Pregnancy Week By Week: 9 Weeks of Pregnancy Update

[Music] [Applause] [Music] hey guys welcome to my channel my name is sue ellen Bowman and I’m very happy to share with you my nine weeks of pregnancy update well this week I had a hard time because of a specific issue that I’m going to talk about I don’t know if a lot of people go through this I’ve never experienced this in my life before I didn’t experience their lives to eat last pregnancy but I’m having some allergy issues I had a terrible allergy this week and I think he gets worse with my dog I have a golden river he has long hair who never ever shaved his hair like he always had a lonely hair coat and he’s always being indoor except when right before the when the baby was born with a newborn he was outside for a little bit but he’s mostly been indoors and sleeping the house and everything and I got a very bad allergy that he always gets worse with the dog and I had to start vacuuming the house every single day my house is carpet the entire house is carpet except the two bathrooms and the kitchen the rest of my house is all carpet and I think that aggravated the situation of my allergy and I’m starting I started to have this week a lot of sinus thing which is the forehead nose and this area here the eyes and it was so so terrible that I started vacuuming the house every single day the dog started sharing so much hair I had a lot of sneezing as well and this amazing it’s terrible like I miss being sneezing the whole day and the runny nose so it was like a sinus pain is missing and and just a runny nose that really bothers me I usually feel that when he is inside the house I mean he’s mostly indoors I left a message I talked to the nurse and the doctor office called me back and they told me that because I’m pregnant during pregnancy it’s not safe to take medications for allergies so the only thing I really can do is use saline water and spraying my nose to release some pressure release some of the issues that I have about them we’re already nose and sinus and see if that would relieve some of my symptoms and also he he recommended me to take if I wanted some benadryl and clarity and haven’t taken yet I need a goal and I really want to pee I want to go to a doctor specializing allergies and make sure that what is the issue like why do I have this allergy it’s being happening now it’s been very terrible and it was tolerable before but now it’s just not tolerable anymore like it’s just something I needed to address and that’s it guys this is my update about my nine weeks of pregnancy and I hope to see you my next video and thank you so much for watching my video see you guys soon bye bye oh and don’t forget to see my belly oh sure in the end of the video okay bye [Music] you

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