hey guys welcome back to my youtube channel or welcome if you're new here my name is chanel Angelina and in today's video I'm gonna be giving you guys my weeks 29 through 30 pretzel date I am 31 weeks and two days pregnant so I'm a little late in filming this it's already Wednesday I turn a new week each Monday but I've just had so much going on I had my maternity photo shoot on Monday so I wasn't able to film that day and then this previous weekend we were just completely busy so I'm filming it on Wednesday hopefully I'll be posting this video tomorrow Thursday and then you guys will be all up to date on all of my pregnancy symptoms and you guys can see my little bump bump date shot but yeah anyways I just wanted to get on here also I am wearing a bathing suit under this little black dress so sorry if it's like if you can see like if it just looks weird I guess yeah I'm gonna be giving you guys my weeks 29 at 3:30 pregnancy update it is so crazy to think that this is the longest that I've ever been pregnant for I say this in mostly all of my videos but my daughter was premature she was born at 29 weeks and now I'm pregnant again with my second baby it's a boy he is definitely a lot more comfortable I think in there then Harlow was Harlow wanted to just get out and see the world so so far he has way more patience than his sister I just hope that I can carry him all the way to term all the way to at least minimum 37 weeks that's what I'm praying and hoping for so we'll see but it's just like a nice feeling to know that even if you were to come god forbid today then I know that there's a very good chance that he would make it yeah just with modern-day medicine it's just incredible but um what we can do now it is to save babies but anyways yeah let's just get right into the video into the symptoms and don't forget at the very end I will show you guys my bump I feel like I have been more girly since finding out that I was having a boy and I know that that's not really a symptom or anything like that but maybe it is maybe it's like a psychological thing I don't know but I feel like when I was pregnant with Harlow I was very like gender neutral like very like especially even with names with baby names and stuff like that was very gender-neutral very like super just not girly I guess but with this one I feel so much more like feminine like I want to embrace like I got a new bed set I got a new shower curtain and they're all pink it's super girly and I just feel like getting glammed up every day like I don't know what it is like maybe it's all the hormones just embracing my femininity like I have no idea what it is just I'm Way more like girly yeah last night checked I am around a hundred and thirty pounds this is the heaviest I think I've ever waited my entire life actually I know this is the heaviest that I've ever been probably a little bit more than that now and actually I felt my belly like stretching out earlier today so I know he's just getting bigger and bigger by the day which makes me so happy I'm just so excited and it just makes me happy to know that like I can grow a baby past 29 weeks cause like to be honest having a preemie and then getting pregnant after a preemie you just fear the worst and like you just fear like up until 29 weeks I was just so apprehensive about like if I would make it past that and to know that I actually did make it past 29 weeks this time around is just such a good feeling it's like like a sigh of relief that just makes me feel so good that I I can carry a baby past 29 weeks so I am I don't know this pregnancy I've just really tried to like relax a lot more and just really focus on what my body is telling me I now know like to drink a ton of water I literally drink like a gallon of water every single day there's just a lot of things that I've been doing way differently I've been taking it way easier and like my first pregnancy I thought in my head that I could do it all I thought that I could work real estate you know 9:00 to 5:00 and then work my second job as a waitress in Laguna Beach from like 6:00 to 2:00 a.m. in the morning it was just I was just seriously overdoing it I was stressing myself out my first pregnancy so this time around I've really like relaxed I really just listen to my body and just tried not to stress as much as possible doctor's appointment I think in week 29 and the baby was measuring at 30 weeks when I was 29 weeks so he was actually measuring a week ahead which is awesome means he's like big and growing and all of that good stuff so he's right where he should be I think even if you're measuring like a week ahead or a week behind you're you're just stations and I think that that's okay as long as you're in that like week to two week span he's good he is head down he's super active he is constantly moving and he definitely favors my right side of like my rib cage area I don't know if this is where like his feet are but he is totally obsessed with the right side only like I never feel him on my left side which is kind of weird but I mean that makes sense though if he is like head down then maybe his feet are like chillin in my right side of my ribcage I don't know but it almost like tickles in my ribcage area like on the right side it's like the craziest feeling like I don't know how moms can tell like you know when moms are like oh yeah my baby's head is right here and then the butts right here and like how do you know that like it's just weird to me but I guess some people know oh I had my glucose test so I actually was late to taking that I was supposed to take it I think before or at 28 weeks but I took it at 29 weeks of course knowing me I'm just so lacks this pregnancy they haven't said anything to me so I'm assuming I passed um so fingers crossed on that it's really funny because normally I just assumed you're supposed to fast before a glucose test but my doctor said that you don't have to like you can eat prior so I actually had like a huge brownie right before I went to go take my glucose test which was probably not the best idea but um I think I passed so I guess we'll find out the results on my next appointment or I could just call in but either way they haven't called me so so another symptom I've been having is my feet are getting so swollen by the end of the day like if I'm on my feet all day working or picking up after Harlow stuff like that cleaning doing stuff around the house my feet will 100% be swollen by the end of the day so I always have to prop my feet up especially like at the very end of the day at the end of the night like I that's just my number one thing that I have to do so yeah it's just crazy to see my feet get swollen it's like the weirdest thing but yeah comes with the territory I guess one of my symptoms that I put down is that I'm actually getting really anxious about the baby coming and I just can't believe like in two months pretty much on the dot he will be here like it's just so crazy as of yesterday July 23rd that marked like the two-month mark like the two-month countdown so we have two months until my son will be here like that's just so weird and crazy to me like to know in my head that I will be seeing his face in less than two months like it's just incredible it's just really weird and like crazy to think about I am getting really anxious just because like I just feel so like not prepared I feel like my house isn't like where I want it to be I don't have like everything granted I haven't had my baby shower yet but I don't know I just feel really not ready I guess but he's coming so I better get ready this past week in the past few days I've had really low energy so I pretty much can't function without a cup of coffee in the morning building a human being in my body so I obviously like so much energy goes into creating human life so obviously I'm gonna be way tired way more tired and especially I heard in your third trimester you just get completely like really really exhausted so I will get winded just like getting ready in the morning or doing the dishes I definitely have to take a lot more frequent breaks throughout the day just sit like on the couch and like scroll Instagram or something for like 5 or 10 minutes whenever I want to take a break and just like relax and Center myself because I know like you shouldn't overdo it because that's what pretty much causes preterm labor and stuff like that is that the whole other thing this is really embarrassing to say but super horny lately and that was in like the twenty nine and twenty or the twenty nine mark and I remember being like that with Harlow too like I was just always in the mood I guess you could say it's I don't know if it's just that like gestational period and I talked to other friends too and they say like around that mark like the twenty nine thirty week mark is where you get like the most like sexual drive so I don't know if that's like a universal thing or just like with some women or what but I was feeling super sexually driven these past few weeks he's kicking a ton he's moving around I am always making sure that he's moving and if you ever don't feel your baby move you should 100% go to the hospital go to the emergency room and just get it checked out just to be safe like you never know what is going on in there so it's better to like have peace of mind and just know that your baby is okay in there so I would 100% recommend like if you don't feel your baby move for a day go to the ER just to be sure you never know and especially if you have that instinct that something is not right definitely go because it could be a situation like I had with my first daughter or with my first pregnancy where I didn't feel her move for about 48 hours at the 29 week mark and she ended up having decreased fetal heart rates so you just never know what the situation is and always just go with your instincts and just it's better to be safe than sorry that's all I got to say do your kick counts make sure your little one is moving in there and yeah so I put down that I have been getting way more hungry lately I've been getting super ravenous but to be honest like nothing sounds that good to me lately like I haven't had a specific craving like I've had in the previous weeks I guess it's just cause it's so hot nowadays like it's literally in the 90s like by the way if you're gonna plan a pregnancy don't do it in the summertime because it's the worst being big and hot and pregnant and you can't enjoy colada or a margarita or anything like that so I would say be pregnant in the wintertime if you are planning on getting pregnant you're probably already pregnant if you're watching this video but anyways I have been getting super a lot more hungry lately just wanting everything in sight to eat and I know that that's because the baby is getting bigger obviously I'm just giving my body whatever it wants I'm trying to eat whenever I'm hungry I'm stopping whenever I'm really full and that's that the past few weeks I've seriously been feeling like the most mom guilt I think I've ever felt like just about with harlow and her not being the baby anymore and just like her just getting so much bigger she's like talking saying sentences now she can like communicate what she wants and how she's feeling and I just don't ever want Harlow to feel like I'm choosing the baby over her and I definitely want to make that a point when she gets or when the baby gets here that I'm not choosing him over her and that I want them to both feel equally loved that's just what I've been thinking about that's where my mind has been it's just been so focused on Harlow and just so like I just feel so guilty like I just don't want her to feel sad or upset or resentful towards the new baby or anything like that so I'm just gonna try my best to include her with everything and try and just like make her be a helper with everything so if you guys have any tips on how you transition from one to two kids please let me know in the comments below I'm sure other moms would love to know as well that would definitely help me out and help other people out so let me know any of your advice down below because it's like it's just really stressful I guess like like trying to wrap my head around how everything is gonna play out the waddle the waddle is in full effect I lean back you know I do the whole like I seriously look like a penguin whenever I walk it's really embarrassing but comes with being my third trimester my emotions are so up and down I feel really really happy one minute and then super sad the next minute it's just like so up and down like being pregnant you're just so your hormones are all over the place and I feel like each trimester you kind of like go through a new set of hormones or something like that or your hormones are like spiking up and down throughout each trimester so I don't know what's going on but one day I'll be super depressed then the next day I'll feel super motivated it's just like the most annoying thing in the world to deal with and yeah I don't know I just another thing I wanted to talk to you guys about is um I am one other thing I need to talk to my doctor about is I am really worried about having postpartum depression because I know for a fact I had it with Harlow and um that is one thing that I want to like get tackled like before it happens so I want to like make sure I have a hold on it one of my friends named Lindsay actually mentioned to me that you can take magnesium while you're pregnant I think she said it it's prolongs labor though and it makes slaver more like painful or something like that I'm not exactly sure her exact words but magnesium is good for depression which magnesium is just like a vitamin a lot of people are magnesium deficient she said that you can take that while you're pregnant but just watch out for you know prolonged labor and all of that I am gonna talk to my doctor about that about taking that either after birth I really don't want to medicate but if it's for my mental health then I will so yeah I just want to make sure that that's all in check I'm just so ready for my son to be here I can't wait I can't wait but at the same time I can't it's like such a weird feeling and also I've just been feeling like I I I can't say that I love being pregnant because I don't know if I really do but I love feeling my son like that's the part of pregnancy that makes the the most special and the most magical is just the fact that I'm able to hold a child in my body and create a child in my body is the most special feeling in the entire world but at the same time it's like I'm so done with being pregnant I can't wait to just have my body back and but I think I'm gonna miss it you know like I really do I especially because I know that this is gonna be my last pregnancy and it does makes me really sad and almost emotional that like this is the last time I'll ever feel a baby inside of me and I just need to appreciate it and I know I've been saying that in my past few videos but it's really true so I'm just really trying to like embrace and enjoy the moment okay that was my weeks 29 and 30 pregnancy update I can't believe that I only have like eight weeks give or take to go it's just mind-boggling to be honest I can't believe it but here we are I'm 31 weeks pregnant and yeah I will show you guys my little bump date right so I had to throw on some shorts because I was wearing bikini bottoms under here but this is my week 29 and 30 pregnancy belly can you guys believe it she is the he is getting so big my skin is just stretching today I can feel it that's so crazy and you guys can see my little line the Linea Negra he's moving my belly button looks so gross but along also if you guys want to see my maternity shoot head over to my Instagram my Instagram channel my Instagram account and you guys can see all of the cute little picks that me and Harlow took for my maternity shoot so yeah this is it baby boy weeks 29 and 30 can't believe it guys so that was it for my weeks 29 and 30 pregnancy update I hope you guys enjoyed this video please don't forget to can subscribe to my YouTube channel it would honestly mean the world to me if you did make sure your Bell notifications are turned on that way you guys don't miss out on any future videos and with all of that being said I will see you guys in my next one bye guys


  1. Congrats at being at the ten week countdown. You look incredible momma glowing as always. Definitely embrace the girl stuff. Take it easy and enjoy this time. Baby boy is definitely getting big. Fingers crossed you pass the glucose test. You should try and get his movement on video. You should measure your bump around with a tape measure to see how big it gets around. Don’t be embarrassed about having more sexual feelings it’s normal. Definitely take advantage of eating for 2 these last few weeks. I hope your able to stay cool as you grow bigger these last few weeks I think the waddle is cute you got your pregnancy swag going on now.

  2. You’re glowing! So cute! I had postpartum after i had Ellie. It was very scary. Talking to other moms who went through it, and writing in a journal really helped me and i did not need medication. Im so glad that you are talking about it and making it known that pp is real ❤️ i had a few people tell me i was making it up, and called me dramatic. You go girl!!!

  3. Yaaaay!! So happy you've been pregnant for this long. Baby boy is comfy in there! You look gorge honey! 🥰 Xxx

  4. I've been praying and waiting for this particular update pass your 29th week. So happy for you and cheering you on to make it to full term.

  5. You are seriously the sweetest person, your daughter and son are so lucky to have you. You just keep your head up and prayers your way, that your son stays in till your full term. You're one of a kind chanelle, and very beautiful.

  6. I’m 30 weeks pregnant with my daughter my first baby and also a single mom! It’s sooo nice to finally see a video with another single mom! 👏🏻💗 congrats on your daughter and your new baby

  7. I’m 30 weeks pregnant and two more months omg time is going fast plus having pain in my legs and down there plus I’m trying to sleep I cannot no more but I’m doing okay but baby girl moving a lot but I’m going to try to do a lot stuff but I need to relax now lol 😂 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😬

  8. Absolutely glowing, mama! Glad all is going well. You should consider doing the baby mama dance or the pre-pregnancy clothes challenge before you pop. Might be fun! Hang in there. You'll make it all the way! Sending good vibes your way.

  9. I’m a single mom to my 7 year old daughter and I’m pregnant with a little boy (due September 18th) and I sometimes get anxious about how my lifestyle is going to change with my daughter. We’re so used to doing girly things and it just being us, I worry about what another baby (and boy baby at that) is going to change things. Wondering if you can relate?

  10. Hot BEAUTIFUL mama … such a postive person you are .. congratulations sis . Hey new friend added in your YouTube FAMILY and i would love if u could also be a part of my youtube FAMILY dear and let's just STAY connected

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