Pregnancy Tape | Pregnancy Taping for Back and Belly Button Pain During Pregnancy

hey thanks for tuning in to our channel
again cozy bump pregnancy tips today we will be going over a couple different
pregnancy taping techniques and it’s gonna help with diaphragm as well as belly
button pain ( during pregnancy ) and if you stay through it the rest of the video somewhere I’m not
going to tell you where in the video would it be throwing a special code
that’s gonna give you a discount on some of our products such as pregnancy tape cozy
bump or massagers and also our newer product which is called the belly band okay so for the diaphragm taping
technique we’re going to do is want to measure from the base of the ribs over
here up at the top of the stomach to the N
over here all right then I’m going to take the tape when I
cut it just like such boom then we’re going to do for that is we’re going to
search for the center of it just that put a crease that’s me that’s me our
center anchor then for the edges like much of our other videos we round off
the edges to increase the life of the tape just because if you leave the
pointy ends there what’s gonna happen it’s a caught on clothing and you’ll be
able to keep the tapers on as long as you’d want to the tape should be able to
last five to seven days you can wear in the pool the ocean I can wear it doing
athletic activities so on and so forth we want to do here is I’m gonna have you
lift your hands over your head okay and then exhale well you can breathe
normally that’s it but riser to put this on here I want you to just do an
exercise just saying get a good spot for the anchor okay make sure not to touch the tape okay and
go out an exhale there you go number two rub that for to activate the adhesive
then we’re not going to apply any tension here you can breathe normally
and that will play any tension here we’re gonna do tape off tension which is
10% I’m just gonna follow it’s gonna pull it back just a little bit I’m just
gonna follow the ribs just like that then go ahead and take this part and rub
that to activate the adhesive okay and then just turn this way a little bit
okay and the same thing again take this finger right here place it behind here
take this tape off tension I’m just gonna follow on the line in the stomach
and go towards the base of the ribs taking this here and go ahead and
rubbing that activate the adhesive I can go to put your forearms down okay
the next step what we’re gonna do here is we’re going to do here to here and
what that’s gonna do is it’s gonna help with not only just supporting the
stomach but it’s also gonna help with belly button pain because as your
stomach’s growing it starts to push out on the belly button and you have a
little bit of pain there so taping it up a little bit it’s gonna help with with
that that a little bit of pressure you have on it as well as provide the
support because you’re growing bump right now is apply additional pressure
to your lower back because you’re not used to carry so much weight outwards
okay the first step here is we’re going to increase about an intricate and rip that off this is VR anger just
like that okay it’s put your photos back perfect then
we’re going to search for the base the stomach which is about right here I’m
gonna apply it I’m gonna rub that to activate the adhesive so that’s just a
little bit more sorry there you go activate the adhesive just like such and
then you just pull the tape off again it’s just tape off tension you’re not
applying any pressure to this perfect take the wax side of the paper and go
ahead and just rub that guy activate the adhesive okay now the next step is going to be the
support belt okay what I’m gonna do here is I’m gonna look be looking just for
just about the almost the back your back right there
just applying here just turn with me that’s it there okay and what this is
it’s pretty much a replacement for the stone-age maternity belt you might have
heard me say that some of other videos as well it’s in a supply and so to
support all of the weight the base your stomach again like in the other videos
you know round off the edges like such well and just if we did for the
diaphragm we fold it for the center and the reason why we’re doing that is to
find the center of the stomach and where to put your base anchor just like that
flip it over do a light tear pull back about an inch and the other side about
another inch then what I’m going to do because in the
search for right where the sin of the stomach was just like this rubber to
activate the adhesive and I’m gonna do is take the same finger
behind it and I’m gonna just glide it like this just turn with me as I’m going
perfect following the line of the stomach just pull I want a little bit on
the jeans it’s perfectly fine we didn’t activate the adhesive yet so you can
pull back a little bit go ahead I’m gonna pull your shirt off there you go
perfect and taking the wax side of it I mean just like such okay and then turn
the other side taking the same finger behind it for the tape off tension and
following the line of the stomach just like that now if you were wearing a
maternity belt you wouldn’t be able to really put British it down perfect
you’d be bulky it’d be itching your skin you wouldn’t even it wouldn’t be
appropriate this so close you bump the pricing tape you don’t even know you
have it on how’s it feel all right good hey thanks for watching our video if
you’re interested in learning more tips and tricks I have help of back pain
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