Pregnancy Tips Mansplained | Dude Dad

Hey whats up guys. My name is Taylor and as most of you know,
my wife is super pregnant right now. So we thought it would be fun to do an episode
about pregnancy tips. But she doesn’t really like to be on camera. So… I’m gunna do it. This tip is about comfort because this is
the most uncomfortable time of your life. So i suggest lots and lots of extra pillows. I like to take one and stick it right between
my knees here. and then the other one I just put underneath my belly like a nice little
belly foundation. And then you just cozy in. This next tip is about your underwire bras. Your organs are pushing up right now making
your rib cage expand apart which is making this little wire dig in underneath your bosoms. So you wanna just go ahead and avoid the underwire
bras all together. Kosher. Alright deep breath. Alright roll over. The next tip is the chiropractor. Your bones are literally shifting out of place
so it’s a good idea to see a chiropractor to make sure that your pelvis stays balanced. This will reduce the chance of your baby being
breach. Deep breath. My next tip is for your wardrobe. Buying a whole new wardrobe that you’ll only
wear for 9 months is ridiculous so I suggest borrowing clothes from a friend. Hey Randy. Hey! Oh my God you look so good. Stop it! Hey thank you so much. These look great. Hey let me know if you need any pumps or flats
or anything, ok. Thanks Randy! Ok Buddy. And now I’ll pay it forward and buy a few
things myself to share. HEY. One for the road. Thanks Randy! The next tip is about sugar cravings. A lot of pregnant women say they experience
cravings for sweets during pregnancy. A good way hold those cravings at bay is with
a nice natural berry. Oh my beloved. AHHHHGGG. Chocolate. Chocolate! I’m not proud of myself. Ahhhh. The next great tip a lavender epson salt bath. It will help to sooth your muscles and skin,
it reduces stress and it is great for your digestive system. Come here Here we go. here we go. oohhhh. The next tip is exercise. Good frequent exercise will help with your
blood flow. Which will decrease the chances of swelling. It will also increase your stamina. Which will really come in handy during labor. Muffin.

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