Pregnancy Week By Week: 11 Weeks Pregnancy Update

[Music] [Applause] [Music] hey guys welcome back to my channel my name is Troy I bow before you that I watching my video for the first time I’m doing weekly videos about my pregnancy and this is my 11 weeks pregnancy update and last week I talked about a flu i stomach flu my god during pregnancy and it was I mentioned that it was like the most terrible week in my life simply because I’ve never been that sick not even outside of pregnancy this week I feel much better I finally fit on Friday on I was able to eat normally and thank God I’m feeling much better right now about my health and this week I wonder I’d educated my time and I thought about talking about something some some of my favorite or some of the things that I used most in my pregnancy so I separated some things and I thought it was usable and I would like to share with you guys the first thing I want to share with you is this intensive hair mask from Lanza it’s a keratin healing oil and I’m still gonna know a little closer so you can see when I started breastfeeding Samuel I actually write postpartum I started having a very serious issue about my hair and I got highlights during my last pregnancy and I just got I went I think I went to Brazil and I had exposure to my hair a lot in the Sun and my hair got really really damaged and dry so this is the product I started using it and it’s done it’s a treatment product and I found this was one of the crucial products that helped my hair to be healthy again I stopped doing high it’s for a long time I think for almost two years and I think yeah almost two years because I had the last time I did it was October 2017 so we are in 2000 I think so for almost two years I I was like chemical or nothing no nothing my hair as far as chemicals of coloring and recently I just had just very very very little highlights and I kind of didn’t like it so kind of and do so almost back to my natural hair again and so this is one of the products the second thing I forgot to show you last in my last video was this extra strand 750 and acid Tom’s this is the chewable tablets that I used for when I had reflux last week I talked about I know that it’s very rare for pregnant ladies having reflux the first trimester but I did some pre several days and I got this in Walmart I didn’t need a prescription for this and I it wasn’t expensive and it worked for me not sure if it’s gonna work later on in the third trimesters yeah the reflux may be worse but I want to show you guys I do realize that you can do it at your home home like a ginger tea or something but if you are outside the house is not like you’re gonna be able to do a ginger tea it’s just not gonna happen so I found this product to be very helpful for when I have nausea issues when I’m having feeling sick somehow and are you open up and I looked any has only 5 grams of sugars and that’s how it doesn’t have a lot of sugar in it I thought ah I like that and also I like that it was very strongly ginger because I wanna something that does not doesn’t taste good I don’t want to something that I wasn’t looking for something that tastes good at sugary but I was looking something that would solve my problem and because it’s very strong okay so this is the way it looks like ginger candy and it tastes really strong but I don’t particularly dislike the ginger taste okay so this is the product that I thought it was very effective for now yeah of course you suppose should take snacks with you but this ginger I thought was one of the big this is not the water bottle that I have it’s 14 hand hundred so almost if you feel out of power until the top is 1.5 liters and I thought there was this was really good because I feel like I have a hard time to control how much water I’m drinking if I just have my small bow at home that I need to be so I feel like camping a big one it’s a great way for me to control how much water I’m drinking every day if I meant in the house I just as to using the bottle I put in a cup of the water and then once the bottom is over no Howard he drank 1500 ml of water so this is really really good and I try to use this every single day and so this water bottle for me it’s really good something I bought I bought those pans they weren’t on sale and I didn’t want to buy anything regular price because it’s very expensive pregnancy thing so I got this was saying the maternity store but it’s Jessica Simpson the name of a brand but I’m I go first then I thought I would like okay but it has big holes in the knees and the problem is that it’s it’s open up in a kind of a convenient spot in my knee that I need to be pulling the pants so the the hole is a little bit higher so this is one thing that I bought and it’s gonna be good for the summer because it has the hose but I don’t know if I’m gonna use very much later on this is the other thing that I bought maybe say click on her colors overall and it’s jeans and it matches basically to everything and is about 20 to 1 and I got it at I think was pink blush where I got it in the website that’s like extra small size and I he has the same house I told you before it’s like a key I think is the fashion desire but not as much as the other one so you can see they’re just a little tiny one here but that one just about is more up more in the upper high and this one has a 1i taking the knee so I particularly would prefer if you didn’t have the holes in there cuz I just liked the basic style but you didn’t have anything and I like about it won’t save as well and I got this and I try to use it but it’s so hot for now in the summer and like spring and summer I every single time I put it it just bothers me to be using this much fabric on my body so so far I haven’t use it I got a long time ago but maybe later one is more fresh when the phret weather is it’s fresher because here in Texas just in the summer it will go up to 105 106 degrees and it’s just way too hot for me to be using this so I’m gonna wait a good moment that I feel fresh and then I’ll be using this another thing that I just really use this it’s a plan learn you now try to put in the description that with a likely thing that I’m talking to you about it this is a planner that I’ve got a Hobby Lobby I actually got another one before that it was the Eric Condren planning very famous planner inexpensive I got it for a good deal I know is easy from a person as a personal planner then once I got pregnant I wanted something for just a pregnancy I didn’t want to mix all they stopped but I wanted one just for the pregnancy so I got this one at Hobby Lobby and I got some speakers there I can put a description down below those stickers are pregnancy related and then I got at Hobby Lobby they also had those blocks of stickers are going about pregnancy the other one is about dates and this planner it has no numbers so I need to put every single done by Monday Tuesday I need to put number one two three it has the days of the week but it doesn’t have the numbers on them because you can customize what year do you want it in this planner so I think he gives you four or five weeks of every month and you are able to customize for every in each year and it’s a lot of work like you can’t put the year here with stickers you can put all the numbers with with dates and everything it’s a lot of work but I do like it and every single week I write and I put some stickers in the end to decorate it you know dick is just fun some weeks I less busy than others so it’s not like you cover entire plan every single day the same way especially as your pregnancy would be my stable but I would you like this planner and I plan to continue using as much as I can and I think this is it guys other than that this week I recover from my stomach flu and I actually that’s kind of kind of embarrassing but I will tell you guys because I was sick of this stomach flu that I had so much diarrhea and vomiting as I told you before they I think my body needed to be constipated and no matter what I ate I just stayed constipated for like seven days and so that was really bad then I was constipated for that long but I I I’ve heard other people that have the stomach flu and they had the exact same issue of being constipated later so I’m not concerned about it and I’m not constipated anymore so that’s good and I just happened to celebrate my birthday on Saturday with just my family they went I just didn’t do a big thing was just a cake and ice cream and drink some juice and it was just this very very simple birthday and I happened to be excited to do my own cake so I could I baked my own cake from scratch and there was a Brazilian game that same weekend so I watched the soccer game with my family and we sanyo and my husband we ate popcorn and pretty much I just wrote down made a control about what I was eating that week because I just had been sick so I wanted to make sure what was what was i eating that week and just to have an idea the doctor a start you know just have some control and but other than that guys one thing that pregnancy related is that I do notice that I have more sore nipples and so breastfeeding has been a little more difficult but it’s not like superstar like other ladies have like compared to other people that they just have to stop and they have to when they’re babies I feel for myself that I can tolerate it as even though it’s sore I can still breastfeed so I’m just gonna continue as much as I can and it’s not like I’m crying or it’s like excruciating pain I just noticed a little sore but it’s for me it’s okay is it still taller about so I’m gonna continue as much as I can and I’m not I didn’t come to that point I didn’t get to the point that it’s like something that it’s unbearable and I can’t continue anymore so so that’s that said that was the sore nipples it was in the very beginning I had for a couple days then went away and now he’s back again I don’t know if it’s gonna go away maybe it’s not gonna go away anymore I’ve noticed that also my breasts I started to get bigger so I don’t think it’s gonna go away the store Naples but I’m not sure if it’s gonna get worse or not but I’m just gonna continue breastfeed this as much as I want and try to reach the goal of two years of breastfeeding my father and I also made some gift registry like a baby registry they they keep some goodies and like free stuff so I I went to buy baby Target and they gave me some some goodies and some samples of products that is always good for you to try the cell phone just so you don’t need to buy the product you can use the sample and if you like you can buy the actual product so I like to get the goodies so you can actually try it on different different brands and different products and you can just choose later what product do you like so I did that and I’m very glad I did and I think that’s it guys I’ll be recording my next updates next week and so if you it’s to interested on watching the videos about pregnancy please watch my next video subscribe to my channel click on the bell to receive notifications and I hope to see you guys soon thank you so much for watching my video and I’ll put in my in the end of this video gonna see my bump and the size of my bump is almost actually nothing I don’t think the photographer says she she thinks I’m still I started to show a little bit but it’s really almost nothing so that’s it guys thank you so much for watching and I see you guys next time bye bye [Music] you [Music] you

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