Pregnancy Q&A: Am I gaining too much weight?

I’m Dr. Steven Olsen. I’ve been with McLaren Macomb for 20 years as a practicing OB/GYN. A very common question
that I get when my patients come to see me is, am i gaining too much weight.
They’re very, very concerned about their weight gain during pregnancy. It’s an
excellent question because you want to make sure you’re gaining the appropriate
amount of weight but not an excessive amount of weight. Weight during the first
trimester you should gain between five and ten pounds and then thereafter
approximately one pound a week for the rest of your pregnancy, on average. Now if
you’re a little lighter to begin with you can expect to gain a little bit more
and if you’re a little bit heavier to begin with you should expect to gain a
little bit less, but on average, overall, you should gain approximately between 25
and 30 pounds through the entire pregnancy.

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