PREGNANCY SCARE | Spinning a Wheel to Decide My Sim's Life (Part 3)

oh my god she's in labor oh wait my sister's literally in labor wait I just got so excited hey everybody it's Kayla and welcome back to my cat won't get off my lap until I start talking to record what she's been here for five minutes she'll leave as soon I start talking oh oh maybe not yet who knows well anyway welcome back to the sims 4 a wheelspin of doom the wheelspin of terror wheel of doom the wheel of doom Oh interesting maybe I'll call it let's play that and recording like a bunch of parts today so we'll find out anyway the cat's still here maybe she'll stay who knows but today we're back and we're spinning the wheel yet again try and destroy my sims life in the first part we had to get a dog and get a new job in the last part the wheel two lists that our old enemy and boyfriend's ex-girlfriend has to return to sue Lani today we only have five options on the wheel each of which is disastrous in their own right now do you want to hear about them you're going to we could either get pregnant get engaged have Susan our old enemy and boyfriend's ex-girlfriend who's staying with our boyfriend right now get pregnant and wonder who the dad's gonna be catch our boyfriend cheating or start a family feud with our sister now I'm gonna be honest I think the two worst options are for us to get pregnant or for our sister to hate us because our sister is like our only real good friend obviously we have to up but it's good to have a girlfriend around you know it's nice to have girls in your life like to have Girl Talk with and it's your sister you know her closest person in her life other than her mom and if her sister hates her her sister's husband's gonna hate her she won't get to see her niece anymore her mom's probably gonna get mad at her especially because of the fact that if Malia just starts a fight with her sister out of nowhere like obviously her mom's gonna side with the sister because Malia is being crazy so we'll see what happens are you excited snap I can't believe she's still here she always leaves oh she always leaves when I start talking but there she goes so yet again I'm using a random number generator so I've got a list in Google Docs I'll generate a number but we're gonna spin the wheel for the aesthetic purpose of it oh my god what are we gonna get I'm scared I'm scared number one wait no I don't want to get pregnant oh my god oh my god okay okay we're having a baby okay okay so meanwhile our boyfriend is most likely having an affair with his ex-girlfriend we're about to get pregnant with his baby but our sister is pregnant right now so that's kind of fun that our kids will be close in age oh my god can she even dive while she's pregnant is she gonna be like out of money while she's pregnant because that'll be really bad if we can't do our job well work okay buddy you want to come hang out tonight I guess this is the worst should I put it on whiskey woohoo but like put it up to 90% so she has to get pregnant I don't know I'm sticky Mans endurance never mind we'll just try for a baby there's no point in surprises it's fine look at my coconut tree oh I should watch oh I have coconuts wait I gotta forget about him for a second water your coconut tree and also harvest the coconuts please how many coconuts do I get five Oh made 15 samolians off that okay well hello buddy let's joke about the old times maybe we could discuss some interests um give him a pick-up line I don't even think we're officially dating yet is the thing like I call him my boyfriend but really he's just like this fling that I've been having which makes it even worse if they aren't official yeah he's non-committal he isn't even actually her boyfriend I don't think I'll have him become my official boyfriend um just yet either oh my god he's also a mermaid our kid oh my god wait hmm okay that's really cool that's awesome they don't even kissed yet they're making they're making waves tonight they're doing too much so I should make the dog go potty hang on sorry to interrupt this but I don't want the dog to pee in the house so Oh Maya can pee outside now oh and we kissed for the first time big moments for everyone here okay um yeah you should pee beforehand and then oh no way no not just woohoo try for a baby I guess I'm not gonna ever take a pregnancy test just yet either I'll have them try for a baby twice though so it's like almost guaranteed that she'll be pregnant and then we'll um well wait until the game tells us she's pregnant supposed to be a surprise we could at least wait until the morning or something to take one maybe that's our best bet we won't take it right now but what if we aren't pregnant we'll have her actually get pregnant again it's not supposed to be on purpose this is the worst okay should I let him stay the night maybe can you say the night asleep / sounds great oh wait maybe they'll actually be good together whisper sweet nothings they seem to be kind of cute I've been very like anti Makua because it seemed like he didn't care about us like he was late to our party we had that family like dinner thing going on at our house when we moved in celebrate the new puppy in the new house and he didn't show up until super late which looked really bad and like our family all hates him and obviously he's living with his ex-girlfriend right now which is it helpful but you know maybe they could have like a good relationship maybe I'm just being hopeful because she's gonna have his baby so they're gonna be tied together forever now god I can't believe we got married it was McComas baby he's cheating on us this sucks oh it's night on the town we could go out tonight if you wanted to that could be good I need to hang on can you wake up can you you empty the ickey bowl and then maybe bring my ass and dinner again but if it's night on the town we're gonna get free meals all day today I'm gonna have so many coconuts I'm gonna sell my coconuts I think that coconut tree is kind of pretty to be honest I feel like the other ingame plants like the trees like the apple tree is actually kind of ugly but I kind of like this little palm tree the coconut tree is on it's cute I also I have fake plants here right now what if we bought some real ones wait how do we know what seeds are what what are the new seeds can I hold on I can't afford to buy all kinds of starter vegetables maybe I'll just go to the town and buy one so we could get some real plants that'd be kind of cute I can sell these for now so I can afford new plants okay here I might serve some breakfast we'll make some eggs and toast so we can try and impress the boyfriend I want her to take a pregnancy test yet I don't want her to have a baby I'm trying to like delay it as long as possible you know know don't get food on the fridge I'm making you food I'm making you food stop stop stop stop okay I reset oh so we can't no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no you will not eat this call to Meal mokou up eat the food I just made you thank you I was really important to me I want to have breakfast together seems like they get along pretty well which is a good thing that's reassuring to me but um I think that he has to leave he's got to go to work this morning so he'll he'll head out yeah so he's heading off to work I feel like maybe she's now a little bit concerned that she might be pregnant right like she's she's had some okay my dog's drinking out of the toilet are you serious I don't care it's out of the toilet it's fine oh my god look at them sorry she's had some concerns that maybe she's pregnant and I feel like it's maybe a good idea for us to go see you I feel like she can't tell her sister this yet cuz it's like shameful for her to be like hey Lonnie um you know that boy you hate might have his baby like I feel like he's not the one that we need to talk to you right now but it would potentially be a good idea to call up our other best friend to us and maybe talk to him about it I feel like she always turns to him with her real problems and he puts up with it I think he puts up with a lot from her um this could be a good time for us to maybe become best friends actually that she deserves that oh my god okay let's get to know him maybe brighten his day Oh cute okay well can he swing together wait wait wait wait baby swing I'm so happy they added new swings into this pack I think that's so fun I really like the swings she's having a blast yeah look at her go Oh I'm kind of excited for her to have a baby although I'm a little bit concerned because we don't have any money or really anywhere to put the baby but we'll figure something out hey sea urchin shell 60 samolians I'll take it I was gonna say also it's night on the town so we can technically buy food for free like just want to get something exciting like some usually shish kebabs that sounds fun that's new and exciting and different heck yeah and we can talk to this person while we're here hey befriend me she seems tense tell her a funny story I'd like to have a lot of friends on the island I think that'd be good oh my god it's gonna be the gossip of the century in this small town if she gets pregnant out of wedlock I feel like that's gonna be like the world is ending kind of situation for these people you know it's one of those things no matter where you are oh look it's her sister pike in a small town like this I mean if she gets pregnant and has this baby out of wedlock like people are gonna lose their minds she's gonna be mocked and ridiculed not like I'm not condoning this I'll be my god she's in labor oh wait my sister's literally in labor wait I'm just so excited okay um I wish I could help her but she's not in my household so I can't very well do that okay well she's no just go just go have your baby sweetie sweetie I can't help you right now you got it you got to do this there are no dive spots like deep water dive spots in the town area huh no okay I thought that maybe we should go back home like really fast I feel like it'd be a good idea to dive at least once more time once more time once more time before work it is the money you know what's interesting I was worried about this wheel thing resulting in like some weird storyline stuff that I can't explain very well but so far like I think the storyline makes a lot of sense like it's not an unreasonable thing to have happen and I kind of like that about it I wanted to say we should buy another like thing of dive gear but that's probably a bad idea considering the fact that we're potentially pregnant I don't want to be buying any new dive gear at the moment I find any treasure yet and have any treasure really have said well she's got work soon so let's go make sure her needs are all right and then honestly if you just come back home it'll probably be like about time for you to go to work time to get back here oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my dog is swimming she's so good I can't lose my mind I'm so emotional I was such a weenie okay she made it back just in time what did I say that she'd get back right on time for work she did I'm so good at this did you pee in my house hey do you think she's had her babies yet oh she did oh my god Cleo she named her baby Cleo her babies are Kalani and Cleo she already had Kalani obviously those are toddler but she just couldn't is a good name – oh my god I'm so emotional okay we can go meet the baby after after we get back from work tonight honestly probably a good thing for us to go hang out with our sisters baby should we go like right now if that's the kind of thing we're like this second she gets home like she couldn't leave when she was on work on work during her shift she couldn't leave obviously but like this second she got home she was like I'm going I'd Dallas to the bay because she probably got the call to baby was born while she was at work so oh my god okay sorry oh we haven't really oh no oh God well that's concerning okay well I'm gonna hug the little toddler here for a second and then we'll try and get inside let me in let me in let me in let me in this is a ever-so-slightly mod moderated modified ea bill don't age up Oh God sorry yeah this wasn't EA built and I changed it a little bit on the inside to make it more functional for my sims obviously because I've got a million sims living in this tiny house baby does not look happy I'm so sorry Clea what she's getting the parenting skill oh these are not the move like these screenshots are really ugly hmm I'd like for her to have relationship with the baby though I think that'd be really cute if she had a relationship with the baby hey I'm going in I'm sorry I had to put free build on I'm sorry I can't live like this like with this lighting this lighting in this economy I'll put the baby's bassinet and the parents from nothing that makes more sense anyway okay I'm gonna be honest I did just change this bedroom just so I could get good screenshots of me and the baby I'm really happy I really like this Baby Alive it's gonna start crying how close are we oh not at all oh no you need to keep you need to work on that more I want you and Cleo to be close this is very important oh my god wait look and Kolani look so grumpy because she's got a baby sister and she's not happy about it I don't blame her to be honest babies suck Oh Cleo is very hungry I should bottle feed her well we're here did he want to make food I'm pretty sure I saw the mom making food but maybe not I'll just get a ham and cheese sandwich I would cook dinner cuz like realistically it'd be nice to make food for them because they just had a baby you know like you could help out a little bit around the house but I also know for a fact that they'll get mad at me if I do that they'll be like what are you doing watch it there Missy and then try and kick me out and I don't want that to happen watch it Missy okay I'm sorry oh dear it appears the master bed I mean the bed whatever the bed from here has disappeared I don't know what color it was maybe it's just that well leave it at that that's grandma's bed she needs that this house is way too small for all of them I don't know what they're gonna do about that I mean to be fair our house is way too small for us we'll see what happens all right I might send her home it's getting a little bit late and I'm really stressed that she's gonna find out she's pregnant anytime uh okay we're back let's take a shower oh I didn't even get that I went into town just so I could buy plants and I didn't even get the ones that I wanted if I buy starter fruits I'll get them I don't know open my seeds also this P is still in the floor stop peeing on my floor Mya I don't even care if you can do whatever she wants you can pee on the floor any day Oh oh my god wait oh boy okay I didn't even get the things that I wanted no you will open another seed packet right now apples who wants a nine apple and have the dogs pooping on the deck I'm gonna lose my mind I'm sorry I don't gonna have a baby this was not the plan I mean this was the plan all episode but like I don't mean to act surprised I just feel stressed if you like the idea of having a baby can we have a kava party as a baby shower so that we didn't try to get a go of one so that people actually like me it speaks to more blow out what a day this is the perfect time I feel like that's a good screenshot to announce our surprise pregnancy when you find out you're having a mermaid baby there's like a mermaid demon inside of you okay I think I'm gonna take the puppy for a walk in a second but I do want to get some food first oh we don't have work tonight that's perfect we can have our party oh I can't have a gold party on big summer blowout well as long as I complete big summer blowout fast enough I can do whatever I want maybe we could invite over some people okay here's the plan we're gonna have two parties today house party step one I will invite the whole family I'm not telling them I'm pregnant yet that sounds like a bad idea but I will invite them now we'll have this here and we'll have it at like 10:00 a.m. and then in the afternoon we'll do the rest of the things we need to do it'll be perfect I'm gonna have our grill up food so we can get the grilling thing complete we'll have water fun it'll be a great day and then this this evening we'll have our cava party and we're gonna try and rising cranks I want to get a gold once we can get the aspiration thing complete also we can tell them we're pregnant I feel like it's a good time with the whole family here you know oh I should tell I should tell the boyfriend first huh we can do that later here you should wake up Maya and take her on a walk we could walk the beach with our dog oh my god pet care go and walk go for a short walk not like a super long one but I think that a short walk with her will be a good thing oh look who is calling I'm not going to the nightclub right now what he wants to take me to a nightclub at 9:00 a.m. see this is why we don't like this man my house party's gonna start soon but Maya's too busy sleeping to want to go oh she's going oh I'm really excited Maya's loving with she's having the best time my house party has begun okay maybe I should stop the walk Maya's still loving it oh that can't be good hey I'll unleash her well we'll take that back and we'll go home really fast because I know that I want to grill up some food grill me up some head grilled fruit please everyone's here why are they all on the phone why are they all angry on the phone that's interesting I don't know maybe we should tell our mom we're preg I'll wait until she served this up I feel like this is a good time for us to share the big news like hi mom I love you but I'm having a baby with that boy you hate sorry hope it's alright I bet she'll be excited she wants more grandbabies maybe we should we should like go around and share the big news with everybody really fast oh he slammed that oh do you guys think that – uh maybe overheard us telling our mom that were pressed she's gonna go throw up in the toilet she's having a really hard time sorry sweetie wait look at Lani and her daughter oh I'm emotional for this kind of stuff that's gonna be other than a lot the thing is Lani is a great mom and like her and her kids are gonna be so close with our kid and it's just it's gonna be really sweet and I'm really excited also I want to see if I can go aqua zip around wait there was an aqua zip like right there who took it oh there's a food stand out here I didn't know that oh that's fun give me an aqua zip back I want to zip around on a knock was it okay I have a plan I want to see something I want her to play in the water with me why don't you play in the water build sand sculpture together oh my god wait I can't wait until we have a little kid that we can raise like this oh my god I love the idea of that so much I mean I'll see aside you guys don't understand but I'm sure you do understand I bet you relate to that a lot but like the idea of getting to raise a little kid like this maybe being a mom is exactly what she needs I'm gonna make everyone comes some around with us I feel like that'll be kind of fun if we bring everyone swimming together come on guys look at him go and look the dogs coming with us you were having so much fun of course look at this look at him flexing like this unbelievable I hate that guy I think this is a fun party I don't know if the people in the game are gonna think it was a fun party but I think it was a fun party I think this was a good day Oh Kai didn't come play with us that's weird maybe oh you probably stayed back to watch the baby oh yeah yeah I understand until the party ended that's so sad I still want to have a successful cava party I'm genuinely so sad about that okay I'm gonna have her go out to the beach really fast I guess today is not the day for our successful pop-up party but today was the day for our pregnancy disaster so home I'm gonna buy an aqua zip go zip you deserve this I think next week is the time oh there's a dolphin I wanted to befriend me so pout I want a dolphin friend okay I was gonna say that I think next week next episode is gonna be our chance to really destroy some relationships here because everything seems to be fine I mean we're pregnant we've got a nice boyfriend he's like hanging out with our family our family's all doing well like you know I stood up and can't talk our sister had a new baby like everything is going great and that's not how it should be so stay tuned for next part because I think we've got some tricks up our sleeve but on that note make sure to leave a like and comment and subscribe and do all those fun YouTube things my sim needs to find a bathroom in case you guys didn't know I post new videos every single day hello I know there's a toilet I've seen it with my own two eyes there's swings and I'll see you all tomorrow hi everybody she's still gonna pee her pants I understand

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  1. How does your game look so good? I'm on ultra settings and my sims always look blurry and washed out 😭

  2. you wanna ruin susan’s and Makoa’s life? here are the steps

    1) make a lot of friends on the island. i mean *a lot*. tell them you’re pregnant.

    2) catch them kissing or something. tell everyone how it ended

    3) watch as the town gets mad at him and probably Susan for cheating on his PREGNANT girlfriend, and then they get chased out of town 😉

    btw, i know some of this isn’t possible in the sims (the telling everyone they cheated and getting chased out of the town) but it could be a neat storyline

  3. Makoa honestly seems like the best person in this lp. He's trying his best to be a good boyfriend to Malia even though everyone hates him, he showed up to her kava party as soon as he could despite him working late and when his ex girlfriend showed up with no money and nowhere to stay he graciously gave her a place to live. We stan Makoa.

  4. Omg the video right under this one was markipliers “how loud am i” vid and the sim in your thumbnail and marks thumbnail were making the exact same face!!!

  5. okay i was doing stuff and have youtube autoplay in the background and this video autoplays and im like ooo kayla then the first thing she said is
    “mY SistEr is On laBOuR”

  6. kayla avoiding getting her sim pregnant for 18 minutes:
    "oh! forget him! ive got coconuts!"
    "um.. sorry to interrupt but i dont want the dog to pee inside"
    "oh… you better pee beforehand"
    "i'm not gonna take a pregnancy test yet"

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