before we say it comment down below you think hi God raised Jesus Jesus family here in your bucket gave me the very interesting video come on ha ha hi guys you guys have been so amazing thank you so much for doing the right Jesus intro challenge for those guys who missed on that okey I'm so sorry some of them are not tagged well Susie kuzuha cuz I was looking at the hashtag hashtag de Jesus family intro challenge and even maybe some were sent to download from the inbox and we get thousands of inboxes every day on e kuu nothing to nothing I think that's a family-owned is Kikuchi rainbows yeah to nigeria nigeria news of the time especially for those in boxes when you wanna play it yes so we travel is to just if you get in boxes yeah how many weeks so with you in September yes we savings so you already know this ID so I was you know you gujja okay Akhil is so scared thank you okay I did like you can be apprised so it was up do you know guys we even call the kinda nikuman beauty and we went to the gainer for the next visit so good story in a kingdom to kinda a Kakuna why do men have a quirky I keep a nice you time so we literally and akathisia gonna chill in a cocoon Lana wings serious to Mikula breakfast nook so Junior equal to five seats a Cosima a cooler ecology of scenic on appeal well my friend I took ooh-la-la at night if you watch the Cape Town videos when the time we say that we change their rooms my room Zippo took a change your room I guess am I missing anybody that was the first time in our pregnancy that she puked no but you did you teach why they need you Cindy shoots come on up run why did you waste a brand-new instead of Frank you see anyway that was the first time like I can't see but otherwise right now in them oh yes I'm having something I'm not sure that story of sleeping this is what is happening in this house guys aren't suffering let me just say that this girl is not sleeping so announ cozy cool and I see network is Laura the Gianna finer finer to me to Morocco YouTube see Joanna watch baby mama or so and I'm like you see accusing or etapa vodka TM here I mean who make me pregnant yes I see devotee but yeah so imagine I'm already ready but now are you telling me I'm not why do you wake up to ask me for water why she already a week you can just go and then go back to my crib is the Makua just it satisfies my food spicy food is bad for her she didn't even take that pure heart burns Kousaka carnitas in a taco come he is attained on a semicolon and also the baby's kicking new guys is playing so I wake up to praise every time I'm praying and I place my hand on on my labs belly now come on chaser and I tear the antique on a geek I made us a booty of Ibaka bye bye guys you are asking are they twins because you keep on referring to us baby before we see comment down below anything there to announce whether to a premiere you guys so about the story well these two ways that you can refer to a child will be done on the agenda you can call them eat they does not mean like two people it can be one it's like the baby bump you don't bomb by you guys yes oh no you know they're not twins yes or not we don't know the agenda baby don't you know like for you but I believe it's a boy it's a boy it's a boy like yes but all those things that we do easier but I won't know at least choose a side don't be lukewarm choose a side is it cold or hot Minnie may choose 100 nautical coaches are save money you only say I think I'm okay when it's a boy or a girl okay hey that's why every time you give an example you talk about code Jason Joey pink and white guys with your team boy commit down below if your team girl tell us in the comment section yeah between a generic deal and you post it obviously to show you guys because as to pre-shot UAV we don't go up in a good you up yeah so you see and to but you can because you never know but also because I just my face in the breakout but anyway my face icon and also a bottom but yeah this is the issue because if in pain you know every time you're praying even when I wake up at say at night boom boom Tori we pray for we don't just create it for the delivery you pray for the nurses we pray for the reception is debrief for the cleaners we prefer the cooks pray for everyone for the doctors for the hospital so that everyone God is going to just give us everyone as a package any at I choose my way that this is a person and we believe that even right now God already knows who is going to deliver a baby who is going to do everything so I learned that it is important to pray for all those things not just a tea safe delivery know pray for everyone that is going to be involved even the insurance company she wakes up and she's like brilliant with a copy from Politico Miyake Amaya Chico attack America she's just every money mafia chillax man si si we can enjoy Yaka Yaka for a while like at equality acaba Takei colm you too and then Aki grow up to move your room and in it so that's that's basically eat that I will just order to do this video without it is good that we are per day two on where we are in terms of our pregnancy cuz you guys as you always tell you Jesus it is you we also are planning to do soon oh yeah so we love the guys and probably will have our dessert tell indeed robot to in future yeah but for now kudos and thank you for the support thank you for sharing our content I think right now we need to do a person to finish my project so guys thank you so much what you know video you do not subscribe do not forget to subscribe just yes and then hit them so that you don't miss so today's post metafiction shoutout goes to young hula get rude like a true thank you for volunteering and mass ichiro no she's from the premium gun guys the priya gang big up yourself we love you so much and we know each and every way late – no I do not think that we don't see you commenting and we know those people who are always there and we appreciate each and every one of you senior from month it's a bye bye so much


  1. Kabi don't be stubborn ukiitishwa maji or anything else usiku unaendea haraka sana, ndiyo mtoi asikuchukie

  2. Me I think it's a girl and still a boy akky it's just confusing.

    Milly we feel you about all those u have s aid we comment about down below it's always good for a woman who is pregnant to overthink about the after times
    September we are waiting guys for a plus one😍

  3. All in all i wish you guys a safe delivery and may blood of Jesus Christ cover your family. You are just an amazing coupleπŸ₯°

  4. Its a boy if : heart rate is less than 140 beats per minute. If your belly looks like a basketball. You're craving protein is meat, cheese. Urine is bright yellow in colour. If you didn't experience morning sicknesses in early pregnancy. Anyway guys love you. All the best in the remaining month.

  5. Milly aki no pranks for now. Give this guy a break aki he is just too nice for that. I've never done a gender test with my pregnancies. I used to shop for general colours then after delivery i shop according to the gender. But as for my opionion,am with you Milly team pink coz of the way your glowing 😊. Plus you guys are such a cute blend😍

  6. Millie anarembeka daily, its a baby girl. Mnajua vile baby boy hupararisha mama yakeπŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…. Am happy for you guys! ❀ You keep blessing us.

  7. Milly you are like me ,kwa all girls we like girl as a first born, but let wait in prayer what God gave we can't refuse,may god bless you all especially milly in that labor day

  8. Please come to Nairobi hospital st Johns ward to be specific, we'll be waiting to give you a superb services

  9. I know its a baby girl…and am sure….kama hatakua baby gal narudi kusomea miti shambaπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  10. Hello it's me back again kama kawaida looking great,for mi my second pregnancy nilikuwa na hamu ya girl I end up being blessed with another boy,so #Thewajesus ule atakam ni baraka….#Auntwayutubefromdxb nawapenda barakaaaaa….

  11. I have symptoms like yours, no stress very smooth, due sept. Its a girl… trust me… my husband kept saying he is open minded and i already knew ni dem juu venye I was reacting tu… sometimes too happy, sometimes sassy and just hungry… Its a girl…

  12. It's a boy kabi like my coment. .. milly have a lovely hrt boys are cool always. .next tym be ready for gal utajua hujui

  13. I was convinced it's a boy
    I shopped for a baby boy n wallaaaaa I got a girl
    All glory to God n she's so gorgeous

  14. I think it is a boy because Milly is still so so pretty. A girl would have taken her beauty- not that she would have been ugly but her features would have changed. However, both parents are blessed with looks but I still think it is a baby boy. Congratulations in advance

  15. Milly, you have the same symptoms I have, no puking, no facial breakout , no weight gain, low belly but am expecting a girl😍😍…Those saying you having a boy because of your symptoms maybe right or wrong.Bodies are different. All the best loves and God bless you so much.

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