Pregnancy Sickness Hacks | Jaimie from Millennial Moms

– You found our you’re pregnant. And you’re on your first trimester and you’re feelin’ great, until. (puking noises and coughing) (whistling music)
(puckering) So when it comes to pregnancy sickness, I would consider myself an expert. Because I am so sick
during my pregnancies. Now, I’m not gonna lie, not
everything works for everyone. And there were some
things that worked during some of my pregnancies
that didn’t work in others. But today I’m gonna be
sharing with you guys some simple hacks that I
found to be really helpful when you’re kind of getting through that first trimester sickness. Now, if you’re not already subscribed to Millennial Moms, please be
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(pleasant music) Keep snacks everywhere, make sure that you are keeping your bellies full. And I’m not talking about full of a baby. I’m talking about full of food because if your belly gets
empty, you start feelin’ sick. You moms that are seasoned
that have been here before, what are some of the snacks
that you loved during your pregnancy that you
could snack on that would kind of help you get through the days when you were feeling really sick? (pleasant guitar music) The next tip that I have for you would be to go get some of those
little acupuncture sea-bands. What these do is they
have a little ball on the inside of them and they
push on a pressure point in the center of your
wrist to kind of help alleviate some of that nausea. Put some peppermint oil
or some spearmint oil on a little rag or a cloth and
keep it with you at all times. When you start feeling
sick then you can just pull out that rag and you can take a whiff. Any kind of minty smell
really does kind of help combat that nauseous feeling. (guitar music) Open the windows, fresh air is so important for feeling your best. Now, even if it’s in the
middle of the winter, just open up a really
small window, crack it open and just let some fresh air in. Get your sleep, I know this is really hard if you’ve got other kids. But try to get to bed early if you can’t nap during the daytime. Sleep really does help you
get through that nausea. Because you’re not awake
so you’re not feeling sick. Drink really cold beverages,
this helped me so much to put a lot of extra ice in something or to drink smoothies
and there’s nothing more refreshing than a nice,
bit, cold ice water. Speaking of cold drinks,
this one is a little bit random but it’s
something that worked for me during all of my pregnancies. And that is to go get yourself some kind of Coke drink, it’ll
really help your stomach. Now, I’m not condoning
having a ton of caffeine. You could even get caffeine free. Me personally, I didn’t mind
havin’ a little bit of caffeine because with the
combination of being tired from pregnancy and then
taking care of other kids, Lord knows I needed a
little bit of somethin’ to help me get through the day. Alright ladies, so those are my pregnancy nausea sickness hacks. I hope that you guys enjoyed this video. As always, subscribe down
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