Pregnancy Q&A + How I Found Out I Was Pregnant!

hey guys what's up before this video starts I just want to let you know that this was filmed a couple of weeks ago I have obviously progressed in my pregnancy so some things have changed including my size and I just wanted to give you kind of a heads up I found this video when I was 16 weeks I am almost nineteen weeks right now so when I show my belly I'm gonna cut into a current update of my belly now so just a heads up not that it really matters hope you guys enjoy this video I think you so much for keeping up with me and yeah enjoy all right here we go hey guys what's up it's chachi and today I'm really excited because I'm gonna be doing my first pregnancy Q&A I might be doing a couple of these as I get further along in my pregnancy bandit sorry my child I will be 17 weeks in a few days so here is my bum where we're growing 17 and a half weeks I'm sorry 16 and a half weeks almost 17 weeks here is my current belly we have definitely grown since the since this video it's just growing more rapidly now it looks a little mukha but just put on somewhat up what like body butter not like butter butter although I'm not opposed cuz butter is great but yeah this is this is the night's almost nineteen week belly I'm eighteen and a half weeks right now so uh I'm growing but I'm not pushing out at all this is my resting stomach and if I try to suck in this dude it's really hard and painful but yep I'm girly like that's where I am right now my pants don't fit anymore I'm really really hungry old time and lots of other things so we're gonna get into all of that with you guys as questions sister Arizona see so many questions to it so it's hard but let's just pick one big question that I've been getting asked a lot is if this was a planned pregnancy or unexpected this was a planned pregnancy we've been trying for a little while it wasn't happening so when it when it happened I kind of wasn't expecting it but I also was like oh yeah I totally forgot I get so wrapped up and working and filming it things like that that I am totally forgot that I was trying to get pregnant oh yes it was planned it's very much unwanted pregnancy and I'm gonna be happier about it we couldn't be happier about it how did I find out okay both shooting a show in Miami and I was supposed to start my period that week and it wasn't happening and my period was really irregular also sorry boys who are uncomfortable with talk about periods and things there's gonna be a very TMI kind of video so if you are not the person who can deal with that kind of stuff and you might want to click out but period the word barrage of all you Barry Barry Barry pan so I thought I'm eating because I'm doing sports in this show or maybe stress or just being a different time zone is very sensitive maybe I'm not getting him as that and I actually took a test in Miami but it was a weird digital one that was kind of funky and it said no so I was like okay well guess we'll wait couple more days and I was honestly because I'm they had me in like white pants like shorts I was like putting in a situation every day so that would be just in case um oh yeah I called them situations by the way it's the same ones so then I got home and it still wasn't happening and I just have tests on the decade in my bathroom so I was about to get in the shower and it's like you know like I know I'm not pregnant let me just take a test to humor myself and I took a test I got my shower calculating and then I got out of the shower and I was doing my routine and was like oh wait let me throw this pest away and I reached to grab it and I see the two lines that's like yeah you're definitely pregnant and I like just looked and I was like it didn't hit me at first and like took a second and Yoko was actually sitting right here where I was working and I just in my towel holding a test and I ran over with like this lilyc on my face and he goes he like looks on a safety like what what whoa really it was really excited and I think we were both just kind of shocked for a little bit because it just feels really unreal like still to this day it's a little unreal even though my belly's like three times the size of what it was it was a very happy moment and yeah we did that's how he found out I didn't get to surprise him in any way it always said that I was gonna do this really cool thing but I'll do that with the next baby yeah I'm glad that he was here to experience that with me because it was just like well did I want to be a mom yes so much I wanted kids since I was one and I mean I just always had a special connection with children I wanted to be a pediatrician you guys know that if my life didn't go the route that it did being a mother or something that I know that I was put on this earth for it's it's such a beautiful thing and yeah it's finally happening another question I've been getting is do I have morning sickness the term morning sickness is a lie because it is all-day sickness my first trimester was extremely difficult for me it still is a little bit but in the first three months it was kind of a nightmare but I was smiling through it because obviously it's all worth it in the end but I couldn't keep anything down I threw up every day for three and a half months and it was really really bad I was losing weight I just it was hard to get out of bed in the morning I was waking up in the middle of nights of like vomit and then another like complication a complication another side effects of pregnancy is constipation and I've always had really great bowel movements but being pregnant stops all of that and I was going like five days without being able to cleanse my body and then whenever the baby decides hey mom now you can you can poop it was always like at 3 in the morning and it wasn't it didn't happen right away it was like you will try for 3 hours and then you'll finally be able to put that 6 a.m. so it's it was a lot of pain a lot of suffering but I actually got told that I was a really nice pregnant lady considering what I was going through so yeah now I can finally eat food I wasn't able to eat like dairy and meat anything so I wasn't getting protein or any of the necessary nutrients for my baby boy no sleep toys but now I am just so hungry there's some days that are better than others like today I woke up actually feeling really bad because I woke up at 5:00 a.m. to projectile vomiting and it wasn't fun and pregnancy throw-ups really just make you feels like aching from the inside and really sick and it's it's the worst feeling I think I might have gotten my food poisoning I still haven't figured that out yet but yeah I'm feeling much better hey it's national donut day so happy national donut day and we'll move on to cravings after this question next question our beginning is weird cravings my taste buds have just completely changed and I haven't decided and if it's for the better there's no I was pickle crazy I would go through like 4 jars of pickles a week I hate pickles now they were one of the first things I discovered that I could being pregnant they just make me sick they taste not great and I always vomit them and I was so obsessed with them that I gave myself like a couple of weeks to kind of get through the worst part of the the sickness but every time I took a bite of one even looked at one it was just instant vomit they used to hate like cooked fish I was love sushi but I can't sushi anymore obviously but like baked salmon oh I love baked salmon now it's great it's awesome and like in Finland they eat salmon soup I'm obsessed of salmon soup that's all I wanted over there my biggest craving has been anything strawberry so my favorite indulgence is the haagen-dazs strawberry ice cream I eat the whole thing in one sitting and lots of sweets and citrus I eat whole lemons with salt so good I had already eaten lemons kind of that way before but not as constantly as I do now like we have a whole drawer full of lemons for me lots of sweets and lots of sodium some kind of all over the map what am i planning for a second baby so I want a total of three kids I come from a big family I'm the baby of five I don't want to have five my mom had five kids by the time she was 28 I'm 23 so mercy on the first one goes oh but I would like to have my second child fairly soon after just so that they have a sibling to grow up and play with and then think about the third one later down the road I'm still very young and weird that I know I love you Friday I'm just gonna get through this one first and see how I do how your pup started acting any different becoming pregnant so I feel like they knew before I did especially bandit bandit was all in the business constantly and I was like what is going on like definitely gonna fection it or lonely I don't know cuz it's just like constantly in in the kool-aid sniffing around like leave me alone but now they both know it's really a million cuz wait I'll be walking around the house and they'll just jump up and like stick their nose like in that area or their sniff around my belly they can sense the baby in there so yeah the puppies San the puppies are very aware of the baby is the baby gonna be a bilingual yes so the baby obviously will speak English and you just gonna teach the baby finish and then I'm so training boy I guess I'm gonna teach are you gonna teach the baby whatever it like this Manish I dunno I hate that it's gonna be like secret language between the baby and Yuka I'm not excited about that well you're going to be talking gibberish with the baby too so if there's language I don't understand thank you maybe in the in there yeah am I scared of giving birth so the one thing that Yuka said that made me feel a little better is it has to come out it's obviously the thought of thing when I see like girls going into labor on TV shows or movies I cringe and it's honestly very very terrifying but the further along you get in pregnancy and stuff I've been reading and understanding it makes you less scared the body is very it's a crazy thing what is it – but yes it has to come out so I'm gonna be fine right more you want it out I'm a little scared I mean who wouldn't be just the baby that has to come out in the place where it looks like a baby wouldn't be able to come out of it no ultrasounds it's gonna be ugly oh gosh and I was a 10-pounder do you fart more I have much more gas here than I used to be yes you know there's just a lot of things that come with making a baby Oh lovely will you give birth in LA or Finland we're gonna be giving birth in Finland actually very excited so I'm really gonna be I'm hardly gonna be in America probably until next year till after the baby's born a lot people are wondering am i Stephanie dancing or doing YouTube during and after the baby is born I'm gonna be doing YouTube I want to do some dance steps when I get a really big belly I think that would be really cute fun sailing out to it obviously and yes I'm still gonna continue doing what I do after the baby's born yes I am gonna have a lot more things to do with my normal life but I want you guys included and involve the baby and because I love sharing my life with you guys and yeah I think you'll be fine then I have to take it easy go at my own pace experience motherhood and then you know broadcast it to the world like being pregnant and has definitely made me a little more sane a lot of women get crazy with the hormones I think I've gotten better with her new book I think there's still a little crazy but in a very lovable way yeah that's right my road rage hasn't gotten any better I'll tell you that people start honking at me it's like I'm pregnant who's the first person you told the pregnancy news about and why Yuka because he's the dad so you can you go up some questions now have unit baby don't invite questions they were too afraid to ask the pregnant one do you have nipple sleep but do you already have milk in them my nipples have started leaking and was very confused and it happen at first because I was taking a nap in Finland and okay should I go into the whole story of how I figured out that I could squeeze okay so I'm watching a lot of pregnancy videos on YouTube obviously and so I recommended it's just like weird pregnancy videos so I came across one that was like how to breastfeed your baby and of course I'm just gonna watch all these things so like I kind of get an idea of what I have to do but it was a really weird one made in a foreign country and there is a visual where the lady was trying to say like the baby won't get as much if it's just latched on to your nipple ask the latch onto your like the whole the whole teeth and so this lady was like squeezing her nipple just show what came out and I'm squeezing her boob did she waking it out and then it made me feel a little weird afters like stop watching it I was in the shower and I was just sitting I was thinking I was like and I like squeeze like nipple isn't it all this stuff came out and they think that opened the floodgates I'm like okay she's finding the stuff coming out so I was thinking a nap and I woke up it was like my soy and I look at my shirt and it was like this liquid bitter good look otherwise Cheryl's leaking and we sleep you know it's fun I like being pregnant yeah I love being pregnant I think it's I don't know it's such a it's a cool feeling looking we're asking what does it feel like right now it doesn't feel like a lot of it than when they're stretching happening I think now I'm starting to feel like yeah there is something in there but nothing to around like like I feel like before I was pregnant I thought about feeling a baby would be like when you drink too much water and you shake your stomach you kind of feel like the water swishing around in there yeah what I thought it would feel like but it's really not still have a pretty normal life except just blowing up um I love being pregnant it's a beautiful thing and it's very exciting and it's like the waiting time is you just get really excited and hyped up and you're like just come on already um but I love being pregnant I think it's I think it looks good on me so that is it um like I said I'll probably be doing another one of these as I get further along but thank you guys for sending your questions I couldn't get to all of them you guys have been really really supportive and really excited for me and I'm so grateful for that but yeah I would probably be doing a craving slip um pretty soon we're gonna be traveling a lot though they don't have a lot of the things I like overseas no but I'm gonna figure it out thank you guys so much for watching let me know in the comments what other kind of pregnancy videos you guys want to see and yeah until next time oh wait don't forget to Like share describing also hit the notification button if you haven't already excited to be back on my posting game now that the secret is out it was getting really difficult to film and not be like I'm pregnant tonight Billy grabbed but yeah love you guys don't mix a lie

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  1. I’m very late…but I thought they broke up?or cut off their engagement Then just come out being pregnant?

  2. Sending you lots of love chichi! I took an upper level immunology class and one of the topics we covered was how women’s immune system adjusts to pregnancy and there’s a whole ordeal with that, but all of that sickness with pregnancy is difficult but it’s part of the process! It’s your body reacting to a foreign body and getting used to it but it’s normal!

  3. Hey I need some advice…. in your next video can u talk about being confident about yourself? For example, When you go out places with your Man, how do you do it when they are other females dress to get males attention .? Like what do u do when Your man is by your side and he turns around for a second or a minute just to check another female boobs and booty out ??? Like as a female what do u do in that situation when Your man looks at another females booty and boobs!?! Because as my friends and I we don’t know what to do? Do u think that’s disrespectful for us seeing our man doing that in front of us?!!? Please explain it in a video by yourself or with your best friend

  4. THE TASTE BUDS!! Some of them last after baby is born. I used to LOVE spicy food but obvi had to stop and then after, I can't handle spicy food at all.

  5. You should definitely do a part two!
    If the baby is born in Finland will it be able to have dual citizenship in USA too?
    Congrats by the way! You look so happy!💛

  6. Chachi you claim to be a follower of Jesus yet are living and sleeping with a man you are not married to….

  7. this is so precious. pregnancy definitely does look great on you! you look so happy and excited. I'm so happy for you!

  8. How nice to hear everything is fine, Your man must remeber is real hard finnish law too spoling his pregnant woman whit Fazer chocolate of any kind, ask Santa Claus, He will say its true…And remeber, soon your baby can hear Bola jewellys… 😊 Viva el bebe, pieni jalka…

  9. Congrats. You look great pregnant. It's nice that you mentioned that it was a planned pregnancy. It shows that you're responsible. I'd like to impregnate the Right girl, at the right time. Again, Congratulations. 🙂

  10. I remember you when you were a lil girl cuz I went to school with your siblings, your gonna be a great mommy

  11. I'm so excited for you, Chachi! Congrats! Never seen you this happy before 🙂 I'm pretty sure that you'll be a great mother. I can't wait to see you with your baby ❤️

  12. Oh my god ! I’m 19 weeks pregnant and this couldn’t be more accurate to my experience. It’s insane. I’m so glad that someone else has had the same “side effects” as me because every time I talk about my all day nausea that I had being so bad, everyone around me told me how they didn’t experience that , and how pregnancy is just a beautiful walk in a meadow. 😂 hope you have a great and healthy pregnancy!

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