Pregnancy Week By Week: 16 Week Pregnancy Update| Opening Babylist Registry Box!

[Music] [Applause] [Music] hey guys welcome back to my channel today I’m gonna give you my sixteen week pregnancy update I’m very happy that finally in that last week we found out the gender of our baby and it’s a boy if you didn’t check it out please go check my gender review its you might you know as well I’m gonna put as a suggestion for you to watch I am happy because I don’t need to be wondering anymore I was very curious then when I were very looking forward to see what is the but if it was a boy I go and now we can plan better if we’re gonna have Samuel and the baby together in the same room if you wanna what kind of theme we’re gonna use her we were wondering but we couldn’t buy anything or plan anything without knowing the gender and now we know so I’m very happy with that with the 16 weeks of pregnancy I I had a flight last week when I was fifteen weeks to another state and I had something bothering in my right here and I don’t know if it’s related should the airplane of the flight but I felt like it dad when I touched a little bit like if I put my finger inside like who’s bothering me you wanna put the finger inside it would hurt I was like feel like maybe is infected and like if each is that I need to be like eating like that like I don’t know and it’s just the right ear it’s not just the side I don’t know if you have an experience with issues with your ear during pregnancy please let me know because I don’t know if that’s pregnancy related if it’s about the fly I don’t know really I never had anything about the year before so I’m just curious to see if you guys had something similar as I told you maybe two weeks ago I told you guys that I was maybe switching doctors and yeah I confirmed today this week I decided that I was gonna switch doctors I called the office I talked to the nurse for a long time on the phone she answered all my questions and some questions really need to ask the doctor directly she would not she would not be able to answer the questions because each patient I different and depends on the case so but I was satisfied with the with the answers that she could give me and also I went to the hospital in the labor and delivery department and I talked to the nurse there I called them before and I and I asked if I could go have a tour and talk to them and she said that that she was okay for me to go and I went there she showed me the labor and delivery room she showed me where they have the c-section she showed me the postpartum room and basically showed me all the facilities of that department and explained to me a little bit of their policies and how do they usually do their deliveries and I was very happy with the nurse explanations and I was really confident that actually the hospital is really seems to be very good and the room is like super big our one of the very important questions for me was if I was a bit of record because I wanted to put in YouTube for you guys to see it and she said that is okay like of course we’re not gonna record in the private area there but she says that if there is a complication that they probably don’t want to be recording during the complication time and I probably would agree that maybe I would have wanted to put in YouTube if there is a complication maybe I would explain to you guys in the meantime but I don’t think I would want to record that into the public so I was fine with that and I’m very happy that there she said that I could record we’ll see how it goes but I’m very happy with that and I already scheduled my appointment in a few weeks I’m gonna see the first appointment will be just a nurse so they I don’t know what they call it the orientation so we’ll see how it goes that I’m very looking forward to meet him this time to go to their doctor I’m allergies she was Ashley’s in the area and she basically told me that because I’m pregnant I cannot do his Quintero any type of test because I am pregnant so she said that I could do a blood test but she probably she told me it’s very expensive and it’s very likely that she will not pay for that exam and like she said is very expensive so she told me that it’s probably better to wait until after and then live with the baby to do the skin test and see what I’m allergic to but after asking me many things she thinks is likely related to the dog so she told me that the dog should be outside and he should have a bath every one once a week and that whenever I vacuumed the house that I should use a mask or my husband should vacuum the house instead also wash the sheets every week and that how would he do that basically she told me that that’s what I needed to do I’m taking clarity it’s analogy medicine hopefully I’ll start feeling better something’s happening to Samuel I would do is probably although separate video about it but I’m just gonna mention here that Samuel has been doing that for several weeks now he’s being taking off his diaper I know if you guys had the same experience with your toddler’s but he just like I just let’s say I just changed him maybe five ten minutes later he starts pulling the diaper and he learned how to take it off like with the velcro or whatever then he knows how to open there and he knows how to take it off and that has happened a few times that I go to his crib after the nap after the whole night when he’s awake that he’s without a diaper and I find that funny and not funny at the same time he if he poops that would not be funny that he takes that off but I feel like the diaper is bothering him now at this face so I’m probably gonna start potty training him very very soon I already read the book that I really liked it and I am planning to apply this method of this book I and I probably will start next week sometime and I’ll try to record part of the party training but not all of it because it’s kind of hard when you have like you don’t I don’t want to record naked and him naked but I will try to make just the most important thing is tell you guys how was my experience with it I also received a box for it like a baby list okay so I got this baby list registry I actually I paid for the shipping which was like 10 dollars and they gave me this this box for free and you came you can have it as well if you do your registry in the website or make the list out for description box down below and I’m not receiving anything it’s not a sponsored video or anything but I just I thought it would be nice to share what is in the box in case you wanna in case you’re wondering this is the way it is the first time you see gonna be this is a gift card for yummy hello yummy calm and it’s $35 that I got I got this little wood wooden like he says one day old and I can go to the website that they have and I guess I came by any other I keep purchase whatever they have in the website and get a free disc and then there’s like a baby registry magazine baby registry guide that he shows like all the types of things there usually recommend it should have my car seat stroller is carriers creeps swaddling bathtubs clothes everything here that you can take a look got this Huggies and inside this Huggins let me take a look so there are three diapers those are the size one Huggies diapers there is also a little magazine then you can you have a coupon of three dollars so that was nice this is a bottle Evan flow bottle I’m not using any bottle so I know I’m not gonna use that there is a nano baby here pacifier and I think those are its storage bags for milk and also should rice pets disposable ones there is this pacifier bed of this brand even flow then there is a what is this I’ll rattle tumski pop just for the baby to maybe teeming then there’s another bottle here of this brand boom so I’m sorry that I don’t know how pronounced the friends but this is the name of the brand and the bottom like that Panthers looks like is a changing station oh yes it’s like a changing pan and inside there is a little bit of a baby laundry a little bit of that so on this brand draft some coupons from campers that one diaper of size one of amperes and one a little bit of whites of pampers sensitive to disposable nursing pads from luncheon all into breast milk storage bags water wise have some tested ten wipes and the Pampers has six wives I was just curious about this box but I wanted to share with you how it looks like this is everything that came in the box you can see all the things that they gave me and in the very right side you can see that over there all the coupons stacked and there’s also the magazine that I didn’t put it here but they also came with a guide registry but I wanted to show you an overall view of what is inside the box thank you so much for watching my video please like and subscribe don’t forget to hit to the bell so you can receive notifications for my next videos and I’ll see you next time [Music] you

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