movie makes me want to have real pregnancy & get pregnant.yes it does. I'm not just saying this I do mean it.really mean it. I will look on the lifetime movie site & on tv for this movie .

  4. I like this movie. I do. I also like the pregnant teenage zombies girls (those of them that already pregnant or want get pregnant that are not yet who want to). When did this movie come out? Is it on dvd now? I still want to see this movie so l can watch it over & over again until it's (this movie) really in my head.

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