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  1. I️ was group b strep positive, and they gave me antibiotics intravenously when I️ went into labor but was able to move around and have an all natural birth at a birth center I️ delivered my baby girl 2 wks ago! So don’t worry !

  2. Hi Jade!! it was wonderful to watch your update 🙂 you're glowing and your baby bump it's so adorable!!!! Be calm, breath and relax. You'll do an amazing job! 🙂 XO

  3. I had to do blood tests for preeclampsia after almost every midwife appointment and ended up being induced. My son is now 7 months old and gorgeous ❤️ I was pumped full of antibiotics for my high temperature, had IV fluid and the sintocin or whatever it's called during labour to help bring on contractions. I ended up needing an epidural because the sintocin made my contractions come on every 20 seconds or so and I couldn't handle the jandle. Despite all that went awry from my birth plan, I love my birthing story and I'm so happy he arrived safe and sound. Best of all best luck to you babe, you're gonna do great no matter what happens. My partner calls the stretch marks on my tummy his son's angel wings and he couldn't come out until they were fully grown 😍😍

  4. I call my stretch marks "Tiger stripes"- because I earnt them!!!!
    You're on the home stretch now, enjoy!

  5. None of my friends have been pregnant before so pregnancy is just so strange to me. Like you're literally growing a human and that's so incredible to think about.

  6. I was induced because the baby had stopped growing and ended up in a c section and it wasnt that bad!! I was mobile the next day and the pain was managable with panadol by day 2! They're not as bad as you may think if you have to have one and at the end of the day it doesnt matter how the baby gets here, just that she gets here safely ❤❤

  7. You’re not huge! You’re beautiful! I have troubles getting pregnant and all that, too, so I just look at your belly and I’m so happy for you and I can’t wait till it’s my turn. Try to rest up as much as you can. Even though you’re probably super uncomfortable now. Sending all the positive vibes for you in the hopes you don’t have pre-eclampsia. Xxxx

  8. I had strep B with my second pregnancy and I had an all natural, no drugs (not even gas) with her. She was born fine 🙂 don’t stress about that one.
    Labour and birth is scary no matter how many children you have (pregnant with 3rd) and you can never fully prepare your self or even plan… advice from a mumma that has had 2 already don’t think about the things that could go wrong and believe you will do what’s right at the time 🙂 good luck!

  9. aww bless you. I remember braxton Hicks! felt to me like an intense period pain and the tummy muscles go really tight! also I had 3 c-sections for safety reasons.

  10. Sending all of my love to you💕 you're going to be amazing parents and I'm sorry you're feeling disheartened. Love sent from your cruelty free, vegan subscriber xxx

  11. Hi Jade I am a midwife who works in NSW. I am not sure what the policy is regarding Group B Strep in WA but over here you just have a cannula put in your vein and a antibiotics intravenously though that every 4-6 hours. There is not drip line connected so you should still be able to be mobile in labour. Ask your midwife about it. Pre-eclampsia can be serious but the health professionals you are seeing are already onto it so feel reassured that they have both yours and babes health and safety covered. All the best for the rest of your pregnancy journey.

  12. I had severe preeclampsia in my pregnancy – I didn't feel bad at all I had it severe they locked me in hospital at 30w and I delivered at 32. Baby was fine just needed to grow.
    Try not t stress about having it, it's good that you're at 37w so baby will be a good weight. You can't control what happens in labour so just try and roll with it… good luck jade

  13. My BP went up to 155/105 at 30 wks, they gave me medication to try reduce it and it cause my heart to stop functioning properly, so I was put on rest. I delivered by emergency section following his heart rate dropping during premature labour at 34 wks. Turns out he was so desperate to be born he got stuck at the side of my cervix. He was 4 lbs and now he is 16 and 6ft 4 in!

  14. I'm so sorry, sweetheart. I had both at the end of my first pregnancy and it was absolutely miserable. Take extra good care of yourself and take it easy! You're almost done!

  15. I had strep b with my second baby and had to be on a drip during labor idk if it's different where you live but it was ok!!!
    Love you girl best wishes for you and your little family😍

  16. This is exciting to see , happy for you. I have or had friends who where pregnant or currently pregnant so I shared this video to them so they will know what will happen. You look beautiful Jade

  17. So excited for you to have your baby girl!! We had our baby girl on the 17th of October. Yeah feel your pain about the swelling the last 3 weeks of my pregnancy my feet hurt so bad and we’re so swollen and it felt like they were going to split. Unfortunately for about a week after our daughter was born my feet were still swollen is called post birth swelling. Ughh that sucks the group b cause you can’t have your placenta made into pills and take them while breast feeding. That was one of the things I really wanted to do. I wanted to do natural but ummmm yeah I had to get an epidural and it was so worth it. You know it sucks to not know but once your in labor and then have that baby nothing else that you did or didn’t do really matter to you. I know that sounds like yeah right but when you’ve waited a long time to have a baby it’s true. Yeah I know when people say the right but you actually will know it’s like cramps from period and then your belly is like a rock hard and then it stops and your belly is normal hard for you. But yeah I was like how will I know but that’s what I can say for Braxton Hicks and contractions. Can’t wait to see your little girl.

  18. It's so nice to hear someone else with that view on scars and stretch marks- I have had a few surgeries and have many scars… and even stretchmarks from when I was a teenager- I see all of them as a map of what I've been through to get to where I am. I am as proud of them as I would be of a meaningful tattoo- actually prouder, they say "Look what I've been through and survived!" I was yet to hear anyone else with the same view without me first prompting it. Love you always Jade and all the best for your and Gilbert's health through your last few weeks and labour and delivery. <3

  19. Hi Jade you look great!!! I had strepb with my second pregnancy but not my first. It is kinda scary because you have to get the antbiodcs before the babe comes out. You will be on a drop but you can move out of the bed. Just listen to you body and you will do awesome. Good luck and enjoy this time before the crazy starts!!

  20. Hi Jade! Have watched you for years and years but never commented – sorry!! I'm 35 weeks not far behind you (and I'm in Perth!) and it's my first pregnancy too – so true about not knowing what you don't know hahahaha it was like you were reading my thoughts! I had some stitch like pain too yesterday but don't think I've had braxton hicks either?? I need to organise my wax hehe

  21. Remember, a c section isn't a failure. The goal is a healthy baby, how you get there doesn't matter 🙂 I remember waiting for tests when I was pregnant, I know it's hellish. You will be ok!
    Oh and my BHs didn't hurt but I could see my stomach change shape! Also when I had them I would have them for hours, not really one-off. They got very noticeable at about your stage.
    (Also hi from a fellow Aussie)

  22. I had that pitting too, ah such fun 😑 They were worried I had pre eclampsia with my first at 37 weeks as my blood pressure was 160/120 but it ended up ok and he was born on his due date 🙂 The only issue with him was his posterior position which I was told after is one of the most painful haha gotta love it
    Try not to stress about the pre eclampsia ❤️

    The group b strep is a funny thing as you can test positive one day and negative the next. But the moment you test positive they have to treat you with antibiotics. My midwife said she doesn’t recommend testing for it and they just go by the babies condition after it’s born. You can tell pretty quickly if something isn’t right and it’s easily treated. With my first no one ever even told me about it haha I’ve only found out with this bubba who is now 2 weeks 2 days old 😁

    One tip I would love to give you is, don’t get too attached to your birth plan. If something doesn’t go the way you were hoping it can be very hard mentally to get over and come to terms with how your birth went.
    My first I wanted drug free but ended up with an epidural that took 3 hours to put in whilst getting contractions every minute. My water breaking was the first sign of labour and all up it was 27 hours with 50 minutes of pushing. It really got me down with how things went but I’ve dealt with it now and brought that outlook to my second pregnancy.

    With my second I had no plan. Midwife brought me in 6 days overdue and she broke my waters at 6:20pm and bub was born 8:05pm With one push and I caught her and delivered her myself! haha
    I just had gas and air and I’m so happy with how it went 😊

    I hope this made some sense, I’m running on broken sleep with a 2 week old 😂 Sorry for the epically long comment!
    Can’t wait to see news of your bubba being born 🤗

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  24. all this pain right now will be worth it when your beautiful baby girl comes ❤ have a good day beautiful

  25. Births can be so different and as much as you want to plan and be in control the baby and your body has its own plan. Just go with the flow and be relaxed and trust your natural instinct. You'll do amazing! Excited for you, not long xxx

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