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[Music] [Applause] [Music] hi guys welcome back to my channel for the ones that don’t know me my name is Shannon Bowman and I’ve been doing my pregnancy updates today I’m doing my 19 week pregnancy update and I’m glad you here watching my video today this week I had I was having some vaginal pain I had some vaginal pain about two weeks ago and I called the doctor and I talked and I had an appointment with my doctor and he said that I that it was showing through my exam that I had some urinary infection UTI but then by the time I went to the doctor was days later that I was having this vaginal pain so I told him that I was no longer probably no longer having issues anymore but he said I’m gonna prescribe it anyway and if he gets worried if you feel you need and you take it well 15 days later 17 days later after my after my appointment I started having on Friday those vaginal pain and so I started thinking wow like it’s been so long and maybe mine you know your an eye infection was like he just never went away and I was never treated in anything so the office of my new doctor was closed because they don’t open on Fridays and I called the hospital I talked to one of the nurses there and I explained her the situation that it’s kind of a we cook recurrent recurrent urinary infection that I had before but I was never treated because I thought it went away and it was just not bothering me I didn’t have any pain today after and she said in her opinion for like her her medical devices a nurse was that I should how the pharmacy of the prescription from a previous doctor and ask if the prescription is to available and if it is to take the medication and just do the whole treatment of the UTI urinary infection because she thinks the vaginal pain is very likely to be there and I also told the nurse that I was having some back pain and she said like it’s it can it’s not usually dangerous but if you if you are in a untreated urinary infection for a long time you can start having kidney issues and kidney infection can cause it to have a lot of back pain and you know one of this back pain to be a sign of your kidney infection so then after talk to talking to her I called the pharmacy and I was able to get the the medicine from the UTI that my doctor had prescribed over two weeks ago I called the nurse back and she she was kind of concerned I called her back and I updated her I told her that I was gonna take the medicine and I didn’t need to go to the to the ER because I was gonna try to take the medicine and see if that would help with my symptoms of the vaginal pain and the back thing so I started taking at the same day actually was on Saturday when I called her so I started taking Saturday my husband went to the to town picked picked up the medicine since it was kind of an emergency for us I started taking the the medicine on Saturday and I still had some pain like actually and Saturday was H string back pain and because because I was having extreme back pain and the vaginal pain was worse that’s when I told my husband I I really think you should go to town and get the medicine today so he went over there he get he got the medicine started taking it on Sunday I felt like the bag thing was okay in the morning but then that afternoon in the afternoon we got worse so I started getting a little bit concerned but it at the same time on Sunday when I was having back pain only when I was walking or moving when I was a Steel’s like sitting or laying down or trying to rest that back pain would be very subtle and as soon as I started walking or moving that would I would be in a lot of pain so I thought maybe that’s not stupid concerning because I’m not having a constant back pain but I felt very tired I had no energy that day so I and I understand time potty training a kid so it was kind of hard for me to do the potty training at the same time and having those two issues and having pain when I’m walking and when you have to take the baby that my toddler it all the time to the potty so it was kind of hard someone’s on Sunday night I actually could I could barely walk that he was so bad the bad thing that like I I could barely walk like I was like walking like an old lady very cautious and like any little movement would make me hurt a lot of it in my back pain go down our sound I would go up it would hurt a lot so that was one of my majors major symptoms that would of my 19 weeks and I had a nightmare that night I woke up around 6 a.m. on Monday and like I also that night I felt the first the very first kick of the baby it was very very very soft and subtle like it was very light but I felt a very very first kick of the baby so that made me tough and I was very I felt very happy to feel that so on Monday besides heavy vaginal pain and besides having the back pain but I was already on medication so I was already feeling that the medication was starting to work I on Monday morning I had a rash and the rash was very weird was right after breakfast I was putting Sammy on the child sized potty and he and I was kneeling down on the carpet and he was being you he went to as I as I got up and I took him to the bathroom to dump the pee and come back when I came back to the living room I noticed that my hands were bothering me like was itching you something II when I saw my hands were all red my extreme it is my elbows my knees I had tummy my legs and my feet it was all like red super red and also my face had some spots that were red and I didn’t know why and so I thought maybe was because I was in contact with the carpet and maybe the carpet gave me the allergy I’m not sure I mentioned before but I had another day of a rash but it was right after using wipes I had contact with all my hands and I started having all those rash again he went away after an hour so it started going away so that made me feel better but I will mention to the doctor next appointment I’m gonna mention him and ask him as far as potty training Samuel he had four accidents in one day the other day was three accidents so I feel like he is getting better at being potty trained but I really need to be constantly committed and take him to the party it’s not something that he will go by himself for being dependent but I feel like this is to prove his June in progress in in the process of potty training I had one day of headache and I just started drinking out a lot of fluids and after eating and drinking a lot of water he went away so it was just the morning for a few hours and it went away so it was not a severe headache according to my schedule my weight is 119 pounds even so that means I gained about 14 pounds until nineteen weeks pregnancy so I called the office on Monday and I left a message to the nurse about my UTI about the back pain and updated them and left a message to the nurse and she called me back and she thought it was good that I I was in on treatment and taking the UTI medicine and when I told about the back things she also told me that it could she it was probably sciatic nerve pain and I’m never I heard about sciatic nerve pain before but I never had it but she basically basically explained to me that is a very common pregnancy symptoms and that I should be concerned with that with that at all she also told me to take the antibiotic for the Union area infection until the bottle was gone so not only taken to you my symptoms go away but just take the whole bottle for so because I had ten thirty thirty pills that means I needed to take the antibiotics with ten days and so she said just staying the course and do the ten days of treatment treatment until you have no pills anymore so that’s what I’m that’s what I did this week so another thing that happened about Samuel is that he had she coupe accidents one after nap and one it was in the living room the first time I felt like in the nap it wasn’t his fault because he’s in the crib he can’t get out he can’t he can’t really go to the party or anything like that he usually gives me signals that he is going to poo not every single time but he usually does that so I take him and we avoid accidents but because he wasn’t the knife and I never heard he poopie I open the door and he wasn’t crying or anything he was screaming and there was poop everywhere I die in the crib so there was a bad accident there and then the other accident that he had he had another accident but he wasn’t really an accident like how can I say he started pooping he went to the party by himself but there was too little bit of poop in when he was part of the play area so it wasn’t really an accident because he did go to the party but he didn’t have quite time enough to go I still had to clean up the area that had to poop there but anyways I had as far as symptoms of my pregnancy I also had reflux I took the times and every time I take times the little cap pill I get better so I took that and on Thursday Samuel had no accidents at all like though he was dry all day and for the first time so that was very glad that he was dry for all day for the first time let me see how long we started doing the potty training so to start in August 21 and that day was September 5 so that means 9 days plus 9 10 days plus 5 that means about 15 days after we started potty training Samuel has been dry the whole day for the first time so I can tell you that with Samuel it took him about two weeks for him to be dry all day and I think that’s it guys I just wanted to show you in the end of this video some things that I that I bought so I bought a this is a Mandela bra it’s a very comfortable bright and black collar I don’t have any in the black so I about that and it comes with those little pads that you can just put inside the bra and you can cover if you if you need so I bought this bra and I also bought another bra that is like more it’s a sleeping bra also from Adela it is a white collar and it’s supposed to be very very comfortable to sleep so I got that I got some body suits and they are long-sleeve and they have the side it’s open it opens from the side the bottoms here so I don’t need to put the body suit through the front the head I can just put the arms first and they say is good for the mythical court but I used the other way the other way with the same I didn’t have any issues but I got this has a little animals here and also this one that has stripes and also he has this little opening that can be a mitten to cover that you can cover the hands like that so they’re very cute and then week that I got those crochet little booties for babies and they do someone is a lion so he matches with probably better with this one and the other one is a a bootie that’s a crocheted bootie with a bear and you can put this probably will match with this one that you know one match so I got those two and I got awesome some meetings here they all also match they also mentioned the outfits because they have the same prints so just in case I I used those again with the other another bottle like a white body or something and I have another that I mentioned in another video I bought another like a neat sweater so if he uses the sweater and a body underneath in the pants they can use this meetin’s and one of those shoes so I thought it was very very cute I want to show you what I got for a backpack and beyond when I did my baby registry list there I got this back for goodies and I want to open to see what is in here the first thing I see this is the registry guide and he’s showing the magazine everything that you need for your baby if you have first-time mom so because I’m a second time mom I don’t think I need very much I know what I need I can really take just take a look but um generally speaking I don’t use this because I just wanted to buy the essentials and a lot of things that they offer you they’re not really necessary and ended up spending more money than what you actually need so I see this moisturizing daily lotion from baby gamax little it has a little sample in here there’s a little sample of this bottles and dishes it’s like a soap to clean bottles and baby dishes so I got that in the sample I got a coupon from Lansing Dodd nursing pads I got this a little advertisement from Belly Bandit here there’s no coupon on it also the Valletta it’s a shampoo and body wash with calendula and it has also a $3 coupon to buy the product of their brand got two storage bags for breast milk like if you want to freeze your breast milk there’s those storage bags here if you pump then I got a body lotion with mustela is the brand got this and that little coupon of three dollars off for the brand if you make a purchase of the bread of $10 you can get to keep one this is a bottle from Philips event so I got that bottle as well a little sample of gripe water that is supposed to be for fussiness colic and gas and stomach discomfort so I got a little sample of that I never used this I know because you never had colic issue so I also got this on baby on board and I’ve heard that if you have in your car they keep products if you have a car accident knowing that there’s a baby in there I’m not sure though but this is really I think this is the purpose of this sign so I got also this little magazine and a little pamphlet for the bottle Phillips and it has some coupons over here now if you buy bottles our pacifiers or tablet cups you can have some discounts like a coupon I’ve got 10 wipes off water wipes very nice and I’ve also got in this box haven’t generations the name of the brand and I actually okay so when you open up you see a coupon of $2 for the 7 generation diaper pack you have a coupon here and also I got several diapers one two three four five yeah so I got five diapers of the 7 generation brand and I also got got 10 baby wipes of the seventh generation brand so the things that I really like most in this English bag is the wipes obviously the diapers I got these otherwise wouldn’t light love it so for me those are the things that I love most are those three things I always like to get diapers and wipes and I know they’re gonna be very useful and it’s very nice to try different brands so definitely I would definitely use those products and that’s it guys for today thank you so much for watching my video don’t forget to subscribe to watch my new videos click on the Bell so you receive and I hope to see you next time bye-bye [Music]

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