hey friends we grab Jacob and we are going to go for a little hike here you guys remember him mMmmm Jake are you excited to be on another YouTube show channel video yes is Brian your favorite weed you like Rory please don't you're scared or Ori mm-hmm do you like going hiking with us yeah good okay well let's go for a little hike I can't keep up with you Oh try your date oh well you got the pair down over work well that's what all-star right here brothers like bridging the water yeah throw him in the water pal you'll probably but I love how he picks up too soft we're going on this little stroll this is apparently what you call a hike in Missouri Mike yeah we're not going after bikes sorry guys I know you're good for Chris Paul look around yes alysom greenery there's green what this is like I can just wear jeans and like some sandals and I'm good okay strike a pose Jake oh yeah take it you hold your hips shake your hips okay crazy oh my god yeah yeah hey chase running on one foot that's pretty good Jake are you going one day ready that's kind of cool yeah wait have you seen Jurassic Park are you scared you need to watch Jurassic Park with us next thing I'm the to-do list watch Jurassic Park with Jacob only that one chick sing some mm speaks Spanish okay okay do some jumping jacks jumping jacks shake not paddywhacks bone this old man came rolling home yeah you got it for once Haley Jacob do you see that down there do you see it do you see it Jacob look down there and the rocks do you see it dead dinosaur one wrong wrong yep say hi as you're hunting can you time hear of a girl what the heck what was that Jake start running Jake run run like the wind there's a creature coming [Laughter] I recently are you excited for another niece or nephew yes I ain't you want these Cornett I don't know pick one or twins boy and girl twins nephews nephew ha ha you guys Jay called it Jay called nephews nephews it is do we love each other or what we do huh


  1. The relationship Brian and Jacob share is incredible and beautiful!! Thank you for sharing these beautiful family moments with me!

  2. Yep, jake called it! If y'all have a boy, discard the name list and name him Jake after his uncle! 😁 Praying for y'all! I've seen your updates on instagram. Most docs try not to get your hopes up in case of the worst case scenario but mine always said HCG going up – regardless of doubling or not is a GOOD SIGN! She has seen miracles during her years of practice beyond medical explanations. Every woman and every pregnancy is different. So keep good thoughts girly! 😘

  3. I didn't realize y'all lived in Missouri, we are on vacation in Branson for the week!! I actually saw someone who looked like you. It looked so much like you, I pulled up your video to show my family that the lady we saw looked like you. You aren't in the area by chance, are you?

  4. Love it! πŸ’™ – I just had my first baby and was so so anxious all along, especially in the beginning. I'm praying for your sweet family everyday. πŸ’™πŸ™πŸΌ

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