– [Adam] Samia, this jacket? – [Latoya] Oh, this is a nice one. – No no! – [Latoya] The baby is gonna try it on. – No no – [Latoya] Let’s see if
this is gonna fit the baby. – No, no. – [Latoya] Adam is this for the baby? – [Adam] I think so. – No, no. – [Latoya] Okay, the
baby is gonna wear this. – No. ♪ I’ll be waiting ♪ ♪ Won’t give up on you ♪ ♪ I have waited ♪ ♪ Always waited for you ♪ – What’s up? Hunties and huncles. – What’s up hunties and huncles. – How is everybody doing today? – Got that he (mumbles) to prank me because he started the blog but no. – We gonna do, we gonna
change it up today. We gonna prank the kids. – We’re pranking Samia and Zayn. – Social experiment, we just wanna see how they
are going to respond to… – A pregnancy. So what we gonna do is, I’m gonna stuff my stomach, right? and then we are gonna tell Samia and Zayn that mommy is pregnant. We should say mommy has
five babies in there. (chuckling) And all the babies are
gonna take your toys. (laughing) – Oh my God, I am gonna tell them, guys okay, go get all the toys. – Yeah, pack it up. (chuckling) – Let’s see how they will react. (Latoya laughing) I’m gonna tell Zayn, go get your milk. – Yeah right, go get all
your bottles (mumbles) baby, they two years old so
drink out of a name bottle. (mumbles) give it up kids. – We gonna see how this social
experiment go with our kids. If they truly gonna be welcoming or if they gonna be pissed. – Right. – I have no idea how they gonna respond ’cause I don’t think we’ve, we’ve never done anything like this. – No, I don’t even think Samia remembers, me being pregnant with Zayn. At all but she knows
where babies come from, she is like, yeah she says babies come out of your belly and they
come out of your butt. (Latoya laughing) That’s what she says. Anyway lets go prank the kids and tell them that we are
expecting five babies. – Five babies,
– Five of them. – Can you imagine – I couldn’t. Alright, should I put this towel? In my belly, hold on let’s see. Is that really worth? – [Adam] No. – Is not? – [Adam] Samia is gonna
know that’s not real. – How is she gonna possibly know? – [Adam] You gonna have to wrap something around you. – Like what? Should I put a pillow? The pillow might be too big. Let’s do this. Alright here. Alright, this is just good. Remember when I stuffed my butt with a big pillow and
twerked around our apartment? (laughing) okay. Is that (mumbles)? – [Adam] But it will show
us (mumbles) underneath it. – I’m gonna tuck in. I won’t let her. I will tie it up. – [Adam] Yeah, tie it up. – Okay, (laughing). You all ready? – Alight, let’s go downstairs and see how this works. How this goes. Samia, Zayn come upstairs. – [Samia] Why? – We need to talk to you. Zayn, come upstairs, come come. Come on, come up. – Oh my gosh why are you (mumbles)? – [Adam] We have some
news to tell you guys. Zayn hurry up. Let’s wait for Zayn. Come on Zayn. – No. – [Adam] Come on, let me help you. Neezy bam bam. – That’s disgusting. Don’t say neezy bam bam, that’s disgusting. – [Adam] That’s disgusting, hah? – Yeah. – [Adam] Okay. – You (mumbles) candy. – [Adam] That’s okay, you just had a lollipop. But we have some news to tell you. Let’s go mommy and me mommy wants to tell you something and I wanna to tell you something. Let’s go see mommy. – Where is mommy? – [Adam] Okay, let me go in first. Guys, mommy is having a baby. – You’re having a bay. – [Adam] Be very gentle. Zayn, look baby inside. – [Latoya] There is five babies in here. – [Adam] Mommy is having five babies. – Is a pillow. – What? – Can we see the baby? – You wanna see the baby?
– You have to wait. – Yeah. – [Adam] Soon the babies
are gonna come out as five babies in there. – [Latoya] That’s not a pillow. – [Adam] Say hi babies. – Hi baby.
– That’s a baby in here. – [Samia] I wanna see it. – [Latoya] You say hi baby. – Yeah. – [Latoya] There is five babies in here so guess what? Oh, don’t hit the baby. – [Adam] Don’t hit the baby guys, you’ve to be nice.
– so since they are five. – [Adam] Okay so we need
to get all your toys now. We have to give it to the baby Samia. – [Latoya] We gonna give
it to all the babies. – [Adam] Okay? We’re
gonna take all your toys and you gonna sleep in side here now. No more. – No. – [Latoya] The babies
are gonna have your room. – [Adam] They gonna have your room. – No. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – No. – [Adam] You have to shift. – [Latoya] So let’s just get your blanket. – [Adam] So can you take, Samia can you take out all
the toys from your room. – No. – [Adam] Because the babies need it. Zayn, say hi, kiss the baby. – You see the baby in here. – I wanna see the baby. – [Adam] Kiss baby. – Kiss the baby Samia.
– Let me see it. – Samia kiss the baby.
– No. – [Latoya] I have to. – [Adam] What, but Samia, Samia, Samia, go take all your toys out. – [Latoya] Okay let’s go. – Okay. – [Adam] No more toys for you. – [Latoya] No more toys. – But I want toys (crying). – [Adam] That’s it. – [Latoya] Are you not
gonna give it to the baby? – [Adam] You have to give it to the baby. (crying) – [Adam] Let’s take this. (Samia crying) I can’t take this in? For the babies. – And I miss when we heavy. (Samia crying) – Why Samia? You have to take– – I want this. – [Latoya] Okay, okay,
you can have your toys. – [Adam] Zayn I need your
shoes for the babies. Take off your shoes.
– Okay Zayn here, let me take off your shoes, so we give to the baby.
– No more shoes. – Okay here.
– Thank you Zayn, you’re so nice. – [Latoya] Thank you Zayn. – [Adam] Samia I need your head band. – No. – We need your head band for the babies. – [Latoya] Okay what about this doll? – [Adam] Okay we’re
gonna take all the dolls. – No (crying). – [Adam] Samia can the
baby have the lotion? – [Samia] No. – Not even the lotion? How about the TV? – [Samia] No. – Zayn, can the baby have your room? – Yeah. – See Zayn. – [Adam] Yeah, very nice. Oh thank you Zayn.
– You’re so nice Denny. Look at the Denny, you love your– – [Adam] Don’t hit those babies inside. – Be nice gentle. – [Adam] Gentle. – Where are all the
babies gonna (mumbles)? – [Adam] Oh, you know what? The pretty dresses. – Oh no.
– No, no. No daddy (crying). – [Latoya] Okay, daddy is joking. – [Adam] No I’m not joking. (Samia crying) – [Latoya] Wait, yes you are. – [Adam] Samia this jacket. – [Latoya] Oh, this is a nice one. – No, no. – [Latoya] The baby is gonna try it on. – No, no. – Let’s see if this is gonna fit the baby. – No, no. – [Latoya] Adam is this the for the baby? – [Adam] I think so. – No, no. – [Latoya] Okay, the
baby is gonna wear this. – No (crying). – Okay, Zayn can the baby have your bed? – Yeah. – [Adam] Samia one more thing. Can the babies have you toothbrush? – Oh yeah.
– yeah your tooth– – No, no (crying). – [Latoya] Let’s go. – No, no. No, no. – Okay, what about Zayn’s toothbrush? Okay, Zayn brush the babies’ teeth. (mumbles) you stand here, Zayn is gonna help me brush babies’ teeth. Show me how you gonna
brush the babies’ teeth. Okay brush the babies’ teeth. – [Adam] Oh, good job Zayn. – Hug the baby. Samia look daddy, Zayn is hugging the baby. Zayn, look at Zayn hug the baby. – No. – [Latoya] Give the baby kiss. – No. – Okay come give mommy. Alright so, where is the baby gonna sleep? – [Adam] Okay, I think the baby
is gonna sleep in the room. In Samia’s room. – No, no, Zayn’s room anyway. – [Adam] Samia, you are gonna
sleep in the guest room now. – No, no. – You are the guest. – Touch the baby. – Who’s gonna be me? – [Adam] You are, you are the doctor. Samia go get the doctor jacket, go quickly, we need your doctor jacket. – Up here in the closet. They is so (mumbles) look at him. – [Adam] (mumbles) Samia,
doctor Samia hurry up. Oh come on, what kind of a doctor are you? You are taking too long. – [Latoya] Look at Zayn. – [Adam] Oh Zayn. Alright Samia. (mumbles) help. Push it out. – Let me see it. One second. – One second? What are you doing? – [Adam] Come on doctor Samia. – Okay, one, count to three. One, two, three.
– Two, three. – Can’t open. – Okay, how may I help you. (laughing) – Pillow. This is a pillow. (laughing) – I was joking mommy doesn’t have a baby.
– We are joking baby. – Is that funny. – It is a pillow. – We got you. – Zayn really wanted a baby. – [Adam] Zayn was already– – Brushing the babies’ teeth. Yeah it was a pillow Zayn. – [Adam] Oh girly don’t hate Zayn. – We were joking you guys. We pranked you, we got you. You thought mommy was
pregnant with five babies? Are you happy? Do you want any more brothers or sisters? – I don’t want.
– Samia look at the baby (mumbles). – Me up daddy, me up. – [Adam] You want up? – Samia and Zayn are our babies forever. – Up daddy. – [Adam] Okay little buddy. – We love you. Give me a hug. – I love you mommy. – I love you too baby. Zayn give mommy a hug.
– Love you Samia. Cuddle me. – Mommy hug you. – I was just joking, okay. – All joking. Okay. – [Adam] Maybe we should take them to Chuck E Cheese’s. – Let’s go to Chuck E Cheese’s. (cheering) – [Adam] Zayn say Chuck E Cheese. – Alright let’s go. Go to to Chuck E Cheese’s. Chuck E Cheese’s. So Zayn saw Chuck E Cheese’s and he said oh Chuck E Cheese, and he started chanting
Chuck E Cheese (laughing). So (mumbles) let’s bring the kids to Chuck E Cheese. I have a cheap meal today so I’m gonna eat some pizza. I’m so excited. Oh my gosh, is it open? Oh yeah it is open. Okay let’s go. (electronic beats music) She got a spider ring. Oh that’s scary. (rhythm and blues music)


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