43 Replies to “PREGNANCY SCARE PRANK ON BOYFRIEND (─‿‿─) #DearAki”

  1. Oof, 2019 here lol

    Is it just me, or does Aki's hair in this vid look similar to Tiffany(Ihascupquake)'s?

  2. all these people freaking out over the possibilty that they have done the frikity frack hentai track xD

  3. Walfu!?! I used to watch it but I could only find the Spanish version now… Is it in English now!?!

  4. It's the nth time watching this because of the prank. My 16 year old mind is shattered. Love ya Aki em pinoy as well …

  5. You are cruel aki but that's why I like you so cDawg and you yourself are my favourite YouTube's ever

  6. If my girlfriend ever do that prank to me, i'd die. I'm still in college. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA fml.

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