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  1. Hi there – Colin from Love What Matters here. We tell stories of hope, compassion, support, kindness and healing. I'm interested in featuring your beautiful video on Love What Matters. May we have permission to post? Thank you!

  2. Currently on my ttc journey, reminding myself it’s Gods timing not mine, and watching other women find out, I can’t wait ♥️

  3. Congratulations. I'm so happy for you. I will be praying for you and the baby to be healthy and happy.

  4. I’m super happy for you! I did laugh to myself though when she was talking about feeling flutters like a baby moving, but she was only maybe 2-3 weeks along…..sweetheart, that was gas😂

  5. What’s the difference between an ovulation test and a pregnancy test I’m so sorry I’m not good at this❤️❤️❤️this made me cry xx

  6. This is the best live test I've seen. This month I wasn't planning to become pregnant as I've lost two pregnancies in a row. I tried so hard not to get excited but I felt exactly how you did. Just inside haha. Im on progesterone to try and help this baby stick. I'm so nervous for the first appointment.

  7. SEEMS SO IMPERSONAL WITHOUT YOUR HUSBAND THERE AND YOU POSTING TO THOUSANDS OF STRANGERS ON THE INTERNEt FIRST….WEIRD AND BIZARRE…you took the intimacy and specialness with your husband away with such a wonderful moment and treating it like a 14 year old girl game

  8. Hey, I'm sorry but I watched your video without sound cause mine is broken, but I don't see a second line and the second test says no but everyone says congrats and you thanked god so now I'm a bit confused. By the way, if it was positive, congrats to you 🙂

  9. U cry just i did bfre, when were just married n also my cousins r shring the sme year was preggy but im not.. N i was alone in bathroom, n i dont know how mny times i do the test, but its ne-.. Im breakdown n i called my mom said, i cant stand people keep asking me n telling me their daughter preggy.. They're so meant.. 😢 " hey rihana, my daughter is preggy, how abt urs..", "hey, hana u know tht bla bla is preggy, its ur preggy too?.. Can they keep their mouth shut up n be calm, i know tht u r exciting to be grandma!!

  10. Yup that made me cry ❤😭 such a beautiful reaction. So real and raw and DESERVING!! I'm so excited for u!

  11. You are a beautiful cryer!!!!! I am so happy for you beautiful you deserve this when you ask God for a miracle he’s quick to answer! Congrats I know this was a few months back but still this is amazing and I love it so much I am done with my TTC journey I have 3 kiddos and we are perfectly happy with what God gave us and cherish them so much! All my love if you have a PO box let me know I want to send baby some goodies and momma daddy and big sisters to!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👏👍🏻🎊🎈

  12. Congrats!! 😭😭I just give birth to my first baby, a boy on 12/16/18 after a 12 weeks miss miscarriage last year in July and also after 12 years of trying!!!! We were truly blessed to conceived twice naturally even thought we loss our first one and hoping to have more baby soon! 😀. The eight months in between losing and finding out I was pregnant again, was the hardest, I cried everyday, asking why?! I tried so long, why was it taking away from me when it was giving to me in the first place? I didn’t understand why, I was so depressed, when I found out I was pregnant again, I was happy but didn’t want to get to happy. I cried and hate going to all the ultrasound because of the fear of bad news. I was so nervous throughout the pregnancy and didn’t buy any baby stuff till I was about 36 weeks. I am writing this and crying, looking at my sweet baby boy. My husband and I, ask each other how we still can’t believe we have a baby, who is ours, we made him! Lol. We are just so happy, even though I am currently #nosleep, and my days are consist of feeding him, changing diapers, staying up all night, it’s so worth it 😍. Again, congrats and a happy/ healthy pregnancy to you and baby!

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