Pregnancy Update – I hate being pregnant

nice the neighbor wants to bang on stuff when I want to film hey guys welcome back to my channel my name is trena if you are new here I’m a mom to one with one on the way I’m a wife a business owner and I just create videos here that revolve around mom stuff business lifestyle toddlers all that kind of stuff if you want to subscribe to my tail go ahead and click this red subscribe button right here that way you’ll be notified every time I upload a new video i’m also on social media so you can check me out at these links up here i forget which side the hell on and today I’m giving you a pregnancy update because i don’t think i’ve given you one since like 20 weeks when we found out baby was a boy and i’m now at 31 weeks and I think when I post this in hit 32 weeks so i thought i’d give you a little pregnancy update it’s terrible and I really not a person who enjoys pregnancy with my first daughter I didn’t enjoy it at all but we knew we wanted a second child and so we’re having one and I just really hate it if you are a mom out there are you are pregnant and you know what I’m saying you knew you know you just hated being pregnant to let me know down in the comments below I want to know that I’m not alone i know i’m not but i think it’s just gonna be great for us to reach out for each other because there’s so much judgment on us to be a happy because this is supposed to be happy you’re creating a life and you’re looking the best you’ve ever looked before but let’s get real I look in the best I’ve ever looked before um I’m constantly nauseous and the only thing that makes me feel better I can’t even find anything that makes me feel better um I feel like it’s because I’m hungry but there’s no food that I’m really hungry for like food just as an appetizing to me but i’m hungry and so then I just stare at the refrigerator feeling nauseous and nothing looks good to me i’m also not really getting any sleep because i can’t get comfortable and waking up at like three in the morning to pee and then I can’t fall back asleep and then so I I just come down here to my office and I just start working at three thirty in the morning because i can’t sleep and then I’m so exhausted because i got like four hours of sleep and I can’t get comfortable because the belly starting to grow I just I really don’t like pregnancy I feel bad for saying that because I know there are so many women out there that their dream is to just be pregnant and to be able to carry a child but hate it i hit i hate being pregnant so as far as not having this not really not an appetite is just food does not look good to me and then when i eat it this is like a has no taste to me I was really good at eating healthy with my first pregnancy and exercising this pregnancy I’m just so exhausted my daughter is also teething so I’m up with her i’m so tired i’m not eating you know the fruits and vegetables i was with her really the only thing that I actually like to eat is cereal and it’s not a terrible serial for me it’s like nature’s promised cinnamon harvest it’s kind of like no akashi cinnamon harvest that’s really the only thing that I’m hungry for so it’s been a tough couple of weeks definitely counting down the days till this is over a home on top of that a little life update we thought we put our house on the mark it just to test the waters to see you know if we could sell it and because we don’t have enough room in this house like this room right here would be baby boy’s room and as you can see it’s purple it’s filled with all my work stuff because I run my own business here from this office so it wasn’t gonna work so we thought we test the waters never thought like selling this close to winter would work and we sold our house in five days and the person wants to move in by the end of november soho not only am I three months pregnant but now we’ve gotta pack up this house find the next house which we actually are probably going to build a house so that’s a couple months down the line so we’re either moving in with my parents who have a three-bedroom house or we’re going to rent so we have that stress i just think with that and not feeling myself like I don’t know it i don’t think it’s depression but maybe it is i just there are some nights I feel bad because I don’t have the energy to play with my daughter who’s 20 months old and I feel bad that i’m just laying on the couch yelling at her to stop doing whatever it is she’s doing because I don’t have the energy to get up put i don’t so then I sit there and I crying I get upset because i’m not being the mom I think I should be to her so how is pregnancy going for me yeah you can see it not that good um I wanna know how do you guys handle your pregnancy were you good the whole way through with other things that you did to make yourself feel better let me know down in the comments below and let let us know so there’s anybody else out there struggling while being pregnant know that you’re not alone and reach out to me i would love to talk to you because I would love to know i’m not alone the only one feeling this way as far as preparation for baby obviously nothing because we’re moving we haven’t really bought him too much luckily all the bigger stuff that we bought for Nora our daughter we bought gender-neutral so like carseat swings all that kind of stuff we just need to find a few clothes here and we’re probably gonna wait for black friday to really capitalize on some sales to save some money um other than that no sleep nauseous may be depressed I don’t know I’ve never been depressed I don’t have a history of depression or anything like that but it’s just terrible I have gained around wani pounds i think i passed my glucose test last month and we are going to try to travel in the next couple weeks were flying to Atlanta which is about an hour-and-a-half flight so i can totally let you know tips and tricks for traveling while eight months pregnant but the doctor said everything should be fine it’s not a long flight you know just get up walk around a couple times and stay hydrated plus Atlanta is not like a third-world country you know there’s hospitals therefore happened to go into labor at the hospital down there then he’ll be borne down there so those are some things coming up i’m sorry i haven’t been as active on here obviously you know now there’s a lot going on here and I really appreciate you guys watching this video and connecting with me if you understand how I’m feeling and just being able to be open that not everybody has this picture perfect pregnancy with this perfect belly and happy and looking you know fantastic her pregnant so thank you so much for watching and reaching out and i’ll give you a little bump picture right now alright guys so here is the pump picture her so definitely kind of pump going on um anybody else have like a weird super ally but belly button like I feel like I’m growing a horn hear anybody else get that but there’s the 31 week belly kind of sin and bowlegged but 31 week belly with the additional bellybutton popper outer as always guys thank you so much for watching if you liked this type of video and you want to see more pregnancy updates are more updates on life in general give this video a thumbs up let me know what you want to see in the comments below and I will see you next time bye

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  1. Oh, girl. You are NOT alone. Pregnancy was rough for me both times, and I really really really don't want to ever be pregnant again, though I would LOVE another child. What a paradox. Hang in there, sister.

  2. I have the same feelings! I'm pregnant with my first and she is due in about 2 months. I can't wait to have my body back and feel normal! My husband wants a second too and I can't even think of going through all this again. The first trimester was horrible. It literally brings me to tears thinking of going through that again. Now that I'm in the third trimester the back pain has kicked in. I feel the same way about food too! NOTHING looks good.

    You're in the home stretch now though! It's almost over. You can do it! 🙂

  3. I'm so sorry that your not enjoying your pregnancy! We all need to stop treating moms like they are superhuman and aren't allowed to feel sad or down or any other way that is not considered the norm. Moms are humans too and their feelings are just as important! I hope you get to feeling better soon girl! 🙂

  4. Talk to your doctor about your feelings but I have to say this I am about to undergo surgery tomorrow for endometriosis. My husband and I would move mountains to be in your shoes and be able to Become pregnant and finally have baby in our arms. So try to focus on how blessed you are and you may think differently this to shall pass.

  5. Thanks so much for sharing. YES! It feels great to know you're not alone. I feel super selfish because I don't like sharing my body with the baby. I hate that I have to give up things that help me function with my adhd. Not having any medicinal help is making school very challenging. I resent my husband and basically the male species because they just don't have to participate in any of the challenging aspects. I would love to ejaculate and be done. My husband is great but he over emphasizes the sperm role and minimizes the pregnancy aspect. I really really don't want to give birth. I'm so tired of hearing people talk about labor and delivery its a sickening thought and I wonder why the human population is still growing. Pregnancy is no fun! I never expected it to be this sh!++y. Congrats to you, I share your sentiments.

  6. Thanks for this video. I woke up at 4 am this morning and couldn't go back to sleep and that's been going on for a couple of weeks.And then I still have 3 months left until I give birth, haha. It's great to hear that you are having the same problems and I'm not nuts. Thank you!

  7. NO you are not alone!! I absolutely HATE being pregnant. I'm 36 weeks and I would rather be dead than be pregnant another day. I have every symptom you can have and I have nobody to talk about it. I haven't been able to sleep since the 3rd month due to severe pain in my legs. 😣😣😣

  8. I completely understand, I hate it so much but I don't like the birth part either. So here I am feeling awful pregnant and not wanting labor to come either! 🙁

  9. I commented last month and was only getting about 4 or 5 hours of sleep a night. I'm thirty weeks pregnant now. I'm doing better after trying several different things. The ones that helped me the most were having a ton of pillows and strategically positioning them under and around my body, walking a half mile a day or more, and finding a temporary job (less financial stress/ more independence). I just wanted to share what worked for me. I hope it keeps working as the baby gets even bigger lol. Good luck everyone!

  10. I hate it. I really cannot rap around my head whyyyyyyyyyyy anyone would willingly do this a second time. Never again will I do this. I dnt forget things. I love to eat, sleep, n make money but its the hardest thing to do. Everyone around me says deal with it as if this is "NORMAL". No one is worth my comfort. One child is gd enough.

  11. I'm 6 months pregnant now, due in August.. I hate being pregnant. I hate how I'm so limited in things I can do now. Also in nursing school while pregnant. I'm so tired all the time. I hate how my fiancé can have fun and do the stuff I can't. I hate how I don't have much cloths to wear. My feet and back always hurt. And I just feel so ugly😫

  12. I am so glad to see this video I have four kids already and this one was not planned it really hit me had and i totally wanna strangle people for saying congratulations inside am like why. The morning sickness I decided I really hated my partner. I had to go to the doctor's as I was really feeling low and cried all the time and can't stand it when people come and say to me" your a pro now"
    I know it's not baby's fault and I hope this feeling goes away so I can bond with baby.

  13. Thank you for speaking out about this. I feel extremely guilty for feeling negative about being pregnant and my feelings are getting severe enough that i suspect prenatal depression. It's not okay for other women to think it's acceptable to shame us for not enjoying pregnancy because they might be struggling to physically get pregnant. Physical issues are just as important as mental issues and to ignore the latter is cruel and doesn't help the other women who need help and support and to not feel so ashamed or alone.

  14. I so totally can relate to everything you said. I too, feel bad for feeling how I feel too. I really seriously want to cry. This is my first pregnancy and I am seriously doubting about wanting another one. I'm 17 weeks and I have little to no relief, can eat anything. No cravings, nothing had worked thus far. I can't drink nothing but sparkling water and it sucks. I feel so in awe of all these other women who don't experience anything like this. I know that I should be happy, because this is supposed to be a blessing, and it is, but I feel so miserable in the process. I have been losing weight cause I simply can't stomach anything. I have a constant sour after taste with everything that attempt to eat and I am starting to lose hope that things are going to ease up and get better.

  15. Thank goodness I found this video. I am 31 weeks pregnant and struggled through the whole thing so far. Complete nausia constantly and having the same issue with food. Acid reflux, struggling to sleep. Unable to get about without needing to sleep. Just can't wait for him to be born. Oh and where is this glow they talk about eeeek

  16. Pregnancy sucks I have major back pain and am a medical marijuana patient and I can't do use it without cps threatening to get involved. I tell my drs about my back pain and they don't want me using that and instead offer me opiates. (So much better right). I have been so constipated that after five days of nothing moving (even after milk of magnesia, prune juice, Raisin Bran, etc) I stuck my finger up my
    butthole and pulled it out myself. Everything either stresses you out because you wonder if what your doing is ok or not and if your not questioning yourself you are usually getting the "do you really think that's good for the baby" or "if I were you I would" from others.

  17. So happy I came across this video a year later I knew I wasn't the only one. I am 13 weeks pregnant and I really hate it. The thought that I have to wait another 6 months and a half makes me just want to cry. I don't think I'll be having anymore kids after this first pregnancy of mine. I know it's selfish and a blessing but I just can't wait until it is over.

  18. Thank you so much for your honesty. I think the media has made us think that we should love every minute of the pregnancy. And if we don't we're bad mothers.

  19. I am so glad to hear this. I had 3 miscarriages and SWORE i wouldn't complain when i finally got pregnant…nope. i have the guilt bc i was the woman who desperately wanted a baby. To add to it, I'm overweight and I'm having just a hard time physically at only 17wks. Me and hubby don't agree on me quitting work and staying home. My house is a complete wreck. So many things. =( but as long as baby is fine I'm gonna try to hold it together. Help me baby Jesus. Lol

  20. I'm not doing this to myself again 2 jobs and school the first 5 months I was throwing up all day EVERY SINGLE DAY. I deliver in 2-3 weeks and I think I'm on the brink of death so scared BC I'm weak

  21. I can relate to this video. Since the morning sickness kicked in, I’ve been not having a good pregnancy. This is #4 for me and the first 3 were a breeze. But this one… there are days where I am somewhat happy but then the next day comes and I just cry too easily and I’m overwhelmed with life and things are changing and it’s hard for me to cope with that fact. Ugh. It’s just becoming all too much. But as a mother the survival instincts kick in and I just keep going. I’m doggy paddling but I’m still breathing. So I should be ok…

  22. OMG I feel this pain! I'm so hungry all the time. I'm tired constantly and I have SPD and I cry all the time from being so miserable. having man whose helpful is so needed for this difficult time. it doesn't mean that you don't love your baby and the kicks and let's be honest a preggo belly is beautiful. but we don't FEEL pretty or even remotely beautiful lol.

  23. I live in a one bedroom apartment. having a house would be nice. but I live in ghetto ville and can't even go out for a walk. so put that in perspective. you're lucky you have what you do. it could be so much worse.

  24. I hate it too! Currently pregnant with first, hubby wants another but I do not want to do this again! I have hyperemesis gravidarum which is super bad morning sickness! My body is in complete whack, tired, achy, feeling yucky. Its awful! I love my baby, and super excited, but so far I hate pregnancy!

  25. Finally someone who is being honest about pregnancy! While I love being able to carry my child and bring him in this world, pregnancy in itself is very, very long.

  26. I hate being pregnant! I can’t get out of bed .. I’m nauseous and hungry too and if I eat I get stuffed with a few bites and then I throw up after … I crave things but then I can’t fully enjoy it… everything smells … I’m so over it

  27. I'm 13 weeks pregnant with my third child and every pregnancy has been horrible! Nosebleeds, diarrhea, insomnia, nausea, metallic taste in my mouth all the time, phlegm so thick that it causes me to gag. Man i could go on and on! I HATE it!!! I'm so thankful this is our last baby! My husband and i found out we were pregnant again 2 weeks after closing on our first home…which is a 2 family fixer upper. I'm thankful to be able to conceive a healthy child but I'm so over it!

  28. I have two children and this third pregnancy is by far the worst. I actually want 3, but this timing was accidental, I didn't feel my body was ready. My in laws are so excited even my husband is, despite he wanted to wait longer. I ended up with HG this time and lost 20lbs in two weeks! (No exaggeration, I now weigh 105lbs and haven't been this scrawny since I was 16!) I was bedridden with nausea, and I HATE food. Drinking 8 glasses of water a day has flushed the extra hcg/hormones out of me and helped me manage nausea, so I quit losing weight. But I feel honestly pissed at everyone who treats me like I should want this and have a good attitude. This has been tragedy for my health, mood, and sanity. I was just weaning my 2yo daughter…. I love babies but wish my fam would not call it a "little blessing" as an (I percieve) manipulative way to say I should be glad! This was not my intention and until I'm snuggling a new baby and I quit feeling like I'm terminally ill I just want to be allowed to hate this. ;(

  29. I'm really struggling with my pregnancy .still in first trimester luckily almost done. feels like a bad hangover that lasts for 12 weeks

  30. Thank you for making me feel less alone in this! I’m only 9 weeks and I just feel generally miserable all the time!!! I’m Nauseous, my boobs hurt all the time, my head hurts, it’s June right now and the heat makes me want to pass out as soon as I go outside! I feel bad for my partner because I’m honestly complaining all the time but I feel this way ALL THE TIME and I don’t know what else to say 🙁 I don’t want to do anything but sit inside the house and it’s really making me frustrated with being pregnant

  31. I hate it too i am as well im going threw depression and scared of motherhood too i dont want to lose my self im not ready too give up my life for a tiny human life is not going to be about me anymore im going to suffer in motherhood im too young im only 23 i havent started my life im not stable

  32. I really hate being pregnant and I’m only 7 weeks. I’m so uncomfortable, tired, sick all the time, emotional and I’m starving and I can barely eat or keep anything down. I’m not in a relationship with my child’s father anymore and even though everyone is so excited I’m just so unhappy and I just want to cry all day. I don’t know what to do

  33. The exact thoughts i have. 😔 im SUUUUPPPEERRR nauseous and soooo irritable and tired as well 😣😣😣😣😭😭😭😭

  34. honestly, I try and like pregnancy but really when everyone just comments on how big I am it is sooo hard to enjoy myself. I had a eating problem before getting pregnant and I wasn't eating 3 meals a day before, and now that I am the weight is coming on so quick. The only time I enjoy it is when my little boy kicks me

  35. Idk why I'm doing this for a THIRD time but it never gets better. I absolutely hate pregnancy, it's so depressing, I can't wait to meet my baby boy but I really want my life and body back and my emotions and feelings are so whack. I'm anything but "happy." The only thing gonna make me happy is having this baby and becoming normal again!

  36. i hate pregnancy and any pregnant being and im not even pregnant myself. ugh

  37. It was exciting at first but as time went by I just became depressed one month after another. It was to the point when I was 41 weeks and she just wouldn’t come out. I was so angry and I didn’t I want to be pregnant anymore. I had to induce my labor. It was so unbearable I didn’t want to hold her. I didn’t speak to my boyfriend for months. The postpartum really got to me that I was just unstable. It’s hard to explain to people because you never know someone who’s unable to have kids shoves their nose in your business. Telling you to be grateful and how they wish they can have kids. I understand how they feel. But I really don’t care because they’re one sided and they feel the need to mommy shame. Also newsflash pregnancy is not all cupcakes, rainbows and baby cherubs with harps.

  38. I’m 17 and I got pregnant on purpose. Now that I’m pregnant I hate it. I can’t sleep, I can’t eat, I throw up all the time, I have to pee 247.. I get up to pee in the middle of the night every night and that sucks for me bc I have to get up for school 3 hours later. I didn’t know being pregnant was hard bc nobody ever talks about it. I’ve wanted to be a mom ever since I was little but now that I’m pregnant I swear I can’t do this again.

  39. Pregnant with my second by accident and I had an absolutely horrible pregnancy with my first and I can not stop getting upset about being pregnant again so not ready for this again.😢

  40. I literally want to cry hearing you..i hate being pregnant…i know once i see my baby ill be happy but i hate everything in my pregnancy…i feel so guilty..i dont even want to look at babystuff or have anything ready because i hate how i feel im 30 weeks and misrable 😑

  41. I can't tell you how comforting this comment section is. I've been hideously nauseous for 3 months now, it hasn't gone away at all. I'm now dealing with low blood pressure and feeling faint and dizzy almost all the time. I can't stand for any amount of time, and walking makes me feel terrible. I've had period cramps since a week before I even knew I was pregnant then they never went away. I have lost 16 lb over two months because the idea of eating is about as appealing as slamming my hand in a door. I am so excited for this baby, but I absolutely hate how terrible my body feels

  42. I’m only 6 weeks and miserable. Can’t imagine actually getting a few months in. My Goodness. I can’t do this.

  43. thank god someone is honest about this. I’m only 4 months but I’m miserable since 3rd week! STILL have fatigue headaches Nausea sometimes throwing up bloating 24/7 skin is breaking out and my hair is thinner. I’m def not glowing I just wanna crawl into bed for the rest of pregnancy. It def causes depression because all I do is go work come home and fall over!! I cry often because it’s effecting my marriage too. Wish it was a lovely experience for me but I can’t lie it’s just awful. That’s sad too!! Ugh 😑

  44. Finally a honest one. It sucks so bad i cant eat barely anything and i feel like throwin up 24 7 tired asf im just bed ridden

  45. I love my children but I hate pregnancy your not alone especially the body changes the fact that your body changes in a way you will not like it and people judge if you don’t lose weight fast so many things .

  46. I was feeling so bad that I’m the only one who says that I hate this… and everyone has babies…. I’m a strong person but I was really low today and was constantly saying .. I can’t do this.. n I’m just 14 weeks pregnant…. the nausea is horrible.. gagging all the time.. unable to eat anything.. unable to sleep… Nd now heartburns.. and I had heard 2 nd trimester is like babymoon.. the best part of being pregnant….. I don’t feel any pregnancy glow n neither I have lovely thick hair.. intact they are dull n brittle n falling little bit… all my friends when they were pregnant were eating happily and I just can’t digest anything…. not even simple food… I’m so glad other people are there too who go thru this…. I too just hate everything right now…. and it’s still a long long way to go…

  47. Yes! Omfg I hate being pregnant. It's the worry, it's the headaches, the stress, the arguments, the moodiness. Honestly I wish I had my tubes tied before this happened… I didn't want kids and now I'm stuck with one forever. My parents and partner is against abortion and I will be shunned if I do abort it. So now I'm stuck.

  48. 31 weeks pregnant and I AM OVER IT!!!! This pregnancy has been the hardest thing I've had to deal with emotionally, having anxiety and depression makes it almost impossible to cope with life. All I want is a strong drink!!😒🙄🍷🍷

  49. I hate being pregnant and I’m only 10weeks… 1st pregnancy and I hate everything about it… I never want to do it again

  50. I had no idea that I could say this out loud. I absolutely hate being pregnant. The worst part about it is feeling ungrateful because it took 6 years for us to make this happen, and we pleaded with God for years to give us a child. I feel like i'm the most ungrateful person ever. I feel like God will strike me down. The nausea I can take. But as i progress into the pregnancy (currenly 34 weeks), i'm feeling the baby squirm and flutter and turn and push and it feels so disgustingly horrible to me! I know they say we're supposed to feel this overwhelming joy to feel our bundle of joy alive! Umm… no! It constantly feels like Alien vs Predator in my stomach! The flutters near my bladder are the worst! It doesn't feel like beautiful butterflies. It feels weird and like a bunch of bugs are all of a sudden running over each other to try and get out. Words cannot express my hate of this at all. That are no words. I get so frustrated with it. I'm really hoping that I deliver sooner and don't do a complete full term just to make it stop. I was already diagnosed with depression way before I got pregnant. I had no idea that it took so much out of you to carry life into this world. NEVER AGAIN!

  51. I never really post on YouTube but I am so blessed to come across this page. Everyone around thinks Im being mean and negative about my perspective of being pregnant bc I hate it. Everything you said in this video is so me. Ive never felt better until I watched this video and read the comments. I really thought I was alone. Thank you for sharing

  52. I feel so guilty, because I’ve gone through so much to have a baby! 5 failed cycles of fertility treatments and now I’m pregnant and I love my baby but I truly don’t enjoy being pregnant.

  53. I know this is an older video so im not sure if you'll see this but i wanted to thank you for posting this video!! Im currently 9 weeks pregnant and while im thankful and happy to be pregnant, im miserable!! Everywhere else i look people act like theyre happy and carefree and I'm over here miserable. Before seeing this video, I felt awful because i seemed to be the only person miserable while pregnant (or at least the only person i know willing to admit it.) Im so sorry you went thru this while pregnant but please know it made me feel better knowing im not alone. I'm a subscriber! God bless you and your family 🙂

  54. Thank you so much for this… I've hated it since I found out… I'm on 18 weeks and I've wanted it to be over the moment I suspected it…

  55. Yes yes and YES! I'm pregnant for the third time and every single time I have experienced almost exactly what you have. I've been diagnosed with Hypermesis Gravardium. My legs are swollen, I'm constantly crying. Up to 30 bathroom trips a day, I constantly feel like I have to take a crap. I feel a significant amount of resent for this child and I'm only 10 weeks! DONT GET PREGNANT JUST ADOPT LADIES THIS SUCKS

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