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hey guys so my pregnancy prenatal supplements that I take and what I've taken throughout this pregnancy and yeah let's just get right into it so I have had like an amazing pregnancy and I know it's not just like all these supplements that I'm going to be saying because I know it was God I know he's the one that gave me such an amazing experience but I definitely feel like these also played a huge part in you know how I feel how I look and yeah just a lot of people have complimented me on like glowing and I know that's a thing like people say oh yeah like pregnancy glowing stuff but yeah I've just noticed a lot of people saying that to me and I do feel like I'm going I feel amazing on the inside and my skin feels amazing my hair feels like it's grown more than it has like in the longest time and yeah I just feel so healthy and vibrant and a nerd energized so yeah the first thing that I take is obviously my prenatal as you can see and it's called rainbow light and I don't take their DHA supplement but I just take their regular prenatal supplements and I get this off of Amazon and I love this that it's plant-based it has so many good vitamins in it and I definitely recommend if you're planning on taking a prenatal then check out the list on the back to see what what vitamins and minerals are in it and what you need to take what supplements or foods that you need to be incorporating into your diet to get all the nutrients into your diet for your baby so I did so much research and I'll leave a bunch of the links down below that I think are really good and that have helped me definitely recommend this one I love this one it has probiotics in it too so I've never been constipated and it has under and yeah it's just overall a very good supplement so the next thing that I sometimes take I don't take this on our regular basis but once in a while I'll take some blackstrap molasses on sulfur sorry you guys this is like the lighting is kind of on sulfur non-gmo blackstrap molasses and this has a lot of iron and like magnesium and good vitamins in it and it absorbs very well into your body so that's why I like taking this because this absorbs a lot better than like pills or like supplements and yeah I definitely love this I take kefir I make my own keeper with raw milk and yeah I love it I feel so good when I take it and actually there have been studies shown that the if your guts healthy and if you take like probiotics and stuff it actually goes into your baby and your makes your baby's gut health healthy too and the probiotics actually go into their systems – so I want to take some probiotics for sure and I don't like depending on one thing and this is more like a food so that's why I love taking kefir and I just do a little bit and then I do a into a glass of orange juice or sometimes I'll put it in my smoothies and I just mix it around and I drink it the first thing in the morning and then I wait a little bit to get the full benefits of it and then I eat and then also I take this supplement so I switch off from this one and the kefir and like I said I don't like just depending on one probiotic so that's what I do and I like that this one is refrigerated because I just feel like it's a lot better and yeah this is a very good one but any good quality one will work there isn't enough calcium in my prenatal pills so I do supplement with calcium but I don't only supplement with pills or powder I usually try to get all of my calcium in with raw milk or the kefir because both of those have a lot of calcium in them and yeah just check out my links below because I'll be leaving some links below about calcium that are very interesting and foods that you can eat instead of supplementing but sometimes when you know I don't drink enough calcium or take enough calcium don't have enough in my day I'll just quickly take some calcium minutes I love having a supplement on-hand for that reason so this one I took throughout most of my pregnancy this is the coral calcium so it's vegan it doesn't have any dairy in it this is organic all-natural and I like this one but I hated hated hated the taste I just almost couldn't take it like sometimes I gagged early in my pregnancy because it the taste of it just tastes disgusting so I love this one this is has very good reviews it's also very cheap but I just love having like a calcium on hand and this is the calcium citrate and this is what most doctors recommend and so with the calcium I hyatt like taking magnesium this magnesium i like the spray and you can also make your own DIY you can google it but Meganium i like the spray on because i think it absorbs like six times better than the regular magnesium and the reason why i take magnesium is because it helps the calcium absorb better into your body and i don't recommend this one that i have right here but just get the original magazine magnesium spray and yeah it it's it's amazing I definitely love this this has lasted us for like so so long before I got pregnant even with my baby we already had this so it's and it's like halfway gone so this lasts so long and I do like five pumps on my belly or I just do five pumps in my hand and then rub it in my lower back because sometimes in my lower back is kind of like sore or just is maybe a little uncomfortable and that helps a lot with like just relaxing and with soreness magnesium's and overall amazing amazing supplement to take definitely even if you're not pregnant even if you know of someone that's not pregnant magnesium is definitely what I'll probably be taking for it it was my life so the next one is vitamin C so I get most of my vitamin C through my diet because I do like a lot of fruits and there's a lot of vitamin C in the fruit that I eat I do oranges you know all the vitamin C foods but I do have supplements that I like to add into my smoothie just for an extra boost or if I'm if I've had like a runny nose and stuff this winter a little bit and then I took vitamin C and it's just yeah we love to keep it on hand and these are both very good but I love this one probably better because this one this one tastes better and it's like it has this berry flavor sour flavor – and I love the sourness of flavor and it also looks very pretty and this one I don't mind this one it's a very healthy one organic vitamin C yeah I think I got this off of Vita cost but yeah I love both of them but most days I don't supplement with them but once a while I like adding a boost and it's good to keep these on hand so when you're pregnant you want to be taking a prenatal and also a DHA supplement of some kind and I do cod liver oil and there's like a lot of controversy with cod liver oil but I'll leave some links down below of why I take it and I DEP like there's so much good stuff about cod liver oil some benefits it has DHA and DHA and also it has vitamin D and vitamin A in it and I just I feel like this is definitely one of the reasons why my skin and hair and nails and brain just feel so good I feel like a lot has to do with cod liver oil and make sure to get a good brand of cod liver oil good quality I always get mine off of Amazon but yeah just I'd take this a couple times a week kind of like I would with eating fish I like you don't wanna I don't overdo it so I just take this a couple times a week maybe three four times a week and I love this stuff I mean some people hate the flavor but I actually don't mind the fish flavor but yeah I just I love love love love this the next supplements that I'll be taking are more not something that you need to have but I like to have them just for labor and yeah just for like extra so the first one you know share is red raspberry leaf tea and I've been taking this since I was 14 weeks pregnant do your own research on what when you want to take for when you want to take this I also did some links down below from red raspberry leaf tea but I kind of just took it like once in awhile like 14 weeks but I I've been taking it more religiously or constantly how are we doing since probably more like 25 30 ish weeks and yeah I do like infuse tea with this so it has like a lot more of the tea in the infusion there's yeah however you say it like that it draws out the minerals and vitamins and all the good stuff out more into the water if you infuse it and then I just have like a whole jar for a whole week and or sometimes I'll do two jars depends how much I'm taking it that week and then I just dump it into I do like one one-fourth or one-third of the infusion into another mason jar and then I filled that up with water and then I'll add like lemon or honey and yeah I just drink that throughout the day and it tastes so good and I love it I've definitely felt like this has helped like vaginally so it helps tone the like vagina for birth and I think I definitely have known a dip like I've seen a difference not seen but felt a difference down there from this stuff so yeah I recommend this and I love taking this one similar product to the red raspberry leaf tea is the evening primrose and this I take vaginally and by the mouth and this helps with this helps with actually I'll just like put a thing down here so that you know what I'm talking about cuz yeah my my kind of a brain fart right now anyways it you can also just have like a lot of sex and it kind of does the same thing and also I just wanted to mention with the red raspberry leaf tea I also do take other teas but this is my favorite and I also take like milky oat tops and nettle leaf once in a while just whenever I want tea but this I take more religiously so bone broth I love this I hated this stuff right at first but now I absolutely love it since I know how to take it but yeah right at first I didn't know how to mix it in or whatever it has like a bone broth flavor so it's like Oh like it on its own it tastes it doesn't taste good unless you want to be drinking bone broth but for me I rather put like protein powders and stuff in my smoothies so I learned how to take this and I've I usually do this and like two cups of milk with a scoop of this and then what else do I do like maple syrup or honey and sometimes I do do that or sometimes I'll do chocolate syrup I know that's like unhealthy but it tastes amazing and this kind of like makes the milk or whatever like foam up a little bit and there's I can't think of like the other recipes I use it in but it gives it like that foamy a little bit foamy more like Airy smoothie type and yeah I love this and I usually just I usually don't take like a whole serving because it just says one heaping scoop and usually I do like one scoop and under maybe like a half just to give it that extra like airiness but not to like for the flavor to take over like my smoothie or something but make sure that you have a blender if you're using this it actually says on it here somewhere that it doesn't mix like if you just stir it in so you have to have like a electric blender required yeah but yeah I love this stuff so many benefits to collagen like you probably already know all the benefits but yeah if you don't just type it in on the web and a bunch of stuff will pop up this stuff is awesome up until 20 weeks of my pregnancy I took this stuff protest and I went through a whole bottle and I think this is the second one and this it's not half way but it's like up until here and this stuff my mid what a midwife recommended it to me when I had a miscarriage and she said that this'll help like balance the hormones and stuff and I definitely feel like I just I just felt so good I did have some morning sickness but this I just feel like overall I had an amazing experience cuz when I had when I was pregnant at the other time I didn't feel good at all like I felt sick I just didn't feel good but with this stuff I felt like it helped out a lot and I didn't my homerooms weren't like up and down like so much like it was in my other pregnancy and I feel like this had a huge part to play in that when I get my period sometime again I'm guessing that I'll be taking this since this just helps a lot with hormones and stuff and all of this stuff I think I got on Amazon or I got at a health food store near me but a lot of this stuff you can find on Amazon

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