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You’re back. This is Mandi. We’re on week 20
of our pregnancy journey. That’s right five months pregnant breaking down
anatomy scans here. I’m Mandi. I’m Dan. Subscribe to BuzzChomp. Woo! So into my
fifth month, which means I’m into my last month of the second trimester and moving
on to the third trimester. Exciting! I can’t believe it’s been five months, but
it has been and we just recently had our Anatomy scan.
What is this Anatomy scan again? They tell you this one is like a big one. This is a big one. If you don’t do a blood test early on in your pregnancy, you find out
the sex of your baby and get a really really in-depth look at your baby. It’s
also one where they kind of like make sure everything is charting course.
Everything’s going right, everything’s going right in your body, like your
placenta, everything’s going right with the baby and they’ll mark you and
they’ll move you forward as like a high-risk pregnancy if there seems to be
things that are not going on that they need to monitor you. All of that. For our tests
I’ll just tell you everything looked status quo with the babe , growing well,
everything was good with me so we’re good. We don’t have to go back and
have another one, which I’m always like phew that’s it.
They’re long. We can just have normal ultrasounds and our normal
appointments and the normal things that you know progress with your pregnancy .So
what do you need to know about the anatomy scan? Again if you’re going and if
you’ve never done it before ladies and gentlemen it’s long. Okay so they want to
take all these different pictures of your baby. They want to get a full scope
of how your baby’s developing. Our little babe like would not move
like moved only slightly, he would not move so like we were there for so long.
The technician was trying to get this last last last photo and then
finally finally she was able to get it, but we were there for a long time then I
have a really thorough doctor he just wanted to come in and like check it out
and all that. So just a heads up you’ll be there for a long time. So bring snacks
or if you’re place is like mine they have snacks, which is awesome because your
appointments are really really long so there’s always like a hoard of snacks in
the waiting area which is awesome. It can be a little daunting because
basically you’re seeing all these images and you don’t really know what
they are hey’re marking off like the baby’s kidneys, the babies you
know obviously like the right hand ,the left hand, the fingers. They want to see
all of that, but really the technician is doing his or her thing. They’re not
allowed to say if they see anything or not. You know they don’t discuss your
results with you. Your doctor has to come in and all of that even though it’s long
and you’re like a little uncertain all that. It’s super super exciting. You get
these cool 3d images of your baby. You get to see a really cool in-depth look.
If you didn’t get a blood test early on and don’t know the sex of the baby you
get to find out the sex of the baby so ours was confirmed that’s it’s a boy, but we
knew that before so that was super cool. So we got to see all that. I’m always
like a positive person and going into it like this is just routine and this is
how it’s gonna be. I know I’ve had friends that have had experiences at
this point of their pregnancy and all that, but like for me I’m always
okay this is how it’s gonna be. So I feel like
no matter what, even though it’s a long appointment, it’s exciting, but it’s
uncertain and you’re like ooh and if you are already a high-risk pregnancy and
this is your first pregnancy then this will be like a little bit more of a
stressful appointment, but it doesn’t have to be. So it’s super fun and super
exciting and you just gotta roll with it. That’s what I did with my first
pregnancy. That’s what I’m doing with this pregnancy and we’re halfway through
so I’m just rolling with it guys. I’m Mandi, Subscribe to mommy and me for
more of our pregnancy journey and share with me, are you coming low on your
Anatomy scan? Have you had one? What was your experience? You have any advice for
other people? Yeah kids yeah! Thanks for watching BuzzChomp. Subscribe and Share. Subscribe and Share. Subscribe and Share. Woo.

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