23 Replies to “Pregnancy Surprise Announcements (Amazing Moments) Compilation by Awesome Life”

  1. My dream is to have a daughter but unfortunately this is difficult in my country because I'm poor 💔💔

  2. Now that I am a blubbering mess. Thank you for sharing. I am a grandma 6 times, but I know I am gonna ball my eyes out when my youngest son tells me he's gonna be a Daddy. LOL

  3. Yeahhhh, my mother passed out as well😂🤣!! My dad just looked at me with so much awe and love, I started bawling…Someone finally helped my mom get up the floor, it was priceless!!

  4. Not always happy to be there, but there are some families .. God damnnnn now you are pregnant again??😁😁😁

  5. Women: AAAGGGRRRHHHH!!!! WOOOOOOOO!!!!! OMMMG!!!! You lured him in now you don't have to work again and he has to pay you.

    Guys: F*** it this wasn't supposed to happen with her

  6. My wife is an asshole both of our kids she announced to me in the worst way she could think of. 5 years married for our first she sits down next to me and says "don't punch me in the face I'm pregnant" Now I've never hit her… we barely even fight. But I almost wanted to punch her in the face for ruining the announcement

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