Pregnancy Vlog: 28wks Gestational Diabetes

okay 28 weeks once a doctor March 27th I got a call the next day March me I am I have gestational diabetes talk to the maternal fetal doctor that day today I went to March 29 today I wouldn't saw the introduction to diabetes doctor the schedule that I'm about to be on is ridiculous only because I don't have a schedule right now I don't work so I just get up eat sleep whenever I want so but and now I have to walk 30 minutes a day for five days a week I have to watch my carb intake no sugars no juice I know I have to wake up at 8 a.m. now to eat breakfast and then my dinner is 6:30 p.m. and then I could have a before bed snack at 10:30 I'm gonna record this probably not this week this is gonna be the only day I'd do this because the first week I hear is hail so no not doing that nine but they'll do that to ourselves but so tomorrow gonna be official day one cuz I can start at 8 a.m. so pray for me any women out there who has this cramp the ought to because this is like do you have to go cold turkey like you can't just I'm just slowly working – there's no you have to just cut everything off and it's for the baby and I gotta remember that but I just wish my sweets already okay so can I just say that being pregnant has been the most uncomfortable thing I've ever experienced in my life mentally emotionally physically everything you can think of I have felt it I have been super extremely depressed suicidal even in the beginning I didn't leave my house for weeks I didn't leave my couch for days so I didn't have a job anymore I always feel fat I don't feel beautiful I haven't embraced anything about being pregnant and I have been trying but I'm just not into it I wasn't connected to my kid until about three weeks ago maybe maybe ten about ten maybe at 30 28 weeks I started being connected to her but this has been the most crazy experience I've ever had in my life I have gestational diabetes I suppose make readers about that May one I made anymore this is just this is hard nobody tells you the hard parts of it like you won't feel like yourself your body's not chores the pain people that you can become depressed while being pregnant people only talk about what is it postpartum me they'll talk about the prenatal depression like you know depression is just terrible it's postpartum it's freaking terrible do not have people my support you love you I don't know how you got through it if you had it during pregnancy honestly if I didn't have people I don't know what I what I did I'm I don't know like this has been stressful like this has been stressful for me this is something we believe me I've never done this first time mother first time pregnant this is this is an experience I'm gonna I'm gonna write down notes so I can talk about exactly everything but today is May 20th 2019 I have about 20 days and 20 that's a 21 days it's like 20 days 20 hours so 21 days until 22 days one of them I said I get induced I want to have her whenever she was ready to come but we have gestation diabetes the baby's a little bigger mine is measuring bigger she's like six pounds seven ounces about I should be like five pounds and something but all right shouts her mom's y'all some stronger people so everyone's got multiple babies I don't even know if I can do another one but I'm gonna put this video together and it might be all over the place but that's pretty much how I've been for the past not much so it's time to being pregnant even my hair is time to being pregnant we tired of being pregnant 36 weeks and I'm humming days I'll be 37 on Tuesday I'm over it no wait are we 30 mm Tuesday

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