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  1. Hi friends! Thank you so much for being here and supporting us! We have a wonderful YouTube family!(and FB and IG) If you are on IG – see more there!!! www.instagram.com/carissabarzee/

  2. You may save money and just buy the amazon bulk test strips. They work just as well. Its what drs use. Ive used them when i found out pregnancy.

  3. Hi try to take vitamins E with folic acid its work its good for woman infertility and try not stress 😊😊

  4. My husband and I struggled to get pregnant for 4 years for unexplained infertility. I started taking my-insituol , maca root, vitamin c, zinc , folic acid, and prenatals. My husband took maca root, vitamin c, zinc and folic acid and we got pregnant right away. I’m now 20 weeks along. Don’t loose hope momma!

  5. keep fighting Carissa. I had my miscarriage on January.. feel ur pain too.. it is so traumatic
    we have been waiting for 1 year but it was gone

    now we are trying to conceive again

  6. You guys are already parents. Your babies are just in Heaven. You will one day be parents on earth, as well. God has a plan.

  7. Oh, that was so cute "The Puppy Is Jealous" My opinion, falling asleep after sex, don't get up all night. Do not clean up until morning & no doubt a baby will transpire.

  8. When my husband and I went through infertility we were told by the doctor to take a vacation, relax, quit thinking about pregnancy and it will happen. That's what we did! We took a vacation and didn't think of pregnancy for ine second. We just enjoyed each other's company and that's where we conceived on vacation! Oh yeah we tried the legs in the air trick also which didn't work for us either. But as soon as we quit trying to make it happen, quit worrying, stressing about it and put it in God's hands we had our son! Best of luck to you and your husband!

  9. Stay strong and don't give up. It's hard on relationships but it will make you both closer. You are amazing and one day your rainbow baby will be here. I'm in the same boat so I know the feeling. You both will be amazing parents when it happens.

  10. It might be time to look into your nutrition to see if you’re getting enough vitamins/minerals/nutrition since you’re already doing everything else correctly. Check out Judy Simon of Mind Body Nutrition. She helped me and many other women. She herself had unexplained infertility and went on to have two healthy kids, and she teaches a lot of nutrition lessons to fortify your body.

  11. Hey Carissa, I really admire your heart throughout this whole tough journey. I am wondering, I hope this is not too invasive..but have you gotten a pH swab test before ? It's something that most people don't think about and maybe even some doctors.

  12. It took me 10 years to get my baby and it was 10 ,months after surgery and treatment, we had given up, so never stop hoping. Hugs.

  13. I think you’re both so lovely and a good way of turning this into a positive( which is what I’ve had to do) is you know it’s all working you still have periods and you have been pregnant. You only need one good egg and 1 seed my babe. So stay strong x

  14. I’m blowing baby dust your way guys., I’m on 2ww (5DPO). It’s my 2nd cycle after miscarriage. That horrible feeling of a negative test is crap. I know you will fall when you least expect it. Xxxxxxxxxx

  15. I totally understand how you feel. My hubby and I have been trying for baby #2 for over 2yrs now. We just don't know why it isn't happening?! But hunny God is great!! And he has a plan for us all. Get closer to God and just trust in him with all your heart. He will bless you with your sweet baby!

  16. Please please try Geritol tonic before u go to firtity clinic please it's over the counter and please try it before you all waste your money I'm beginning u please

  17. I’m so glad that. Your hubby is so supportive ! My hubby isn’t 😢 I miscarried in September and he was there for me the first week but hasn’t been since 😢😢 I’ve been so down and he’s never here for me to talk to

  18. It took my husband and I 10 years and 6 miscarriages to finally have our son. We would love to have another baby. I have had 4 miscarriages since having my son and just had surgery for endometriosis. Please dont give up and keep your head up. It will happen. There are lots of people rooting for you guys.

  19. Im 7 months post miscarriage. But 9 days late for my period. Negative preganancy tests though 🙁 after two years of trying we finally got pragnant. Losing that baby at 13 weeks turned my life upside down 🙁 I just want to be done.

  20. I’m on my 4th round of femara this month TTC for baby #2 it’s been 11 months of trying for this one. I have stage 4 endometriosis and have had 4 surgeries. 1 surgery was how I got pregnant with my son. I’ve been on progesterone for the last 4 months.. praying for you guys to get your BFP! It’s frustrating but you just gotta keep going and keep the faith! 🙏🏼

  21. you guys are so brave, I pray you become pregnant sooner than later. and you can become pregnant any time God chooses don't be bummed because you'll be out the the 3 month window.. don't give up!!

  22. The patience and love you two show for each other is incredible to watch. I'm devastated for you both. We're all praying for you. Please don't ever give up, especially on each other. You two (okay, three. Can't forget the pup) are such a power team.

  23. I just had a failed iui. It’s so hard, especially when you want it so bad, and are hoping for the best! Baby dust sent your way! 💜

  24. Your beautiful rainbow is going to come 🌈
    That baby is going to be so loved, so cherished, treasured.
    It’s going to happen.
    You are going to create a beautifully made family, and it’s going to be perfect 🌈

  25. I have only recently discovered your channel, but instantly subscribed as you are a lovely couple with great authenticity. Perhaps I haven't grasped the full story yet, but I don't understand why you are trying IUI when, ICSI or IVF have a much higher success rate? Whatever your path, you will be parents ( you actually are already to you lovely dog) and then all will fall into place. Wishing you only the best xx

  26. Have you counted how many days your luteal phase is, if it is under about 12 days between Ovulation and starting you cycle than you could have issues with not enough time for proper implantation causing early loss or implantation failures. Thinking of you it is so hard.

  27. I could see the pain in your eyes every time you get a negative Carissa. I am 26 years old, I had an ectopic pregnancy 5 years ago and ever since then I haven’t been able to get pregnant. The pain of loosing my first baby is so hard to overcome and it just makes things worse by not getting a second chance, not pregnant. I love you and admire the person you are. Keep going at it. Fight strong. I’m with you every step of the way. I will try to be a strong person too and keep working and praying for a miracle. Don’t be to tough on yourself. Love you lots! Sending LOTS of baby dust your way. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  28. These things can take a lot of time dear : )
    Stay positive and DO NOT stress about it. Let it happen! Easier said then done? I know, but you create stress when you keep thinking about it which works against you.
    I conceived my first easily. My second baby…took way longer than we expected. Then I just decided to stop taking pregnancy tests, no ovulation tests…I just let it go. Shortly after that I was peeling garlic and felt very nauseous from the smell, which was different than usual. Turned out I was pregnant. Took my husband until the ultrasound to fully believe I was pregnant bcs it took so long.
    Hang in there dear. It will come. Try to enjoy the baby free pregnancy free time while you can bcs one day that will be gone. Spending time with hubby will be hard. Getting time to spend alone will be non-existant.
    And the longer you have to wait to get pregnant, the more special it feels when it finally happens : )

  29. I’m so sorry 🙁 Please don’t give up. Your miracle pregnancy was what kept me going after our third failed IVF transfer in February. I was absolutely crushed and heartbroken but your vlog gave me hope that maybe, just maybe we’ll manage to get pregnant on our own… and we did! I got pregnant naturally in March despite having endometriosis, PCOS, a luteal phase defect, uterus bicornis AND male factor infertility. You will get there, don’t give up hope <3

  30. <3 <3 <3 I know it´s hard. One day you will get the positiv test, and you both are going to be the best parents <3

  31. Hi Carissa, I've also been fighting infertility and I've watched all your videos over the last year or so. I heard you both say here that the infertility cause is "unknown". After following your entire journey here, I'd like to suggest that it is perhaps an egg quality issue. My infertility journey had been very similar to yours. My RE told me that endometriosis (which I also have) can effect egg quality because of the inflammatory response, even after it is surgically removed. Like you, I also had a failed IVF cycle due to all my eggs either not fertilizing properly, or dying shortly after fertilization. This is an indication that the egg quality is poor. It also explains the miscarriage I had. The baby had an abnormal number of chromosomes, which caused him/her to miscarry. Again, this is due to my poor egg quality. Did you do genetic testing on your 2 babies when you miscarried to see if a chromosome issue was the cause? Also, have you gotten your amh or day 3 fsh checked? Those 2 tests can indicate egg quality as well. Our next step is to pursue an egg donor. Good luck to you in your journey, and I hope you can figure out what the cause of the infertility is (whether egg quality or not), as it may provide you with some closure, understanding, and a plan moving forward. <3

  32. I know the struggle guys. Had a misscarige last year in March and kept trying to get pregnant and nothing happened until September when we stopped trying. So I'd suggest to not get too stressed about it and relax and enjoy your relationship. Will help to get pregnant again and stay so. Good luck guys ❤

  33. Im so sorry you guys haven't gotten pregnant. Its so difficult when you want a baby and you can't get pregnant. I got pregnant 8 months after my miscarriage. So my body takes awhile to recover. At the moment I'm considering trying again but after 2 stillbirths it really scares me. Hopefully the doctor is able to help you guys conceive. Wishing you the best 💕💕💕

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