Pregnancy PRANK on Boyfriend GOES WRONG! (We Broke Up)

I am going to prank him I'm going to get him back hey guys welcome back to Frasier camera so today I thought it'd be funny to rob his camera and I am going to prank him because after the Madison thing that was no joke horrible it was horrible I actually believed this girl in a bikini was some girl II was talking to why did they always get me good all the time is so good with praying it's so annoying I always failed I'm going to get him back when I talk about babies and pregnancy he always gets scared as you can tell from some of my videos and I talk about kids so today I'm going to do a pregnancy prank on him saying I'm pregnant but I'm not so it's gonna really scare him and I cannot wait so yeah let this prank begin all right what is going everybody Frasier here in Charlotte here today she's taking me out to where yeah a museum man we're gonna be looking at some we're doing tourist things more tourist Tings guys but apparently this is like a new museum there is some really trippy things here I've got something lit planned on the vlog layer black ops 4 is out Charlotte you can help me play some black ones for today today I just paid 40 bucks for these tickets Charlotte and she's here taking photos of some random people and this is public I could have just come and seen this man without having to pay this money so hopefully wherever else I'm going better be worth this alright it's another day on the vlog we're just eating she's taking food pics before before she eats that she doesn't quite day no but I got some french toast in man if you know about Mills and Hollywood man you know about this what where am I can we go back you're just doing mad weird facial expressions to teddy bears there's people out here getting like photo shoots with bears and then cheat oh no man this is not the place for me so I think she's actually buying one bro I can't deal man every single person in this store is a little girl we need to we need to leave oh my god okay get it get it we can but she wasn't even kidding man how did you just do that now you have to carry this massive fetch your new boyfriend what are you talking about it's our baby your wife in our baby anything other name figure out a name and let me know okay so I'm sick and tired of Frasier pranking me all the time like I said before I am going to do the pregnancy prank on here you just pranked me he pranked me with Madison and he just threw my goddamn new Teddy after fourth floor which is stupid it's none when I getting back this is the best time to because it's not gonna expect me to prank him straight away let's do this I'm not going on my hair like no dad I'm gonna hide the camera he's on the third floor right now so we'll hide the camera I love what the genera when I was like in Bali and I said it here tonight not though it's because I had the sign for this year yeah I don't Triplette Wow the monkey yeah and shred it out right my free power Oh you know I don't know those I've never been told it's pretty good well I'm gonna be bad it's not funny this is real yes bro what I'm a pain can you Miller I'm being serious that's what they said I don't know if it's hundred percent but that's what they said because I've this Liberia I have my period how do we do what we do from there no food – I've never had a kid to be happy is a hundred percent guaranteed we have it wait I don't even know if I believe you but I mean like wait I'm sweating it and we are this is mad this is mad but so it's a 100% guarantee yeah we have a kid oh yeah good night I think it's probably birth probably best I don't know coming wait is if we're gonna that's a log that's great I don't know I think it was like before buying it because I think I'm not a period pralaya tumors now two months wait two months is a lot phase long yeah I didn't know if you I thought if you miss up here at once it's like I'm mad la la la man wait you happy you're not joking I'm not joking he's got some young Joe coming up I don't know is this is a prank man because the missile is is to me and like this is actually trippy I don't know what you don't know what you mean you can't say that we're having a kid I have time not I'm probably ready for it now ah the Charlotte I don't even live I lived like every grant well in this house yeah man happy so much fun I'm the kid in this house this house is crazy it's about to be nuts like this is just all right now with my colleague right oh this is actually insane I don't even live in LA I mean I live in LA and like I'm back in London back in LA back in London Oh what are you actually joke about this cuz you could have told me I think like why you well because you could have told me this ages ago but you've waited an extra whole month cuz I wants to make sure well yeah you know when you don't have a period of like a month a month and a half something like that but this is mad what are you going good I got you good I got you so good I was not going to my mom you're screwing see that's what you get to throw my damn lady that's what you get from man turn so I got you back good on your channel so yes yes yes yes yes I got him I got him good it got you so good for one my pain my pranks work whatever baby why not we stole it in this house not look baby Joanne you camera back are you sure I got him good I got you good my prank didn't fell this time my money's camera everyone's cheering for me all right I better go and let this one in Japan I'll let you enjoy video right now and yeah thumbs up if you liked my prank guys and I'm gonna get you back again to her this is not the end you know this just made me think of some crazy like you just took it to another level what would you call it the baby let's just stop saying the word baby man please alright well I don't know what she's just done am I on my camera but yeah this is this is about being annoying all day she actually just prank I'm just gonna stop recording this Jesus

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