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see this is why it’s not good to test
this is exactly why because there are no clear answers only more questions hi thanks for clicking on Simply Tanika
I am Tanika if you are new here welcome hit that subscribe button let’s hang out
a while if you are returning welcome what’s that fertility BAM we got to do
what let’s get those babies ladies hey fam it
is Saturday the 15th of December I just took two tests and the alarm went off
I’m over at blue still um yeah I’m gonna go in there and check on the hyung we’ll
see so as the note said yesterday the doctor wants to see an increase before
we call it a pregnancy I guess he said technically it’s a pregnancy I don’t
know anyway let’s just see what direction it’s going all right I yeah okay I don’t know if you guys can see
this but this today is darker than it was yesterday
let’s make let me get that one to hook those that only have one hand
let’s do it behind this you see that so yeah but this one it’s not as dark so I don’t know for
kosher encourage me to not go out buy anything
pregnancy does she said keep using the cheap ease into a progression so I’m
gonna map these out this is definitely darker than yesterday is the cheapy but
the other one is not so I don’t know Melissa or just it’s like more anxiety
this is why it’s not good to test this is exactly why because there are no
clear answers only more questions and mainly was that one a bad one yesterday
so that’s why you didn’t see it and this one works until you see something
because the clear blue it was noticeable I’m gonna go mark them up and then I’ll
come back and I’ll show you yesterday’s clear blue versus today’s clear blue and
I don’t have the yesterday’s HCG I left it at home
because it’s a pee stink of anyone walk around it these other ones how these
nice little caps on them so I don’t door about touching in here but I don’t know
oh no that one is getting darker I can see it with my naked eye for whatever
reason it doesn’t show up down well in the camera but let me mark them and I’ll
come back and rolling them up and as for your comments down below
what do you think you

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  1. Im at work must b the 1st one to see video…I agree stop testing! Lol… We gone pray as hard as it seems you need to try and relax and get some rest. I just don’t want you to get stressed out testing AJ feels tht to. Plse get some rest praying tht next clinic appmnt be the best news ever in Jesus name

  2. Everyone is different I knew a woman who didn't get a dark positive until she was 9 weeks but dont stress yourself with progression testing your preggo and apple jack is here to stay

  3. Hello! Ur a LOVELY WOMAN! Don’t stress & b positive. I know it is hard when u want something so bad… I’m the same way not so much not having patience but jus feeling all different kinds of emotions on the inside that excitement is what gets ya… Ya know. Prayers coming ur way! Much Love 💕

  4. I would never trust a blue dye test ever again. Well known for false positives. They cause so much heart ache. The other one though is clear. Maybe try a pink dye. Your an inspiration to us all xx

  5. blue tests are awful. I would just stop testing, it just a mind screw around, for me I would be hoping for the best and preparing for the worst, while you are not bleeding you are in with a good shot. Thinking of you, sending good vibes from Australia, Benny and I want this for you. x

  6. I think you should get into your mindset that you had during the 2 week wait. As of right now you are pregnant, enjoy that. The blood tests will provide the progression. Just enjoy being pregnant and give the rest to God! XOXO

  7. Girl I can only imagine what your poor mind is going through….hey the way I look at it is you are still pregnant! There’s a line and the OPK is getting darker…when do you go in for you next blood work? Praying for you all the way!

  8. I think some women’s urine react differently to each test. I used dollar store test progression. (I had one son naturally 28 and second miscarriage rainbow baby had to use progesterone at age 40 when I had him . It’s amazing how people are against happiness for you hen wanting a baby so you keep it in. I’m so happy for you. )

  9. I’m sorry you’re going through this. The limbo period is so hard. I agree with some of the other commenters if you choose to do progression FRERs have been the most reliable for me. Hoping the best for you ♥️

  10. Omg are we cycle buddies? I got my first vvvvvfl (bfp) on Christmas. Two days ago my first respond test was darker but yesterdays and today weren't as dark. You and I have the same strips and my strip looks like yours but a tad lighter but very noticeable. I'm praying its not a chemical but I think I'm headed in that direction. Yours looks like its progressing.If I use only the strips my progression lines look fine . I can't get in for beta until next week. 😥

  11. Ugh this is why I hate testing for progression! 😭 even though I always did it anyway!! It’s such a roller coaster! I’m just gonna say congratulations and I hope baby sticks around! 💜🌈💜

  12. This will be a faith walk trust God it is not in what you see it is in what you believe and know look what God has done already Against All Odds Applejack is here so you have to get a mindset and said just like I said God would not bring me this far believe me or let me experience this to snatch it away from me

  13. Hi Tamika You look pregnant because you look different , you have a pregnant glow and so blooming ! Just wait for the next blood test and don’t do home PT anymore . I’m TWW still and beta is on the 3rd and I’m scared because I had strong cramps and last night I had spotting ! Praying this is not AF but implantation bleeding .🙏

  14. Clear blue can be wishy washy for some reason the red dye gets better results I saw the line on the cheap pregnancy test relax sis it's in God's hands love and hugs

  15. I could never get CB to pick up a good line but my frer and cheapies was always clear. Your eggo is preggo and as much as I know how satisfying the progression can be STOP. Enjoy applejack he is hanging on for a reason and he don't need you doubting his miraculous reason for subscribing. 😘

  16. You are not crazy. I could see the difference but change your focus to just taking the test as needed. Enjoy this journey and let Apple Jack grow! Continuing to pray for you.

  17. Look here team to much you are pregnant apple jack is still with you stop 🛑 driving yourself crazy 😜 by retesting wait for your appointment or your betas to do your progression get some rest clear your mind and enjoy being pregnant ❤️

  18. The clear blue test measures about 45-50 hcg levels. I think that’s why it’s coming up so light. You’re better off with the first response pink line ones that measures about 5 hcg levels. Just enjoy being pregnant and let the re office do the beta counts for you. I’m praying for you and hoping for the best for apple jack 😊

  19. From my knowledge of tests and research on their sensitivity. Easy at home sticks require 25 hcg (the pink sticks that come in large quantities) and if you are getting a line on one you must have at least 25hcg. Before you were at 9hcg which would mean a increase! Also I know many people who no longer trust clearblue tests for the reasoning of the inconsistency of results. A pregnant woman can test two clear blue from the same urine and got two different results in darkness of line. Some people say not all clearblue tests are packed with the same amount of dye? I would say enjoy your pupo! I will pray for apple jack and you! I would say it's looking promising though. My personal favorite test to use are first response originals the straight test not the curved one. And not the quick results as they require higher hcg to read a line. The original first responses only require 6hcg. Sorry for the book. Hope this all helps. ❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏

  20. Hi Tanika, "Off Topic" are you going to watch the Ball Drop tonight in New York? Must be exciting to live there during the holidays.

  21. I think the blue dye test aren’t as good as showing progression as the red dye cheapo ones. I speak from experience 😉

  22. Don’t stress on those stupid blue tests! I got one that was totally bunk and I lost my mind. You are pregnant for sure that is a fact. After saying that, I understand what you are going through. I pray God touches your mind and your heart. 💗

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