Pregnancy test with salt I positive salt test at home I home pregnancy test with salt

homemade pregnancy test with salt The salt pregnancy test is often considered as one of the most reliable pregnancy tests. Salt is crystalline and hence is a pure chemical. It can detect hCG in your urine and test whether you are pregnant. Requirements: One bowl/ cup clean and dry – preferably transparent (like glass container) Morning urine sample
Common Salt Test Procedure: Take a fresh sample of urine from the first exertion of the morning in the bowl. Add a small quantity of salt to the sample (about two pinches). Test results: Negative: If there’s no change in the salt-urine mixture then you are not pregnant. Positive: If the urine sample starts turning into a milky and cheesy solution then it is a positive indicator of pregnancy.

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  1. Hi sis yenakku enaki than period date yeppavum yennaku early morning la yee period aerum but enaki apidi agala but over light blood kalandha madhiri white discharge achu so pregnant aa erukkanum vaippu erukka

  2. Hii sis….entha test na today panni pathan sis salt Disolved Aakittu sis…..but enaku period Vara innum 6 days irukku…..eppo ithu test pannathu crt da irukkuma sis na pregnant than irukkana salt fulla karachi Mela oru mathiri sign aakunathu pls reply me sis……

  3. Hi mam enaku Lmp june 20 inum period agala july 27 mattum light a Brown discharge achu Today n'a Intha urine test panuna salt dissolve aiduchu ithu confirm thana mam Tody 41 day

  4. Na ithu try pannen… 90% salt dissolve aaiduchu.. Lite ah shake panna cheesy aa anga anga Lite ah irukku (therala therala ya) what does it mean?
    41days aachu reply me please

  5. sis na card vangi test panni paththen negative nu than varuthu sis romba kastama iruku innaiyoda 40 days aguthu sis ean ean negative katuthu

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