hey guys welcome back to my channel um today we had our first baby draw after two week wait after our first ever embryo transfer of two embryos which are the prettiest little pack of cells that I've ever seen in my entire life I'm sorry I'm Brian couldn't be here for this video because he was supposed to be home but of course as luck would have it his flight had to be changed to a later time putting him coming home at 10:40 p.m. and it's not 10:40 p.m. not even close I would be dead asleep right now so I'm taking on this video by myself and he is fine with it so I'm here to tell you guys the results of our beta and I'm already gonna cry because Brian and I are pregnant I actually knew going into the beta that it was gonna be a positive result because of a combination of things like it just feels so weird saying that like I tried to film this once already and like when I say those two words together I'm pregnant like I just didn't know if I'd ever be able to say that again and I'm crying happily like I'm happy but I'll kind of get into like more of why I'm so like but like I was saying this video was gonna be all over the place I knew going into the beta it was gonna be a positive result because during the two-week way I did updates of like symptoms on Instagram and like at the last minute I before the beta I had to take a pregnancy test because I think that for me personally it was very important to know going into it what to expect I didn't want to be blindsided by it negative especially like that's the main reason that I did that is because to think this whole time with the symptoms that I had I was like pretty convinced that I was pregnant and I did not want to go in and be blindsided by negative so I felt like take a test at the time that I know for sure will let me know either way and I am NOT gonna share that footage with you guys I originally wanted to I filmed it too as a plan to share but the emotion on that video is just so like overwhelming and you can't even understand a word that I'm saying it's such a special moment and I think I'm going to keep that for my husband and myself like I can't even like hardly breathe because one of the main things that I was scared of going in IVF was that it wasn't going to work at all so the fact that at least one of these embryos may be both we don't know have implanted means that at least it was successful in that sense I mean we still have a long way to go it's kind of like get positive beta then get a second positive beta to make sure that it's doubled then after that you kind of have to wait for the ultrasound and that's a whole nother scary thing in itself but in this moment I'm just choosing to be joyous that we are pregnant and just thank God for this life that he's given us that I honestly didn't think I would ever be in a situation again like there were times that I really started to doubt whether I was ever gonna be able to have any more children and again it's so early and it's so scary and there's a lot more things we have to go through before this because this is like a sure thing but I'm just so grateful that you guys are here to share this with us and to be a part of this with us no matter what happens I mean I would have told you guys anyways no matter what happened if we would have had a zero today I would have told you guys like I'm gonna tell you no matter what happens and in this pregnancy hopefully a successful pregnancy and I will update you guys on our second beta when we get it obviously at this moment I am feeling very happy and very overwhelmed but I'm scared you know we have to have a number that doubles and that that can be very scary so I'm just keeping my faith and you know not forgetting those signs that God showed me before we did this transfer and I'm just holding on to that and continuing to pray like I've been praying this entire time because I'm gonna be like overwhelmed probably for the next few weeks like waiting for each individual thing and one of the main reasons besides my husband asking me to keep our beta day a secret in one reason why I really wanted to control over when I put this video up is because I have a lot of friends right now who are going through what we've been going through for two and a half years I have a friend who transferred two embryos and neither of them implanted in a my heart does broke in half for her and you know who you are watching and she was like oh she only had three embryos not only 3 3 is a good number but she transferred her to like not long before we dead and my heart just broke for her and like it's like how can I like you tell her be happy whenever she just went through that so I wanted to make sure that I was able to talk to my friends who are going through this and make sure I approach this in a certain way where it's giving them hope but not making them feel sad because I know how hard it is when you're trying for a baby in for a pregnancy for a long time and your friends are like oh we're pregnant you know it no matter what no matter who it is no matter how long they've tried it really stings a little bit so I just wanted to be able to tell those who are close to me and those who are in the same boat as me first and make sure I got that out and could have reached them and talked to them before I posted this video as well so that was another reason why we had to kind of wait a little bit so the time that you're seeing this video we've had our first Veda now probably for two or three days I have to wait a few days just like there's one person that I really needed need to talk to who I know watches my channel and I really want to talk to her I just haven't found that moment that time to talk to her about it um and I'm just like like I cannot believe it like it I don't even like like with our daughter anus and we found out we were pregnant it was just by chance at my yearly physical that we found out that I was already pregnant so he never had to kind of go through this scary emotional like holding your breath like waiting for the beta and waiting for the first ultrasound we found out we were pregnant with her we were like fine we hadn't hopeful sound like right away she was fine like I didn't experience any of like being scared or anything like that and it's so real to be excited and cautiously moving forward and right now I kind of feel like I'm cautiously pregnant um but like I said I think everything that I'm feeling is pretty normal I don't think that I'm weird I think that everyone goes through this and with with IVF you're finding out sooner than a lot of people find out but yeah and I just I don't even know I cannot believe I'm saying the words I'm pregnant and I hope that this video and bee hope for any of you and some of you have had negative betas over the past few weeks and that messaged me on Instagram about it and some of you have had positives and if we have successful pregnancies will be pregnant together and that would be so amazing and again I'm sorry Brian couldn't be here but I have his blessing to film this video for you guys and he gets really weird whenever I cry because he's just he's so happy but he's not that he's not like me like an emotional wreck he's a lot more calm so yeah God I'm just so thankful and I just want to say to you guys thank you so much for being a part of this IVF journey this trying to conceive journey from the beginning and I hope that this is the start of a very long and successful pregnancy and that we have a take home baby or babies inside the next update I'd give you guys will be after our second blood draw and if our number doubles we then will schedule an ultrasound and that's when we'll find out if one or two are in there I'm kind of like what's in there I guess it's almost odd not knowing like what's in there and so I'm just praising God thanking him for them because I don't know what's in there I kind of feel like there's two in there I'm not gonna lie just because the second I found out I was pregnant I can't even say that word without like what the hell it just feels like so surreal even though I've like known about it for at least like 48 hours now um I just can't it's so surreal but when I found out like I immediately just felt like I was pregnant with twins which is kind of scary because I don't want to go to like the ultrasound and feel like sad if there's only one I don't want to be focused on feeling sad I wanted happy so we'll see I'm just gonna keep praying about it and praising God for the life that he has chosen to give me and my husband in our family and I will update you guys on our second Veda um and I'm still praying for all of you that are going through this and like obviously I talked about survivor's guilt and I'm already feeling it and like it's only been like 48 hours but I just I care about all of you trying to conceive going through infertility because I know how hard it is a I don't necessarily think that I'm kind of out of the woods yet but this is an awesome start and finding up that debate is positive and there's just nothing like this feeling and I feel like I've achieved something that we've just tried so hard for and I'm just I don't ever want to take it for granted and I never like even when I complain about anything so thank you guys again so much for watching this video I'm sorry that I couldn't like get it together but I just feel like I finally conquered something and I really hope that this doesn't make you guys sad I hope that it just gives you hope and yeah thank you so much for watching we will see you guys in a few days whenever we have our second beta and yeah bye guys


  1. I just came across your video. So happy fro you and the twins. I just had my first transfer and it was not a success . You give me hope and I am going back in July for another one . Please all the TTC ladies out there pray for me and my husband we have been trying to almost 4 years. I hope to see a pregnancy test one at the beginning of august. Please give advises , pray for us. people stories on Youtube gives me hope. Thank you for sharing. God bless you.

  2. I just found your channel and I am sobbing right now with happiness for you guys!! My husband and I are starting our protocol (hopefully) at the end of this month and it is so helpful to watch your videos!!

  3. Congratulations!! I'm so happy for you! This was a fresh transfer correct? We're starting our first round and I still can't figure out if I want to do fresh or FET. I start injections day after tomorrow! Love keeping up with your story

  4. Thank you for sharing! It gives me so much hope for our Ivf. You took the words right out of my mouth about wondering if I will ever have another child.

  5. I am 39 years old and I am going through IVF I’m meeting with the doctor on Wednesday to start everything I had a question how many times did you guys try before you got pregnant with the IVF I am so scared but I leave it up to gods hands

  6. I can totally relate ! IVF is not only on a huge strain on psychological but also on physical terms 🌸🌸🌸🌸good luck to you ! I really envy u , there are many women who had been going thru all but still in vain 😔😔😔😕☹️

  7. Congratulations mama! I just had a little IVF nugget and I completely understand the surreal feeling of that positive result. So glad I found your channel, can't wait to follow you through this journey. So happy for you and your family <3

  8. Congratulations! I love watching these videos. My husband and I also went through IVF last year and we were blessed with a miracle in October and she is now 8 months old. I’ll be watching all your updates. Congratulations again! IVF is not easy!

  9. New subscriber here! Congrats to you! I just found out I am pregnant after miscarriage. I am choosing to be joyful as well. So happy for you!

  10. Congratulations darling. How did you go about telling your friends that struggle? My partner and I have just found out we’re expecting (naturally). However my 2 sister in laws are going through ivf and I don’t want to rub it in or make them feel shitty.

  11. Yaaaay! I am a avid watcher and it’s a beautiful thing! Cry! It’s okay! I did the same when i found out 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  12. I'm facing egg retrieval next week…… I found you and your story tonight. Thank you for giving me hope. <3

  13. Yay for you!!! I am the mom of twin boys after 3 years of trying!! Just yesterday my twins finished middle school and it brought me back to the days that I thought I would never be mom, Enjoy this time of your life…: )

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