Pregnancy Update Weeks 8 & 9 ⎮ Second Pregnancy (R-IVF)

Hello! Welcome… okay this is my
second pregnancy update. I’m covering weeks eight and nine because I’m currently filming and I’m ten weeks and one day now. So I’m covering the past two
weeks. Okay, um really I have a midwife appointment soon… tomorrow. So I will include that in the next pregnancy update. I might do a vlog that day. I’m not really sure if I will include that in the vlog. I will let you know. So what has been going on for the past two weeks? Well let me give you some of my symptoms. This pregnancy has been totally different compared to my previous pregnancy. One thing is anxiety. Yes, in the previous pregnancy I was anxious but this pregnancy it’s way worse. Um still I’ve been having some odd dreams, not as many nightmares which is really
good. That’s gone down quite a bit. But I’m still having a lot of anxiety about
the baby dying, you know issues with that. Just I’m really really looking forward
to tomorrow. Hopefully we’ll hear the heartbeat and you know maybe that’ll relieve me a bit. We are gonna be having… it’s the it’s like 11 to 14 week… I don’t remember what it’s called. I think it’s the nuchal ultrasound. I don’t know, something like that. I’ll put it over here… whatever it’s called. But the only reason that I want to have that is just to have the ultrasound. That’s it. I don’t care about like the actual results or
anything. Like that I really just want to
see the baby again. So I convinced Jenna to go ahead and let me on the ultrasound. But anyways that is skipping ahead. Um yes so anxiety it has been way worse than before. It’s pretty bad this pregnancy. Um
morning sickness… yes I have had morning sickness. The last pregnancy I pretty much had nothing. This one I’ve definitely had more. It’s not horrible, but it’s enough. Enough that it’s noticeable. I had to buy it’s either preggie or prego pops. Like a sour candy. They’re really
really sour. Just FYI. But yeah… so I bought those because sometimes I’m just like blech and that kind of leads me to the next one. Which the next thing is pretty bad… like smell aversion things. Um I’d say for the past maybe week or so, especially like week nine, I’ve been having some issues with changing diapers. Obviously I have a son. He’s one-and-a-half and he is still in diapers. Oh my goodness I think it was two days ago… yeah it was Sunday cause Jenna was home and I was like Mikko pooped. Okay I think I’m gonna be okay. Cause that morning I was a little bit nauseous and I tried and as soon as I opened the diaper, because it was poop, I almost threw up. Like literally I had
to switch with Jenna and go to the bathroom because I almost threw up.
Yeah, so that’s been pretty bad. Also this morning I had opened up like the garbage and there was like a smell of alfredo sauce cause I made some vegan alfredo the
other day and I smelled it in the garbage from last night and I was like OH! So… and then also, not really just smells, but like foods for example. It’s been kind of weird cause like this afternoon… yesterday I forgot the food that I’ve cooked for dinner. I left it in the oven, so it turned bad… duh. So then this morning I told Jenna don’t worry about it I’ll just go ahead make lunch and bring it to and visit so you know so we don’t have to buy lunch. So I went to the bank, did a few things, came back, and like nothing and I mean NOTHING sounded good at all. I was just like blech that’s like oh.
I could make potatoes. I could do this I was just like… no. So I just went ahead and baked some like fries and chicken for Jenna and then I brought watermelon for
myself. So we ate that and then on the way home was like oh man I really want chili again! Like I’ve been having this craving for chili and I almost bought it but then by the time I arrived home I was like no chicken does sound good. So I took some the chicken and put alfredo sauce on it. Ate that and then I made myself like a pizza grilled cheese sandwich, like with some vegan cheese and I was like oh. So just… I don’t know, my body’s all over the place. Sometimes food, sounds great sometimes it sounds awful. Sometimes I’m nauseous and sometimes I’m not nauseous. I just I don’t know. So there’s that and then constipation… that’s quite severe constipation. Recently I’ve had to start taking benefiber.
I need to do that. I’ve done Miralax twice because it’s been pretty bad constipation… fun. Um I think… I think that’s it. Um the baby is now about… let me think. I just hit ten weeks, so the baby is the size of… hold on let me check. Right now I’m using the Ovia pregnancy
app. I actually have a few more, but I kind of like this one and it says right now…I’m gonna pick something better. Okay, right now it says the baby is the size
of a kumquat which i think is about that size right there. I think it also said it’s the same size as a lego man which you know it’s about that big. So yeah that’s
probably about that big right now. I would say so still very small but I’m
definitely starting to show more I feel like I’m kind of starting to show more than just being fat from before. Um yeah hopefully everything will go well
tomorrow. Watch my Instagram stories. I tend to keep updated there much
quicker than I do here. I try my best to catch up here and do more videos and stuff, but I’m trying you know to just take his nap time instead of actually sleeping even though I’m tired I just need to finish things. So I think that is it. Sorry it’s kind of a short update. Um what other things do want me to include in the update? Like do you prefer that I write down everything every day of what’s going on or I don’t know. What style do you want to see with the pregnancy updates? Let me know… and if you are
pregnant, congratulations. How many weeks are you? Currently I just hit 10 weeks. All right guys here is a bump shot. A little bit bump, a little bit fat. Okay hopefully you have enjoyed the video and I’ll see you in the next one, bye!

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  1. So exciting!! Congratulations! Also I LOVE your hair at this length! It’s so cute and perfectly flattering on you 🥰

  2. When is your due date? Mine is March 20th. I'm 10w1d today (24Aug) Not sure if I missed the update, but what did you end up doing about your sperm? Were you able to use the same sperm as from Mikko's IVF?

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